Why I Hate It When White People Demand The Right To Say The N-Word

British journalist and major headache-inducer, Piers Morgan is back at it. His latest is featured in the Daily Mail — which is no surprise since the tabloid staple practically relies on large dumps of bullshit.

Morgan is absolute shit. He thrives off of the chaos created from the knowledge that no matter what — he will successfully ruffle feathers and heighten the flow of disorder that is necessary for social roll calls.

The piece that is currently blasting through the spheres of the worldwide web — is drawing ire from many — who are once again stunned by the audacity of Morgan — and his non-stop rhetoric that always initiates the desire to give Black people permission to gawk in awe — at the evidence of unbridled privilege.

The details of the spitefully strewn essay revolves around a group of young White women in a sorority — who relate to the Kanye West/Jamie Fox 2005 hit — Gold Digger. The circulating video proves this devotion — complete with spouted verses that include free usage of the — N-word.

Morgan, is adamant that if revered rappers like Kanye West — see it fit to include that word in their verses — then why the fuck can’t White people be afforded the right to utter — “Niggas” — in public — with the due respect of the artists they claim.

I really hate it when White people randomly demand the right to say the N-word.

As a person of color my reasons are glaringly obvious, and the historical attachment to the spirit of something that still haunts each time a Black kid is hit in the stomach by a bullet — is raptured by the reality of the present climate.

America salutes a president who is adored by White supremacists — and bound by the contract that was signed in blood — dripping from the streets where the N-word is labeled — block to block as officers with badges respond with the brutality reserved for “niggers like us.”

Morgan isn’t fighting for a cause that is even worthy of mention. His ambition is to stir the pot — brimming with a smell that catches on — until it burns. His insistence on granting a bunch of giddy White girls the fair opportunity to utilize a word they will never earn — is completely doused in the righteous feat of White victimhood.

The unfairness White people tolerate — when it comes to the rightful owner of the word — is an issue that breeds the level of frustration that causes the great divide to remain sourly agape. There is a deep disconnect that is organically-inclined when you consider how a White person can’t possibly fathom the horrors of being part of an anguished tribe — that is still tormented beyond repair.

White privilege is annoyingly the only way to describe the actions of people who make moves — based on the fact that they are used to getting what they want.

Their forefathers rapidly destroyed the fundamentals of vast populations — by preserving a hierarchy that we’re still paying for.

White people are never allowed to say that word because they don’t even know what it means. It’s beyond their realm of understanding. It’s the thing that fascinates when you observe from afar with modest involvement. It’s the self-indulgence that defines why Whites and Blacks have a scope of complexities — that are actually pretty darn simple.

Whites like to piss off Blacks in ways that wound body and soul.

They enjoy watching Black pain — in all its bloody casings — with the videos as guidance to a world they’re safely tucked away from. The act of justifying why using the N-word should be an equal opportunity contender is buried in the crusted fold of patriotic abhorrence.

The faithful struggle for the ability to be viewed through the lens of human dignity is a a never-ending battle for people of color — who are desperate to avoid the fate of dying while Black.

The hopes and dreams of White America — lies in the need to be vitally included in a narrative they damaged — back when the N-word meant a noose around the neck and a face beaten beyond recognition.

That definition is still in full swing.

I hate White people sometimes — because I hate being a Black woman who has to stay angry in order to keep insanity at a safe distance. There is an inherent evil that shields you guys — and this fuels your ambition to displace the harm done to my people.

The issue is that White people have no concept of what it means to step over that line. It happens when you casually list the reasons why you as a White person — can dare to instruct “Niggas” — on why it’s appropriate for you and yours to delightfully include that word in all its variations — with the stash of insults you’ve conceived.

It’s appallingly grand that the Daily Mail authorized the publishing of a hate speech on their platform — but the times dictate exactly those methods to exact cruelty on minds. The minds that are already loaded with shares of shootouts and cop cars, parked near the Black body.

What Piers Morgan strives for isn’t peculiar or original. He’s just another White asshole — who effortlessly transitioned to his post with the assistance of colonialism and the brashness of greed. He comes from a long-standing tradition that is seeped in the inhumane treatment of acquired territories — secured under the disguise of angelic missions.

I hate when White people even try to debate whether or not they should…

I’ve been told to Google my lies by a White woman who suppressed her irritation long enough — before bursting out when I expressed how Tamir Rice’s death didn’t garner enough empathy from her community.

Please don’t. Don’t attempt to school us on the reality that we endure — each time another face embodies timelines — and gets exhausted with the attention that makes the N-word — gooey with nostalgia — as 2017 becomes the remake of 1967 — with gross violence in tow.

When a White person writes about how being White can suck when your privilege still has miles to go — in the treacherous currents that won’t make the incredible — possible — you have to be the angry Black woman that you are — all the time.

I hate it when the N-word becomes a topic for shitty White people — because I honestly don’t want to watch or hear my counterparts — emphatically screaming that word as they gyrate their ballooned asses into Iggy Azalea.

Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Negro.

To fight for the right to give a dirty word with the weight of a staged massacre — the validity it requires if only the soft tongues of Whites are able to suck without interruption — is a privilege that even God can’t ordain without adding an extra day of the week.


I hate how White people make me mad. Especially when they ask me if they can usethe N-word — in public.

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