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White evangelism created a monster. Image: Joyce Boghosian

Why Is Donald Trump Acting Like a B**CH?

We knew it would come to this, so the question isn’t how — it’s why.

This time four years ago, Donald J. Trump was riding high as a newly elected GOP supreme leader, who shockingly brought a brutal end to the political career of Hillary Clinton, who failed to capture the allegiance of white women feminists, who were most definitely NOT with her, as the dry slogan suggested.

It was the notoriously shifty real estate emperor of NYC , and applauded reality TV star, who seamlessly made his ascension to the highest office in the land with a little help from a pair of sketchy friends, who rely on a stylized format of criminality in order to get the job done.

Trump was also blessed by the upper room of white evangelicals, who have never wavered from the blueprint of weaponized faith, that has historically been utilized to cleanse the palette of robed heathens, spewing blasphemous demands to the Lord their God.

White missionaries aggressively enabled the oppressive efforts of British soldiers, who served out the mandate of violently invading Black territories under the covenant of biblical warfare, exacted with menacing coercion that validated the buying and selling of Black bodies and the desecration of ancestral deities.

Those horrific crimes against humanity are still romanticized by white British loyalists, who are convinced that the brutalization of Black power by the cowardice and inhumanness of white power was a necessary evil. It was carried out to guarantee the longstanding preservation of The Crown with bonuses of depositing the invaluableness of “democratic legacies” on massacred landscapes of conquered Black nations.

Of course, centuries later we are well aware of how former colonies never survived the decades of trauma at the hands of their white captors. High-powered militants justified destroying epicenters of functionality with the infusion of the white man’s religion as hypnotic disorientation. These deadly tactics led to numerous raids of tribal kingdoms and the poaching of priceless artifacts, that are prominently displayed in the best museums all over Europe.

The point is that the incurable disease of white supremacy, that sinisterly installs white terrorizers, outfitted with bombastic dispositions, propelling their absolute power to greater heights, due to cultish response to the audacity of the “chosen one” is nothing new. And in fact, the tradition can be traced back to England’s King Henry VIII, whose rap sheet (minus the beheadings) and rounded physicality — eerily resembles the possible distant cousin currently polluting America’s palace.

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King Henry VIII

It was King Henry VIII who pompously decided to create his own goddamn church after the Catholic Church flat out denied the raging monarch’s request to marry one of many mistresses, who were later executed under his command. Ironically enough, the Catholic Church has been riddled with the scandal of incriminating sexual abuse cases, that tragically illustrate why the de-powering of organized religion, engineered by titled gangsters leading fanatics astray, must be a reality in the near future.

For now, white evangelism is here to stay, and with that sobering realization comes the dire consequences of accommodating a Frankensteinish tormentor, who doesn’t have to follow the rule of law or be subject to disciplinary measures for stepping way out of the line of reason in ways that endanger and destabilize.

President-elect Joe Biden and Madame Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are committed to the obligations of structuring their transitional team as they prepare for the official transfer of power that will take place on Inauguration Day, scheduled for January 20, 2021.

The exiting President and his cabinet of goonies, including the worst First Lady in the history of First Ladies are disrespectfully mired in the travesty of mutilating our already weakened democracy. We’ve been unfairly assaulted with four years of domestic terrorism and global disruption, orchestrated by an egomaniacal man-baby, who is encouraged to throw long-winded tantrums to keep compromised Republicans on their toes.

Donald Trump is evidently above the law, and always has been from the moment he took the oath of office, and fatefully showed a stunned world what we were in for, after he gave that memorably disastrous speech, blasting foreign relations and reaffirming allegiance to his deplorable base of white supremacists.

Fast forward to the present, and despite the defeat of the endless rainstorm of dysfunction and malfunction at the highest levels of government, thanks to a brutish renegade, who was impeached for being a foul traitor, but re-installed by equally thuggish white men, who can’t afford patriotism above their own gluttonous ambitions, we are still battling the virus of our lifetime.

Nothing can overtake what COVID-19 has wrought with more than 230,000 dead and counting, along with discouraging and disturbing data illustrating how our worst months are ahead if an approved vaccine doesn’t appear tomorrow.

2020 has been epically hellish, and the bitch moves of Donald Trump and his notorious handlers are making an already jarring start to a new decade, even more unbearable.

The Terrorizer-in-Chief is acting like a royal pain in the ass because he can literally do and say whatever he wants without any ramifications.

His evangelical demons are shouting incoherency in viral clips that showcase them declaring the victory that has already been granted to a worthier disciple, who recognizes the House of God isn’t just for shameless photo ops.


Trump won’t concede and graciously acknowledge the constitutional rituals, that are so embedded in the fabric of our once-revered democracy, that it was never even a question of optional participation, until this very moment of national upheaval and the judging eyes of the world upon us.

The Trump Crime Family with a track record of criminal activities that run the gamut of embezzlement of funds to tax evasion, have been poised to extend the warranty of mob ties to the federal government, and not even the non-negotiable of a one-term presidency will hamper the ongoing coup.

The insidiousness of white male privilege is the infuriating reminder of how and why the first-ever Black president was treated like shit by racist GOP leaders, despite his stunning excellence and strict adherence to the codes of conduct as the Commander-in-Chief who surpassed the highest of expectations on the world stage.

Donald Trump is absolute garbage, and the worst part is that he revels in it, to the delight of his misled worshippers, who truly believe that their supreme leader was robbed of four more years to rule over chaos and mayhem.

We are forced to take the shit from an abusive regime that’s holding this weary nation hostage and threatening our national security by refusing to accept and honor the certified winner, who emerged from the most tedious election season ever, because the terrorizer is protected by the currency of whiteness that can’t be thwarted.

According to the votes tallied, most white Americans don’t mind living like this until whenever.

And while we hold our breaths, watching the unlawfulness unfold in the House of Horrors, we have to also prepare for what lies in store — if and when the b**ch and his minions slither out of ground zero.

Like I said, we knew it would come to this, and we damn sure know why.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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