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Why Is Melania Trump Pretending to #BeBest?

The First Lady is hiding under the shield of a nationalized bully

Where has Melania Trump been hiding while her husband continues his reign of terror? We know that her step-daughter who is laughably referred to as “senior adviser to the president,” has been steadily touting her accomplishments with daily pictorials of her trips to the places where the “economic boom” is roaring loud enough to warrant her needless presence.

But Melania has been dutifully absent from the public eye, except when foreign dignitaries take the high risk of venturing into the “House of Horrors,” and the worst First Lady ever to be appointed, manages to showcase the fashionable choices that White feminist writers like to decode as her secret weapon against her detractors, or the statement pieces that prove the claims of her fierce “independence.”

Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, was recently asked to assess Melania’s supposed “influence” in the world of fashion, compared to her worthier predecessors, and let’s just say that those designer sunglasses that the industry’s matriarch famously dons like a pro — aren’t just for show.

The shade was immaculate!

If you don’t believe me — check it out:

The editor extraordinaire of fashion’s beloved and most revered institution, garnered quite a few fans after the juicy clip went viral. It was perfection the way Wintour effortlessly gives props to Michelle Obama, the only First Lady that deserves acknowledgment, when you consider her achievements and the consistency in following through with ambitious objectives, that were always geared towards the path to enlightenment and progression.

But let’s not discount the shadiness of Melania Trump when it comes to the way she unapologetically gives the middle finger to the country that she borrowed for the pleasure of realizing the American Dream of marrying a wealthy ruffian, and settling into the splendor of a lifetime of lavishness.

The failed fashion model who had the audacity to claim that she is “the most bullied person on the world,” during her vomit-inducing tour of Africa, that featured her in colonial garb with smiling Black faces surrounding her, clearly doesn’t have the sufficient credentials to boost the lifespan of her botched initiative — #BeBest.

Initially, the mission statement for #BeBest, centered around propelling the notion of a healthier and safer online engagement for the youth. But that immediately fell flat once critics rightfully mocked and challenged Melania’s refusal to hold her bullish husband accountable for his venomous tweets, that have since gotten more threatening since her ceremonious unveiling.

That naturally prompted the need to rebrand, which explains why the online monitoring was eventually replaced with the noble search for a cure for the opioid crisis, that’s eating most White Americans alive. It’s difficult to fathom how something called #BeBest can be translated to the pursuits of eradicating the disease of drug dependency, but this toxic administration has never been successful when it comes to authentic messaging.

That’s probably why Melania Trump is able to do absolutely nothing with her privileged title without the avalanche of disapprovals that assaulted her predecessor, who was Black enough to take the blows because “angry Black women” are made of steel.

Melania can blissfully engage in the unrelated assignment of making questionable choices for this year’s Christmas theme, while the weary citizens of the country that her husband is torturing and simultaneously running into the ground are collectively immersed in the event of the season — the Mueller hearing.

Based on the glossy shots of her painstakingly examining sketches and samples, we can admit that Melania looks well put together and rested.

It makes you wonder if she knows what it truly means to be “the most bullied person in the world,” because she certainly doesn’t look like most Americans do, after putting in an exhaustive eight hours of work with an extra four spent as an Uber driver. And then of course once you get home, the chores are never-ending.

We also have to ask why Melania is pretending to #BeBest when she’s clearly hiding under the durable shield of a nationalized bully, who hasn’t stopped tormenting four Congresswomen of color, who have family members that are also at risk from the death threats that #MAGA supporters have been empowered to exact.

As a privileged White woman, who once had the incredible gall to elevate the birther conspiracy alongside her husband, despite the fact that she wasn’t even born in America, Melania Trump’s legacy will be entangled with her husband’s White nationalism, and how she was utterly useless and unsympathetic to the women and children who were victimized by the regime that embraced the climate of crimes against humanity.

White feminism will also suffer the consequences of glazing over Melania’s brutal complicity, that was made much worse by the fact that she cowardly attempted to advance the false narrative of #BeBest, that was obviously instituted as the sham that replicates the nationalized nefariousness of the Trump establishment.

Luckily for Melania Trump, her Whiteness sanctifies her filthiness, and so for now, she’s the stylish prima donna, who can get anyone fired with a tweet, and looks good doing it.

But history never forgets to record the bullshit, and peace comes from knowing how she will be remembered for what she never was, and what she will always be.

And, it won’t be pretty.

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