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Why Is Ilhan Omar Fighting Trump’s #MAGA Threats and Cowardly Betrayal of Democrats?


It’s Women’s History Month, and it’s a safe bet that the unbeatable trio — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tliab, and Ilhan Omar, who made history with their much-heralded entry into the United States Congress, will each be permanently secured as modern-day heroines.

They selflessly and admirably submitted their lives to the heavy-duty task of working their asses off to finally make America great again.

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The trio with the bonus of newly-minted Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

But before the fireworks to highlight prominent trajectories commences, there’s a shit load of shit to do.

And while the Muslim-American Congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, is more than prepared to do what needs to be done in the name of “affordable housing,” “advocating for a living wage,” student loan forgiveness,” and the “abolition of ICE,” among other things — the presently tempestuous climate, spearheaded by Trump and his evil-minded Trumpsters also known as the GOP — is threatening to derail the spiritedness of a fully capable and brilliant American.

Candidate Trump fought for the presidency on the basis that if elected, he would focus heavily on the issue of immigration. He pledged to halt the steady stream of shitty Black and Brown people from shithole countries in order to prevent the disease of cultural mixing.

Once he became president, Trump immediately jumped into action by imposing the Muslim ban, which basically enhanced the validity of Islamophobia with the messaging of how people who practice Islam are inherently capable of carrying random terrorist attacks.

The horrific attacks on 9/11/01 were carried out by a vengeful Saudi and seasoned militant named Osama bin Laden, and this painstakingly detailed assault on American soil was an accrued itinerary from years of intense hatred that stemmed from the U.S. invasion of Kuwait back in 1990.

Interesting that Trump has no issue managing a strong bond with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and even goes as far as to shamelessly reject the cohesive assessment from his own intelligence community, in favor of the blatant treachery of a murderous dictator, who undoubtedly ordered the brutal slaying of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, late October.

When it comes to tremendous amount of oil, and the billions and billions of dollars that can be reaped from mutually beneficial billion-dollar deals, that hold both personal and governmental relevance, Donald Trump is more than able to accommodate the nefarious presence of a verified criminal, who also happens to be a proud and faithful Muslim.

But if you happen to represent one of the shithole territories on the dreaded list that targets Muslims that aren’t worthy enough to assimilate into the sovereignty Whiteness, then you can expect the very worst treatment from this appallingly vile administration, that excels at initiating bullish tactics as the mode of communication to those who apply.

This is exactly what Congresswoman Omar is battling with, as the bullseye on her back remains activated with the disgustingly bigoted insults from spineless henchmen, that support Trump’s heinous agenda of gross intolerance towards the citizens who don’t fit the requirements of upholding the statutes of White nationalism.

The main benefit of Trump’s presidency, is the glaring transparency of slimy Republicans, and how those damning labels have proven to be true.

The GOP is a racist party, filled with pompously-diabolical individuals, who view the president as the White Messiah, who arrived just in time to scrub off the Blackness that lasted way too long in the House of Whiteness.

They champion his relentless commitment to drastically reduce the societal influence of Black and Brown migrants, who are hellbent on infusing their brutish instincts, with the influx of crime, drugs, and all the stereotypical fare that ignorant fucks lazily assign as the perfect excuse for their biased mentality.

Trump’s practiced rhetoric has produced deadly results in the form of domestic terrorism, and the White male terrorists, who are finally permitted to plot bombings on Muslim communities in Upstate New York, plant explosives on the doorsteps of homes in Black neighborhoods, carry out knife attacks on Black women exiting Metro stations, carry out knife attacks on Black men with arms around White women or just Black men in general.

There will be more extreme violence to come because Trump and his party of demonic misfits aren’t quite done finalizing the blueprint for the nationalized division, that will cleanly separate White America from the rest of the so-called Americans, who aren’t White enough to partake in the goodies from Trumpworld.

In the meantime, the goal of this administration is to continue the never-ending quest of demonizing those who threaten the ongoing operation of retaining the sanctity and supremacy of the Anglo-Saxon rulebook — that can’t be overruled by the traitorousness of diversity — that aims to rewrite the narrative with themes that sharply deviate from the prophecy of White evangelicals.

This aptly explains the intense hatred being directed at Ilhan Omar, whose epically transformative political career is casting her in a role that she was born to play, much to the chagrin of her powerful and bitter detractors, who will not rest until she’s disgracefully booted out of service.

Not too long ago, the Somali-American was publicly vilified by the president, vice president, and other members of the legalized Klan, for comments that were made against the Israeli government, that were meant to shed light on the deplorable mistreatment of Palestines.

Trump even went as far as demanding Omar’s swift resignation from Congress, as punishment for what he described as “not appropriate” behavior, while also rebuking her “lame apology,” and claiming that “she didn’t mean a word of it.”

Such a bold declaration from an unapologetic bully, who has spent his presidency lavishing Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Muslims, and non-White Americans, with non-stop bigoted attacks, not to mention the harsh threats on Twitter that are even aimed at notable women — is nothing short of ironic with the sting of privileged hypocrisy.

In the midsts of all the frenzied static that was meant to exhaust and destabilize the 37-year-old activist, was the sickening realization of how and why a Muslim-American Congresswoman was being righteously pummeled with accusations of anti-Semitism.

