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Why I’m Voting For Biden To Defeat Trump On November 3rd

As election day looms with eerie foreboding, an ailing nation on the brink of yet another catastrophe from the second wave of a deadly virus that’s killed almost 160,000 Americans, is wearily bracing for the monumental event that will determine the forecast for the years ahead.

The poll numbers seem to consistently favor the president’s Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, with proof of the general fatigue that comes with accommodating a national terrorizer, who relentlessly throws his weight around at the expense of the survivability of the country he’s gleefully running into the ground.

Donald Trump is acutely aware of the immense power he wields as president, and he childishly reasserts that authority to test how far he can go with defacing the unearned role that he’s wants to transform into a monarchy.

Just the other day, the egomaniacal brute deviously recommended delaying the upcoming elections. It’s a fact that Trump can’t willfully rewrite the laws of the land. But his actions reveal his fear of the imminent transfer of power, that he will be forced to facilitate, even while resisting what can’t be refuted.

Trump’s love affair with murderous dictators, like Vladmir Putin and Kim Jong-un, who both mercilessly torture and kill patriotic truth-tellers, destined to expose the brutalization of their homeland with crimes against humanity, is prompted by fascination and frustration that the American Constitution firmly limits the freedom to replicate his nefarious heroes.

The Liar-in-Chief gets a thrill out of weaponizing his white privilege to manipulate and threaten, regardless of the outlandishness of how he righteously abuses a once-illustrious title to give the world a full view of why the United States of America is a battered relic of diminished reverence.

It doesn’t take a genius to calculate all the ways in which the fast approaching elections will be a shit show like no other.

The incompetent man-baby in The White House will continue to throw hourly tantrums in defiance of the glaring evidence that his days polluting the Oval Office are coming to a bitter end.

This will lead to escalated eruptions that will extend past the noted expiration date of the worst presidency ever recorded.

This is why I’m voting for Biden to whoop Trump’s ass on November 3rd.

Listen, never in my wildest dreams did I conceive of a scenario where Joe Biden is positioned as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, locked in a life and death battle against a former reality TV star, who was awarded the office of the presidency because white folks were royally pissed at the historic presidency of Barack Obama.

And while it’s nice to know that the former Vice President still maintains strong ties to the best to ever do it, there are undoubtedly major concerns about Biden’s candidacy as the more tolerable white man, who despite his major shortcomings, is poised to be the savior the country is dying to appoint.

Even Obama couldn’t hide his irritation at the rough edges of his second-in-command, who has a penchant to say shit that boggles the mind, especially at a time when such recklessness can be costly.

The blunders of Joe Biden are plenty, but take for instance that infamous visit to the ordained hub of Black culture, The Breakfast Club, a venue that the presidential candidate has avoided, despite its recognition as the mandatory stop for notable figures, who aim to broaden their appeal for obvious reasons.

The long-awaited appearance was spotty at best with the awkwardness you would expect from an older white statesman who is stepping out of his comfort zone.

It was a passable performance until things began to wind down, and Biden made the comment that would forever haunt him, and initiate debates about how the Black vote has alway been historically wasted on the ambitious ideals of Democratic presidential contenders, who never live up to professed agendas once victory is claimed.

When Biden jokingly told Charlamagne tha God that Black voters choosing Trump over him means they “ain’t Black,” the translation only reinforced the skepticism that we harbor, when that time of year rolls around, and we’re challenged with the burden of doing all the work with absolutely nothing to show for it.

It was a prime example of how woefully disconnected Biden is with the community he can’t win without, and instead taking advantage of the access to the group of amazing Black women communicators, who have committed to empowering his campaign, he seems hell bent on sabotaging his own mission statement.

Not long after, Biden did it again. And this time he dared to expose the white privilege that empowers white males with the audacity to cleanse themselves from past atrocities, based on how their counterpart’s muddier status.

Former Republican presidential candidate and conservative radio host Joe Walsh is magically deemed a reformed soldier, with his biting tweets condemning Trump’s inappropriateness. But let’s not forget that Walsh is a raging racist, who has spewed offensive shit about The Obamas and Biden’s potential running mate, Kamala Harris, to name a few.

Joe Biden cluelessly declaring that Donald Trump is America’s “first racist president” because of the “sickening” way “he deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, [and] where they’re from” is nothing short of abominable.

He’s incapable of recalling the damning track record of former white presidents, who profited from the systemic injustices that are still levied against the Black community.

All Biden has to do is watch Ava DuVernay’s insightful award-winning documentary 13th to get the history lesson on America’s sprawling enterprise of mass incarceration of Black and Brown, which was spearheaded by both Republican and Democratic presidents.

Bill Clinton, anyone?

President Richard Nixon and Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, indulged in a secret conversation that was brought to light a year ago, where both men vocally disparaged African nations and joked about the uncouthness of the natives.

Reagan: “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries — damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!”

Nixon can be heard laughing hysterically

There’s also the unforgivable sins of George W. Bush, who literally dug swampy graves for Black victims of Hurricane Katrina, who didn’t stand a chance in hell against the deadly vices of white supremacy that dictates why Black lives never matter.

The gut-wrenching images that captured bloated Black bodies, floating in the blazing sun and Black families waiting in vain to be rescued was the horror show that stunned the world.

Shit was so bad that Kanye voiced on TV what we all knew to be true.

“George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.”

So we have to scratch our heads when Biden says:

“No Republican president has done this. No Democratic president. We’ve had racists, and they’ve existed. They’ve tried to get elected president. [Trump} is the first one that has.”

But believe it or not, I’m voting for Joe Biden in November.

There’s no reasonable alternative, and since the buffoon stinking The White House is more invested in his reelection than implementing life-saving measures to drastically turn the tide, during this unprecedented season of death and suffering — the only thing to do is participate in his thunderous downfall.

Trump is not the first-ever racist president, but he is shamelessly devoted to the rally cry of #MAGA, and the bigoted messaging of white power that energizes his ignorant base. Trump is directly responsible for the rapid rise in hate crimes across the nation, since 2016, targeting vulnerable groups that he curses out during KKK-themed rallies.

Donald Trump is an active threat to our national security, and if we have to replace him with the imperfect candidate, who talks a lot of crap, and still hasn’t produced a cohesive future plans for communities that have waited too long — then so be it.

We gotta do what we gotta do. Period.

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