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Why Is Donald Trump Allowed to Misuse His Presidential Privileges?

Whiteness is a disease that’s killing us

I’ve shared what it’s like being a Black person in White America with a president who publicly praises the good side of White supremacists while calling countries like mine that have more Blacks than Whites — “shitholes.”

President Trump has made Whiteness — the weapon of choice for young White males who look to him for the example of how to maximize the full effect of their privilege. The number of racially-motivated crimes has skyrocketed ever since a racist bully was elected to the highest office in the land.

From package bombs to school shootings that have already reached record numbers in 2018 — Trump isn’t in the least bit concerned about the hostile climate that’s he’s fostering — and even more jarring is how he prefers to spend his time — tweeting about the kind of shit that proves how disturbingly tone-deaf he is — when it comes to managing his job with the compassion of an invested leader.

Your president seems to think that he can run this country the way he conducted business back when he was able to fire anyone he wanted in his “pretend” boardroom. He’s convinced that being drunk with power is the American Way and so he over-indulges by being recklessly motivated with his decision-making process.

He berates citizens on his timeline and randomly sings the praises of the ones who share his views as if he’s a toddler who only wants to shake your hand if it contains a toy or a cookie.

Trump’s outlandishly irresponsible behavior may serve as a form of entertainment for those who have virtually nothing to lose — but for the rest of us who are vulnerable to the deadly elements of mass shootings — and attacks from White people who call the cops or take matters into their own hands — this is no laughing matter.

We have to witness the way he praises the heroism of a White man — who used a gun to save the day — while rejecting the bravery of a Black man who didn’t need a weapon to thwart a dangerous situation.

We have to notice the way he ignores the racial strife heating the nation as even Black women are subjected to physical assault by White cops — and yet he’s only willing to acknowledge how a White conservative almost drowned after a cup of water was tossed her way.

We have to deal with how popular he is with the population of White Americans who aren’t afraid to harass or even kill in the name of their privilege — as the security of knowing that their crimes will be received with consideration for their “mental fragility” — provides the encouragement to elevate the danger of domestic terrorism.

President Trump is allowed to misuse his presidential privileges because he’s a White male with enough wealth to not only validate his worth — but to unequivocally guarantee that he will comfortably rise above the law.

As disgraced comedian Roseanne Barr continues to weather the backlash of her canceled show — due to the overtly racist tweet — where she compared President Obama’s trusted advisor — Valerie Jarrett — to a primate — the nation has been thrown into a national debate about whether the honor of a White woman eclipses that of a Black woman.

We have embattled host of Full Frontal — Samantha Bee to thank for this dreary conversation that has expanded to include first daughter — Ivanka Trump and the coveted “C-word.”

Bee — utilized her platform to call out the president’s “advisor” who has no business being in The White House in the first place — but even her presence — which was briefly deemed as the potential voice of reason — has been significantly reduced to a stick figure who spends time strutting her privilege — while retweeting the garbage her father shares.

The criticism over the complacency of a woman who heartlessly tweeted the photo depicting her lovingly embracing her youngest kid — during a time of great duress stemming from the immigration crisis hitting our borders — was a valiant effort by Samantha Bee.

But — of course it drew ire from White feminists who were okay with Valerie Jarrett’s primate comparison — and shamelessly used Roseanne’s bad luck to wipe their stinky asses — as they condemned the notion of one of their own — being called a “cunt” on national television.

President Trump couldn’t resist the opportunity to chime in and his latest crusade is centered around the mission to get the TBS staple fired — for the “double standard” — that allows the downfall of one of his greatest fans — over something that wasn’t that big of a deal. He didn’t even express dismay at the insult hurled at his own daughter — and instead focused on the competitive sport of “winning.”

When it comes to playing the game — Trump offers a dirty version of abiding by the rules — and his pompous disposition is embedded in the disease of Whiteness that threatens us all.

He inexplicably considers offering presidential pardons to individuals that were convicted for their contribution to our economic collapse — and there’s no shock in the recent revelation that two of those names on the list happen to be former participants of The Apprentice.

He agrees to meet with a reality TV star — who symbolizes all the reasons why we ended up in this nightmare — and the photo op illustrates how truly fucked we are as citizens of a nation — that is suffering from the consequences of gross neglect — and the deeper divide between White America and Black America.

Only a White man can have the freedom to run wild in the landscape that he’s rapidly riddling with the bullets from organizations that supply the blood in his veins — and the dead bodies of Black and Brown people that are purposely laid to waste under the banner of systemic hatred.

The lives that were lost in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria — are still being accounted for — despite the president’s boasting months ago when he was given a preliminary account — which he disgustingly compared to other “more horrific” hurricanes as a way to downplay the monstrosity of Puerto Rico’s ongoing nightmare — and to shame the debt-ridden island.

Donald Trump is President of the United States of America because Whiteness is a religion that breeds a different law for those that are privileged enough to afford it.

It costs nothing to use hatred as a currency by which you can kick Black people out of establishments — call the cops to authorize unlawful arrests — capture and upload the beatdown of unarmed young Black women — and depend on the strength of Ambien when you’re in the mood to swap the image of an ape with that of a notable Black woman — who helped to capture Osama bin Laden.

It’s sickening to watch how extensive the damage can be when White men who behave badly are rewarded for their deplorable disposition with more opportunities to fuck up at our expense — simply because they’re not Ivy-Leaguers with Black skin and birth certificates that don’t match the blueprint of Anglo-Saxon values.

The world gawks from afar as the leader of the free world describes a menacing dictator who killed his own sibling in cold blood as an “honorable man” — while affectionately looking forward to breaking bread with him in the not so distant future.

White privilege is the number one killer in this country and a cure won’t save lives because of its silent but deadly tendencies.

Donald Trump is enjoying his”fuck you” moment as heroes like Colin Kaepernick are being energized to collectively save those of us who need saving.

In the meantime the words of the national anthem will remain illegible due to the bloody squirts of victims who died in Trump’s America.

Even Whiteness isn’t white enough to clean up that mess.

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