It’s the very same reason the president who openly advocates for White supremacy, while carrying on love affairs with the likes of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, is able to escape the consequences for running a rogue administration, that is effectively poisoning the once-illustrious corridors, that housed his more presidential and competent predecessors.

Ilhan Omar is an abomination to Republicans and racist White Americans, who view her as the celebrated enemy on a mission that has to be thwarted at whatever cost.

This was abundantly clear when the “breaking news” a few days ago revealed stunning detail about an illustrious gathering at the West Virginia statehouse, that showcased an unsightly poster — highlighting racially-offensive themes on behalf of an event titled: “Republicans Take The Rotunda.”

The revolting imagery evokes the horrendous motifs of 9/11, with the Twin Towers as burning infernos, and the haunting message:

“Never forget’ — you said..” “I am the proof — you have forgotten.”

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Republicans are SCUM

Those disgusting words were plastered with a chosen photo of Ilhan Omar, that conveniently depicted her in the standard black hijab, and a facial expression that emphasized her assigned station as an undercover terrorist, who calculatingly infiltrates the system with motives that will ultimately put the lives of White Americans at risk.

The reception to the racist and Islamophobic attack on a law-abiding American citizen and honorable member of Congress by eccentrically-hostile Republicans was denounced by Omar’s loyal comrades, Osacio-Cortez and Tlaib, and the Democrats in the statehouse, who couldn’t contain their disgust at the grotesque display of unfathomable hatred towards a non-threatening colleague.

Omar was quick to express her summation of what she considered a blatantly serious threat to the security and overall wellbeing of her and her family.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also tweeted her condemnation of a spitefully bigoted assault, that was disappointingly not inciting the required level of ire from both sides of the aisle.

It has to be said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has opted to remain silent on this matter of heightened urgency, and this is quite telling when you consider her active involvement in drafting a resolution, that is supposed to limit Omar’s freedom of speech, as it pertains to the sticky topic of Israel-Palestine relations.

It appears that Omar’s recent comments at a bookstore event in D.C. has thrust her into murky waters, yet again, as she defiantly speaks her truth about the crippling dominance of an imposingly influential rival, that renders the people of Palestine woefully disadvantaged.

“I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”

Evidently, Omar’s expert analysis when it comes to calling out the transparent mechanisms behind the unrelenting “allegiance” that this country bestows on Israel is inspiring major discomfort.

When the truth cuts like a knife, the natural reaction is to make it stop.

Ands so Trump expectedly released a tweet that cursed out the Black Muslim woman who he will never consider an “American,” but rather a trained assassin, who is utilizing the access she stole, as the cover for her undercover exploits.

Trump also added to his weak diatribe with an extended monologue of incoherent verbiage during an appearance at the White supremacist rally otherwise known as the “Conservative Political Action Conference,” where he spent a whopping two hours exhibiting his signature moves, that included freakishly fondling the American flag on stage, and verbally abusing his enemies with inappropriate accompaniments.

The key themes of his popular verses never wavered from the repeated elements of demonizing the presence of those who claim to be Americans simply because they were born here.

Their questionable actions suggest that they are unwilling to comply with the codes of conduct that request “allegiance” to the status quo — even when that status supports crimes against humanity.

Trump is the cowardly lion who roars with nothing concrete to back his defense because he’s simply too White and too power-starved to give two fucks about anything outside his personal preferences.

He is not a leader.

He doesn’t possess the temperament that allows for the opportunity to reason with him in ways that guarantee the smooth road to progression without the regressiveness of detours

This is why we can’t allow Nancy Pelosi and her crew of top Democrats to shamelessly betray the honorable pursuits of Ilhan Omar, by servicing the wiles of a racist pig, who is misusing his power for the sheer pleasure of evilly harassing the Muslim-American Congresswoman — out of office — and hopefully out of the country.

We have to protect the fragile shell that’s barely providing enough cover for a refreshingly outspoken and intelligent young patriot, who unlike the Commander-in-Chief and his notorious cabinet of loyalists, hasn’t broken any laws, and has astutely succeeded in realizing the epitome of what the “American Dream” can amass if you’re American enough to stay the course.

The fact that a Black refugee from a “shithole” nation that’s regarded as a hotbed of Islamic militancy, is bravely defying the unwarranted disciplinary measures from #MAGA terrorists, who are determined to end her well-earned journey before it even begins — should elevate the instinctual desires of House Democrats under the tutelage of Pelosi — to rally around their victimized family member with the insulation that demonstrates the reverence of our democracy.

This isn’t the time to assuage the toddler tantrums of a certified asshole and soon-to-be convicted felon, who is encouraging the rarely mentioned bomb plots on Muslim-American communities across the nation, and is unethically putting the life of a well-respected Congresswoman at high risk.

If #2020 is supposed to be the season of change, we can’t make those advancements until Ilhan Omar is afforded the freedom to speak up and out without her weakened House members vigorously working against her by guiltily and meekly succumbing to the pressures of playing both sides, with the coddling of mainstream media.

If this isn’t managed the right way, then we must accept that Donald Trump will win another term in The White House — and to be quite honest, that’s a more likely than not.



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