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Why I’m Canceling People Who “Cancel” Other People

I’ve been fascinated with the ongoing trend that arms people with online capabilities — featuring the power to declare notables who misbehave past the point of forgiveness as “canceled.”

It started off as playful threats geared towards celebs with a penchant for misusing their “wokeness” for the gain of not giving two fucks about individuals, who are pompous enough to buy the shit about blue ticks.

The collection of wannabe “influencers” who can’t contain the high of a randomly viral tweet, so much so that they actually believe they’re bequeathed with the power to shut off the life supply of prominent accounts.

I’m not attempting to downplay the sheer force of the maddening crowd because there have been successful coups and there are many more to come.

That being said — I can’t disguise how much I loath this pattern of swiftly discarding human beings whose imperfections are quite frankly refreshing, when you consider this silly age of “all or nothing” that’s birthed from the height of unattainable perfection.

I often wonder about the herd of naysayers. Who are these people? Do you have jobs? Have you achieved anything on the level of the ones you eagerly incite rage against?

Or are you only able to create your best hits with the companionship of a keyboard, that you use to create memes and threads that are constructed to mock and attack?

Kanye is currently battling a war that stopped being about him after it shifted gears to showcase the skillful wordplay of influencers who drafted essays and threads about all the reasons why his latest offering should be left to drift in the abyss. And of course God help the user who dares to mistakenly tweet about downloading tracks that were conceived by the convict.

You will get slaughtered with a quickness that will only hurt if you’re not human.

The internet makes me feel like a creep that crawls around — figuring out where to secure myself — long enough not to get run over.

Luckily for me, I’m pretty much a “nobody” who can get away with tweeting my status as #TeamMonique — and then writing a brief reason why I think #QueenOprah really hasn’t done enough for her community to warrant unyielding adoration.

It’s incredible to witness the tenacity involved when following through with the cancelations of once beloved icons. The influencers police the space with avid awareness and heightened attention to detail. If you follow them — there’s the need to make sure your activity mimics their every move.

If you dare step out of bounds by allowing your emotions to overwhelm after witnessing a human side of the convict during a noteworthy event — you will pay for it with public shaming via a “retweet with comments,” that highlights why defectors may never be allowed back into the fold.

So, it appears that once you do the canceling — there’s no turning back.

You can’t be associated with the convict ever again, and if you’re privy to unassuming strangers succumbing to the weakness of human nature, that includes forgiveness, keeping an open mind, or the tendency towards empathy — you have the right to maliciously attack.

It’s all for the sake of perfection and how it must be protected at all costs.

And in the instance that a notable with high visibility and overall popularity, that you propel with consistency happens to stumble, the key for survival is to survey the reaction to the damage, and proceed cautiously, based on engagement or disengagement with the injured party.

When MSNBC staple, Joy Reid was caught in the web of a massive controversy, that erupted from the incredulous pursuits of detractors — who dug up damning content from a blog that she managed over a decade ago — it was interesting as a human, to notice how her once-avid supporters maintained a vigil of silence.

She was silently canceled — and that form of engagement is the deadliest of all.

It showcases the waning power of “wokeness,” that only turns up when the loudest voices can be serenaded without the threat of having to step out on a limb — risking the avalanche of thorny tweets from the resilient mob — who never recognize the complexity of varied situations.

The vastness of platforms that cater to the bloodless vessels that are filled with cold-hard matter — that deactivate the sensors — encouraging a range of emotions, that are supposed to protect us from the version of ourselves that align with robots — are reaping gold at the expense of our common sense.

This assault on humanity is the reason why I’m canceling people who “cancel” other people.

I can fascinatingly watch adults reduce themselves to kindergartners who cutely lead min-revolutions against the kids who wronged them. But, I won’t be announcing any cancellations of contenders with gleeful pride, as if my public declaration will somehow initiate a movement like none other.

Surely, there are better ways to heal the wounds, that are fresh and raw after heroes fall from grace and become unrecognizable through their thought, words and deed.

If the investment in celebrities that you thought you knew, but end up not knowing at all, backfires, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to use your massive “influence” to “reach out” and touch the convicts?

Why not “influence” progressive conversations around the sensitive topics that aim to divide and conquer — instead of rounding up the troops for riots that create noisy static, and leave nothing but the residue of an imagined victory.

Why not make the radical move of illustrating the true meaning of “engagement” as opposed to the self-indulgent avenue of clicks, retweets, and likes, on the heels of witty threads — that unravel to increase exposure, and show off warrior-like reflexes, that followers try to imitate with the falsehood of their prowess.

I think we should all cancel ourselves and hit “reset.”

If not — then all of you are canceled — and I won’t waste anymore time explaining why.

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