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Why Is Ivanka Trump Harassing The African Continent With Faux-Activism?

Here’s the thing, I’m not obsessed with Ivanka Trump. I am however obsessed with the task of calling out the bullshit, since our mainstream media has relinquished the fundamental task of holding this thuggish administration, and its criminally-inclined members, accountable for past and current offenses.

It has to be said that the main reason why I’m able to comprehend why such a thing as “White media” exists, and how that explains why this industry has remained complicit in the arena of keeping Black voices out of prominent newsrooms has to be attributed to the formidable weapon of Whiteness, that will always stay united — no matter what.

Unless you’re buried under a hard rock, it’s impossible to escape the weekly headlines that reveal how and why the president went out of his way to ignore the warnings of security breach, and purposely downplay the questionable track records of former and present staffers.

It would take way too long to dissect the rap sheets of exited employees, but we can summarize with notables who all had something in common, when it came to outrightly committing acts of violence against victims who were vulnerable to those threats. There’s also the habitual need to give the middle finger to the judicial system as evidence of what White privilege with a ton of wealth can purchase with returns.

And let’s not forget Trump’s two favorite people in the whole wide world — “Javanaka.” The most high-profile couple in D.C., who’ve both managed to fascinate insiders and planted sources alike, with their uncanny ability to repurpose the climate that they broke the law to access.

Regardless of what side you choose, we can all agree that if President Obama had ignored the stringent requirements of his station, and threw his weight around like a spoiled brat who refuses to accept the limitations that are in place for the safety of a nation — there would’ve been a national shaming levied on his Black ass.

But, when it comes to White males who are lovingly massaged with the “Peter Pan Syndrome,” that gives them freedom to be inherently dysfunctional without consequences, the rules and regulations are able to undergo a flexibility test that somehow makes the most basic instructions — conveniently “complex.”

This explains the rising political careers of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who haven’t looked back since that fateful day in history when Donald J. Trump was sworn into an office that he has turned into an extended campaign rally, that is immersed in the business of terrorizing targeted parts of the population with the wave of White nationalism that has now been forwarded to other corners of the globe.

Within the last 24 hours, the president’s “senior adviser,” Ivanka Trump has been garnering praise from the GOP, as well as her father’s cowardly handlers, who are eager to spread the lies of how she has single-handedly re-shaped the continent of Africa with her mission statement for the White House’s “Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative,” that was just formed this past February.

Ivanka Trump’s triumphant contribution to the plight of disadvantaged women who are stuck in secondary roles that don’t reflect the totality of contributions as providers of income, and managers in charge of the sustainability of households, isn’t her brainchild, even though this administration is committed to that messaging.

It’s also no shocker that President Trump is transparently biased when it comes to the attention he pays to his daughter’s anointed pursuits, especially when you consider how his administration allocated a $50 million fund to the hailed initiative. The hefty investment was randomly poached from a budget that was already calculated and balanced.

We also have to note how the Trump administration has been steadfastly against continuing the tradition of past predecessors, who kept the United States activated in the realm of policing the world, by setting the example of how super powers do a lot more than stage over-priced military parades, while attacking the impactful pursuits of global humanitarian agencies, that no longer rely on us for that level of support.

This explains why “shithole” countries have suffered the brutality of a White nationalist president, who began the quest to drastically reduce aid to developing countries as the surefire way to curb the migrant flow, and discourage the advancement of alliances, that don’t fall in line with the Whitewashing of America.

And yet, at the start of the new year, the president was eager to sign the “national security memorandum,” which was a “historic step” that would give his daughter’s newly-minted initiative the template to act as the extension of existing programs in the pipeline, by focusing on boosting the economic empowerment of women living in countries that were already charged with successful implementation.

Months later, and we’re being bombarded with congratulatory tweets that are accompanied with generic imagery that depict the first daughter gleefully enjoying the honor of her status as the updated version of colonial fare, that has been historically propelled by the “White savior” narrative that’s disguised as the authentic source of enhancing the livelihood and undeterred progression of “third world” nations.

The “soldiers for Trump” are loudly celebrating the recent legislation that was passed by the Ivorian government, that’s being emphatically touted as Ivanka Trump’s resounding victory, based on the results of her much-heralded visit to that region, and how she painstakingly outlined the exact bullet points that were readily approved.

So why Is Ivanka Trump harassing the African continent with faux-activism?

It most likely has a lot to do with her ambitious portfolio, and how it has to be stuffed with all the chapters of high-visibility, that boast the worldly flare that perfectly illustrate her ancestral tendencies.

And when you’re playing catch-up after spending your professional years as a socialite/burgeoning hotelier/ branding guru, who until just a couple of years ago, demonstrated zero interest or logged activity in world affairs, or in blazing her famous last name on the programs and partnerships under the International Labor Organization (ILO), that have been committed to the progressive trajectory of women in oppressive societies — the only option is to hijack positions of power to secure the possibility for a presidential run.

There is an illustrious list of women who have persisted in the arena of the global empowerment of their less-advantaged counterparts, by utilizing their positions of authority as the launching pad for the betterment for their communities.

Nigeria’s leading economist, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who served as that country’s first female minister of finance as well as the managing director of the world bank, has long championed a roster of initiatives, including, the Growing Girls and Women in Nigeria (GWIN) and the Youth Innovation program (YouWin), that are both geared towards providing the tools necessary to indulge the skill set of local women who wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to those opportunities.

Ivanka Trump is taking credit for installing an already existing globally viable system, that has been functioning quite effectively without issue or the unwarranted input that’s being grossly exaggerated.

And the worst aspect of her underserved gold star is the fact that her flashy coup is being recklessly expanded to encompass the entire continent, with no regard for how Ivory Coast is merely a sliver on an extensive map that only blends into one when White invaders are plotting profitable takeovers or career refurbishment.

As a Nigerian-American with friends and relatives that are no longer permitted to apply their travel visas accordingly, I absolutely won’t stand by and praise the president’s daughter and “senior adviser” for treading into a territory that’s above her pay grade.

These specific duties are expertly handled by dedicated women, who are natural born leaders with the heartbeat of activism that shouldn’t be developed as an overnight trick for political points. They were born for the calling of uplifting communities that they identify with on a personal level, and that’s the way it needs to be.

So no, Lindsey Graham, this is definitely not “a giant step forward for women in Africa.”

There are 54 countries in a vast continent that’s being mushed into the gratitude center of Ivanka Trump’s ongoing political campaign, and that’s bullshit.

When she miraculously saves the women and girls in the remaining “shithole” territories based on specific needs and pending items, then, maybe that “giant step” will be bequeathed.

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