Why Is Ivanka Trump Still Working In The White House?

There is never any hesitation on my part when it comes to shaming President Trump’s favorite offspring, and “senior advisor,” Ivanka Trump.

From her annoyingly breathy voice that got a lot firmer once she became comfortably situated in the House of her dreams, to her active Twitter feed, where daily deposits of her sheathed in designer duds, strutting into elaborately staged meetings about stuff she knows nothing about — it’s hard to imagine a better actress for the constant fakery on display.

Ivanka represents the revolting imagery of White privilege at its very worst, and when you couple that with the lethal brand of feminism that is systemically revered for its ability to utilize the tools of Whiteness to the disadvantage of non-White women, you end up with a formidable combination, that blatantly illustrates how the first daughter has been able to escape the wrath of well-positioned critics, who’ve been notoriously blind and silent.

When it was confirmed that “Javanka” would be following President-elect Donald Trump to Washington D.C., and had already secured their lavish home in the neighborhood of their choosing, the rumblings began, but eventually tapered off after the utter chaos of a toxic administration began to take shape, and the blaring warning signs of impending doom swiftly unfolded.

You can’t help but imagine the epic disruption that would ensue if Malia Obama and her dashing hubby from an equally prominent background were to blissfully override the codes of conduct by inserting themselves where they absolutely don’t belong.

Definitely, there would be immediate filings against them, as well as the reprimanding of the Commander-in-Chief, who illegally demanded something that couldn’t be granted, and still forced his chief of staff to step out of bounds with the gross negligence of approving security clearances for two high-profile individuals, who were woefully unqualified for that level of access.

But White privilege always translates into the flexibility of sticky situations that are seamlessly handled without fanfare, especially when a thuggish White male bulldozes his way into the presidency, and succeeds in the quest of reducing his party members into the pathetic bubble-heads, that we are presently witnessing with disgust.

Aside from the initial introduction via sit-down interviews with illustrious network anchors, where Ivanka fooled the world with practiced demureness, and the falsehood of her mission as “adviser” to an incompetent bully, the media for the most part, has allowed her to flourish under the radar during the historically-incriminating episodes of her father’s regime.

How is it that a young woman and mother, who supposedly has the upper-hand when it comes to reasoning with a man who rejects the in depth analysis of classified documentation, and apparently prefers to “wing it” when assessing critical matters of utmost urgency — evidently refused to be publicly dismayed about the migrant babies being tossed in cages after the abusive separation from their helpless parents?

How was the first daughter able to shamelessly tweet a photo where she was joyfully holding her cherubic toddler, in the midst of the national crisis at the border, that the administration which she was proudly participating in, was instituting?

The slew of interviews where she’s queried about pending items that should rattle her self-confidence and cause some amount of guilt due to her active complacency, only seem to showcase the glaring truth of how Ivanka Trump inherited her nefarious father’s penchant for spewing out untruths without flinching.

The email fiasco that threatened to reveal the damning hypocrisy of how she had done the exact same thing that her father’s brutalized nemesis and wearied presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is still vilified for, was casually brushed away as “no big deal,” as Ivanka methodically told ABC News reporter Deborah Roberts, that her special case didn’t at all resemble the controversy that ultimately sealed Clinton’s historic defeat.

During the same interview, Roberts probed the White House “senior adviser” about the president’s authorization for border agents to resort to lethal measures, which resulted in the gassing of mothers and children, who were graphically depicted fleeing from the residue of chemical agents.

The cool and collected demeanor was still secured, as Ivanka initially denied that her father had resorted to such drastic measures, but quickly switched her monologue when faced with the indisputable facts. She matter-of-factly explained her father’s position as “Commander-in-Chief,” and how he was doing whatever needed to be done to ensure the safety of the American people.

And her latest outing with ABC’s Abby Huntsman where she was cautiously asked about the security clearances, sneakily granted to both her and Jared Kushner, didn’t deviate from the norm, as the first daughter, acknowledged “leaks from anonymous sources” but strongly maintained her father’s innocence by refuting the claims that implicate him.

The maddening circus of controversies have gathered into the raging storm of reactivated scrutiny, especially after last year’s damaging accusations levied on the Donald J. Trump Foundation, by Solicitor General of New York, Barbara Underwood, that alleges dubious activities that proved it was functioning “as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.”

The ongoing investigation involves the board members, which naturally includes the president’s children, (excluding the two youngest, Tiffany and Barron), and the aftermath could permanently restrict Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric from serving on the boards of New York charities.

There’s also a very good chance that House Democrats will force Ivanka Trump to turn over pertinent documents that will be added to the pile of evidence, that need to be examined for clues that should lead to the final takedown of President Trump and his criminally-driven establishment, that has been righteously coddled by the GOP.

But the question that needs to be asked and answered with promptness, is why in the world Ivanka Trump is still working in the White House?

Despite the obviousness of her lack of credentials and foreign relations experience, that should prohibit an advisory role of any capacity to the “leader of the free world,” since it would serve as the shining example of enabled nepotism — there’s also the traitorous proof of the dysfunctional webs of power on both sides of the aisles that has elevated the currency of White supremacy.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have been benefiting from the advantages of their affluent backgrounds, and all that it affords, which includes unearned and unchallenged seats at the table of limitless power.

This has transpired under the supervision of Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, and one has to wonder what leverage Trump has over both men, because it’s abundantly clear that they’re dutifully committed to endorsing the questionable actions of their master, even at the risk of reputations and the long-term assessment that will surely taint their legacies.

It’s incredibly disconcerting to observe the criminalized agenda of a rogue administration, that has not only excelled in the realm of crimes against humanity, but inconceivably put the entire country at high risk with the outrageous appointment of the president’s daughter and son-in-law, in positions that are formally regulated to officers who are well-equipped to handle the delicate complexities that come with those stations.

Donald Trump’s celebrated bravado is an entitled attribute that is definitely encouraged by the brutal truth of how he can pretty much start a gunfight on the streets of America, and make a clean getaway.

But the media and other agencies of accountability have also played a massive part in giving Ivanka Trump the permission to feel guiltlessly validated about the luxury of being ineffective in her advisory duties, while basking in the praises of her father, who has no idea what she does from day to day, and doesn’t much care.

A few months ago, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, co-penned a nauseatingly pampered essay, that was meant to diligently expose how “Javanka” the anointed first couple of D.C., have managed to discreetly stay out of the danger zones of the administration that they pledged allegiance to, and still garner the reception of “superstars” without the burden of their avid complicity.

The answers to this nationalized quandary will have to be applicable to why Donald Trump has been able to exhibit deplorable behavior both at home and abroad, with the addition of open investigations that carry felony charges, without hovering scorn from Republicans, who seem to have no issue assisting a seasoned gangster with his abhorrent agenda.

Ivanka Trump’s unlawful presence in the White House perfectly sums up the terminal state of our union, and regardless of whether or not House Democrats are able to finally rectify this major discrepancy, by overcoming the hesitancy of rattling the fragility of her Whiteness, doesn’t really matter much at this point.

The irrevocable damage has been exacted.

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