Why Iggy Azalea’s Privilege To Be “Black” Needs To Be Permanently Revoked

She’s too White

Ezinne Ukoha
8 min readApr 25, 2018


The last thing I want to do is take the time to once again express how much I resent the very notion of Iggy Azalea and all that she represents — but in this current climate of racial strife — it’s almost impossible to ignore the opportunity to examine the varied ways in which White people choose to downplay their privilege — at the expense of the very people they’ve chosen to appropriate.

I have unfavorably covered Amethyst Kelly in the past and most of my “haterade” is concocted from my unwavering loyalty to another rapper of African-American descent who is talented AF — but still hasn’t been anointed by her peers with the authority that would allow her to dominate and conquer the landscape of her discontent.

Azealia Banks is the controversial darling that people love to hate and with good reason. Her “attitude” has allowed her to retain her position as one of the most formidable in the realm of the “angry Black woman” — who lashes out at innocent parties who’ve done nothing to warrant those random attacks.

Black male producers who help foster talent in an industry that demands a certain aesthetic for female rappers who are always ready to do whatever it takes for stardom — have pretty much demonstrated their utter disdain for Banks — as she terrorizes their crippling bias against her — which is fueled by a rebelliousness that is typically associated with Black women who refuse to take any type of shit.

Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea have had online altercations that were initiated by Banks who has every right to be incensed at the existence of a White rapper and rival — who adopted a shiny new moniker that not only hits too close to home — but is also supposed to support the surgically-enhanced physique — that serves as the weapon of dominion.

She woke up like this

It’s worth noting that Iggy has been brought to task by the likes of Talib Kweli — who used his Twitter account back in 2016 — to school the Australian-born former White girl about how she’s outrightly “disrespected hip hop culture too many…