Why Iggy Azalea’s Privilege To Be “Black” Needs To Be Permanently Revoked

The last thing I want to do is take the time to once again express how much I resent the very notion of Iggy Azalea and all that she represents — but in this current climate of racial strife — it’s almost impossible to ignore the opportunity to examine the varied ways in which White people choose to downplay their privilege — at the expense of the very people they’ve chosen to appropriate.

She woke up like this

In many ways — Iggy Azalea is too White for her own good — and her enhanced body parts can’t rectify that glaring malfunction.

Her acute transparency is pathetic when you consider that she obviously did an exhaustive study on what it entails to be “Black in America” and her findings led her to polish her skills accordingly and birth her lofty ambitions. She plotted her takeover without missing a beat —and if her objectives were pure and sincere — that wouldn’t be a strike against her.

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