Why Is Ivanka Trump Still Working In The White House?

Ezinne Ukoha
6 min readMar 11, 2019


There is never any hesitation on my part when it comes to shaming President Trump’s favorite offspring, and “senior advisor,” Ivanka Trump.

From her annoyingly breathy voice that got a lot firmer once she became comfortably situated in the House of her dreams, to her active Twitter feed, where daily deposits of her sheathed in designer duds, strutting into elaborately staged meetings about stuff she knows nothing about — it’s hard to imagine a better actress for the constant fakery on display.

Ivanka represents the revolting imagery of White privilege at its very worst, and when you couple that with the lethal brand of feminism that is systemically revered for its ability to utilize the tools of Whiteness to the disadvantage of non-White women, you end up with a formidable combination, that blatantly illustrates how the first daughter has been able to escape the wrath of well-positioned critics, who’ve been notoriously blind and silent.

When it was confirmed that “Javanka” would be following President-elect Donald Trump to Washington D.C., and had already secured their lavish home in the neighborhood of their choosing, the rumblings began, but eventually tapered off after the utter chaos of a toxic administration began to take shape, and the blaring warning signs of impending doom swiftly unfolded.

You can’t help but imagine the epic disruption that would ensue if Malia Obama and her dashing hubby from an equally prominent background were to blissfully override the codes of conduct by inserting themselves where they absolutely don’t belong.

Definitely, there would be immediate filings against them, as well as the reprimanding of the Commander-in-Chief, who illegally demanded something that couldn’t be granted, and still forced his chief of staff to step out of bounds with the gross negligence of approving security clearances for two high-profile individuals, who were woefully unqualified for that level of access.

But White privilege always translates into the flexibility of sticky situations that are seamlessly handled without fanfare, especially when a thuggish White male bulldozes his way into the presidency, and succeeds in the quest of reducing his party members into the pathetic bubble-heads, that we…