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Why Is Fox News Getting Away With Murder?

Fox News is getting away with murder, and that brutal truth explains the point of the media giant’s existence, which began with the toxic brain cells of Roger Ailes.

Ailes, amassed his dream of a conservative battleship, populated with human missiles, on the promise and steadfastness of White supremacy, and the nourishment of the poison that had to retain the sanctity of White evangelism.

The documentary, Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes, is a shallow dive into the rise and bitter fall of the now deceased mastermind behind the current division between conservative media and the mainstream outlets, that are barely able to resist the urge to merge with the designated evil version of what can’t be interpreted as fair and responsible reporting

White privilege is a very tricky thing when you consider how it plays out unexpectedly, and with the vengeance that only Black and Brown can clearly highlight with the marker of recognition.

Imagine that in 2019, with the turmoil that continues to reach greater heights with the reinforcement of a White nationalist president, who is dangerously equipped with the capability to manifest mass shootings, in the areas that he vilifies at KKK-themed rallies across the nation — prominent newsrooms at branded centers like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, etc, are still woefully lacking the diverse talents that should be taking center stage.

The media-at-large botched the coverage of the 2016 elections by falling head over heels in lust with the showmanship of a purposed renegade, who was winning hearts with his special brand of delivery, that was based on the basic principles of spewing out the unfathomable with enough bravado to make it stick without issue.

The torrid rise of old White men with enough wealth and clout to stage monumental episodes that shape the historical landscape of a country that did a very ugly thing in order to claim its “beautiful” attributes is nothing new. In fact it’s the long-held tradition that dates back to when the native owners of this land became the verified scapegoats of systemized dysfunction, that instinctively awarded unchallenged victimhood to the cruel architects of nationalized oppression.

The ascension of Donald Trump to the seat of absolute power has inspired a slew of conspiracy theories that are borne from the rapid production of documentaries that aim to provide entrance into the morbidly dark world that exposes the depths that White men will go to, for the protection of a birthright that can’t be transferred to the imminent threat of culture mixing.

From the Steve Bannon exposé, The Brink to Netflix’s latest horror story, The Family, an insightful five-part series that cautiously introduces viewers to the private club of of evangelical White Christian men, who were initially brought together on the premise of bible study and prayer meetings, as the grooming factor for mirroring their lives against the purity of Jesus Christ.

But like all cult-like endeavors that sprout out tentacles with placements in the cradles of political dynasties, and the pursuit of utilizing narratives of troubled corners of the world as launching pads for economic dominion, with the weaponry of Christianity in the foreground — the stealth activities of the fellowship of White men under the tutelage of its founder and protege, were ultimately the manifesto for the future of White power.

Viewers are treated to the behind-the-scenes genesis of White House rituals like The National Prayer Breakfast, that was evidently instituted from the incarnations of preserving the continuance of a devilish deity.

But whether or not you buy into the theories that play up the traitorous significance of our present nightmare, there’s no way to avoid the uncanniness of Trump’s polarizing presence.

We know he’s being guarded by a centuries-old establishment, that shields White men from the ordinariness of law and order, that can be easily re-structured to accommodate the nefariousness of Whiteness, in ways that can’t be replicated by non-White America.

This explains how and why the rules and regulations are conveniently stipulated to ensure that Black and Brown bodies can be violently tortured, on camera, and with a willing audience, without consequences. We keep asking questions about the bloody demise of those who are deemed expendable at the hands of the badged officers who are hired to kill at will. We keep asking as if the more we inquire, the less likely that the answers will reveal what we already know.

We needed mainstream media to atone for the sins of helping to anoint an extremely dangerous mascot of the deadly virus that has gotten more lethal since the White House officially became the epicenter of our nationalized chaos, but so far, all we’ve gotten is the cowardly response to hate crimes, that can’t ever be labeled for what they are because of the extremity of it.

But Fox News, has never forgotten its roots. There has never been any hesitation to demonstrate and revel in the profoundness of communications in the realm of extortion, and why it was always essential to normalize the value of White nationalism, that dictates the statutes of demonizing cultures that aren’t aligned with the biblical glory of a White Jesus.

When former golden girl of Fox News, Megyn Kelly, was unceremoniously dismissed from her daytime talk show on NBC, for shockingly reigniting the debate about the rights of White people when it comes to celebrating Halloween with the historically condemned accessory of Blackface, there was a collective sigh of disbelief that someone with Kelly’s mindset could end up at a network that purports to be the exact opposite of those bullet points.

But the advantages of White feminism comes in the forms of being able to enjoy the nonstop cleansing process that erases the fact that Kelly followed the rulebook of her equally bigoted colleagues at Fox News, by maximizing her massive platform, during her tenure on The Kelly File, where she habitually pledged allegiance to Whiteness by damning the value of Blackness with cruel mockery.

It was Megyn Kelly who pathetically chided Black kids in America during the holiday season for stupidly buying the lie about a Black Jesus and a Black Santa. And it was Megyn Kelly, who days after the fateful encounter between Sandra Bland and a traffic cop, that led to the tragic death of a Black woman in her cell — callously hosted a disturbing segment that illustrated the main reasons why White feminism is the standard ingredient that maintains the toxicity of White supremacy.

And yet, executives at NBC were salivating with grand expectations during early negotiations that awarded Kelly the astounding compensatory package that she was still able to claim after her disastrous run at the ill-fated morning show came to an end.

The power of the media is strong enough to hold President Trump hostage, as he vigorously defends himself from the entrapment of “fake news” and dutifully praises the heroic efforts of the criminal establishment that serves as the radical extension of his ongoing quest to make #MAGA the national anthem of White America.

In the months after Trump’s presidency, the new administration was mired in the murkiness of a hate-filled atmosphere that was accompanied by the domestic terrorism that brought Charlottesville to its knees, and this was when the potency of Fox News was becoming the rude awakening that could no longer be shuffled away with casual disdain.

Reporting on the facts without bias was never a strong suit of the spotlighted anchors of an organization that Roger Ailes built with the vision of an implosion of information, that should be presented with coerced antics that give loyal viewers the peace of mind that validates their intolerance of invaders who aren’t American enough to fight for equality.

But there’s no doubt that Trump and his cabinet of White nationalists and co-conspirators who have sacrificed their soul for the proximity to crimes against humanity, have succeeded in alighting the studios of Fox News with a greater incentive to unabashedly feed the masses with scripted monologues that aren’t edited for the benefit of best practices.

And therein lies the problem, which has gotten so out of hand, that two of the top tier anchors at Fox, have recently been forced into taking paid vacations after performing acts of violence, on the heels of nationalized catastrophes that are putting innocent Black and Brown lives in active danger.

We saw it with Jeannine Pirro, when she had the audacity to hold a praise worship session that demonized Ilhan Omar by comparing her hijab to the allegiance to Sharia Law, days after it was confirmed that the Congresswoman from Minnesota was receiving death threats, stemming from the non-stop harassment from our Terrorizer-in-Chief.

Pirro should’ve been fired for her unforgivable and unlawful recklessness, that didn’t just cross over the lines of reason and decency, but also re-affirmed America’s acceptance of Islamophobia, as the preferred mode of oppression towards the Muslim-American community, that continues to suffer the climate of hostility that the events of 9/11 bequeathed.

But the wicked witch of Trump’s favorite territory was back some weeks later, and her return pretty much solidified the stance of Fox News has the outlet that’s committed to normalizing hate speeches, and all variations of expression that’s formulated to celebrate the resurgence and maintenance of the “Great White Hope.”

The other golden girl of Fox News, Laura Ingraham, the unapologetically vile host of The Ingraham Angle, doesn’t possess the affable qualities that made her former colleague, Megyn Kelly, palatable enough for outside competition.

And that’s just as well, since the ultra-conservative “newswoman” is committed to the task of raising the venomous voices of those who have badly distorted the meaning behind “freedom of speech.”

Earlier this year, Ingraham raised eyebrows when she echoed the whining of her supreme leader in the Oval Office by bemoaning the banishment of conservative soldiers from social media platforms as punishment for their demonstrative tendencies to be disruptively inappropriate with the sharing of violently triggering content.

The usual suspects were lined up by Ingraham, and they included despicable characters like Alex Jones, who is famous for torturing the lives of bereaved parents of the Sandy Hook massacre, Milos Yiannopoulos, a former editor at Breitbart, and Paul Nehlen, a renowned White supremacist, who has spent his political career spreading right-wing conspiracy theories.

Nehlen even admitted on a podcast that he proudly modeled a shirt that featured the White terrorist who gunned down 11 worshipers at the Pittsburgh synagogue in October 2018.

Ingraham’s inexplicable pleas on behalf of a group of future felons, who thrive off of the blood flow of the domestic terrorism that they incite was met with furious rage by inconsolable observers, who expected Fox News to swiftly banish the messenger of doom, who was blatantly campaigning for something that has zero to do with the biased restrictions on those who are mindful of the first amendment.

The released statement from Fox News detailed the unwavering support for Ingraham, with the bonus of how she’s “a fierce protector of freedom of speech,” and how her segment highlighted the “the growing trend of unilateral censorship in America.”

And that brings us to Tucker Carlson, who is on a paid vacation, while his home network deals with the costly repercussions of his ill-advised and offensively misleading remarks, that basically declared the very real threat of White supremacy a “hoax just like the Russia hoax”— merely days after a White terrorist drove almost 10 hours to his targeted location of El Paso, TX, and stormed a local Walmart near the border with murderous intent.

The shooting massacre left 22 people dead, and several injured, and the White terrorist who was eventually apprehended, calmly admitted that the goal was to kill Mexican people.

Carlson spent his segment vehemently downplaying the fact that White supremacy is the terrorizer that has become the epidemic of our existence, and his blasphemous words were cosigned by David Duke, the former leader of the Klu Klux Klan, who tweeted out his endorsement of the Fox News host.

More than a handful of advertisers that have enjoyed a long and fruitful history with Fox News, have been jumping ship since that scarring episode aired, and it’s not clear what the future holds for Carlson, but his retained affiliation with the network suggests that he’s not the liability who will get sacked for his display of flaming racism.

So why is Fox News getting away with murder?

The answer lies in the evangelical conservatism that keeps upholding the principles of White supremacy with the full backing of the GOP, and the corridors of power that were constructed for the purpose of controlling the centers of communication in ways that won’t disturb the force of evil from flourishing.

This is why the daily press briefings were halted. Trump had to be in the driver’s seat, and the only way to guarantee his control over the narrative is to force the Press Corps to yield to his commands at the location of his choosing.

Fox News will not be forced to behave accordingly because Trump is solely in charge of White House communications, and that privilege allows for mean-spirited anchors and their overt racism to freely reign without any threats of disciplinary measures.

The real question is how will mainstream media counteract these coordinated attacks that are leading to the demise of vulnerable Black and Brown bodies, and how will that be reflected in updated newsrooms and anchor chairs?

Who will kill Fox News so the rest of us can survive?

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