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COVID stricken president risking it all for #MAGA: Alex Edelman/AFP/Getty Images

Why I Didn’t Believe The President Tested Positive For COVID


Blame it on months-long insomnia or reasonable reservations against a toxic administration, that has succeeded in normalizing the chaotic relationship between White House communications and White House press corps — but once I saw Trump’s late night tweet confirming he and Melania’s positive results it was easy to dismiss the announcement.

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Through the heavy fog of a low-grade migraine that forced me to move the iPhone screen closer to my pained eyes, I swiftly rejected the notion that Donald Trump was suddenly infected with coronavirus, merely days after the train wreck of the presidential debate where he provided plenty for the media to dissect and assess against him.

It seems that each time the worst to ever do it finds himself cornered with nowhere to go after committing unforgivable acts of gross negligence, that include giving televised shoutouts to far-right groups, and publicly shaming war heroes, despite never having enlisted, there’s the unexpected birth of theatrical narratives that take precedence over the national dialogue.

We are no longer addressing the grimy attributes of the Racist-in-Chief, who once again weaponized the massive platform of the world stage to give the “Proud Boys” eerie directives.

We aren’t focusing on Trump’s outright refusal to firmly denounce white supremacy or his lack of regret over the vital role he has played in the steep rise in hate crimes that began in 2016.

The media is now obsessed with Trump’s COVID battle, amid a national health emergency that he helped elevate to deadly heights with more than 200,000 deaths and counting, thanks to his lethal cocktail of declarations that began with the “political hoax” that the radical left were hoisting to demolish his reelection bid for the “booming economy.”

And then once Fox News could no longer sell the lies of how the coronavirus didn’t require mandates like wearing masks and self-isolation due to the rising number of new cases, Trump proceeded to make a mockery of the CDC guidelines and those who were adamant about following them.

The Thug-in-Chief clashed with infectious disease experts, more notably Dr. Anthony Fauci, who had to work overtime to debunk the conspiracy theories emanating from a criminalized establishment, that’s still committed to the deviousness of downplaying a deadly virus by shamelessly displaying the exact opposite of what has been proven to boost the chances of survivability.

The finale of the RNC festivities was a terrifying sight as a large assembly of family, friends and White House staffers gathered on the sprawling Lawn to pay homage to their supreme leader.

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RNC hotspot: Alex Brandon/Associated Press

There was no social distancing and the only accessories available were #MAGA hats and American flags. No masks were plastered on white faces to prevent the rapid spread of the disease without a cure.

The GOP was sending a strong message that reverberated with the traitorousness that permits Red states across the country to ignore the rules and regulations, with rebels congregating in groups without masks and with the closeness that’s responsible for slow recovery.

Weeks after the unpatriotic event honoring Trump’s nightmarish four years with promises for more mayhem to come, the tragically refurbished Rose Garden hosted another sizable event to introduce Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the SCOTUS nominee, and long-awaited savior of the Republicans after the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

GOP hotspot: Alex Brandon/Associated Press

It was a repeat of the Republican National Convention with seated guests literally on top of each other, opting not to wear masks as the insubordination that’s supposed to signal their superpowers against t weak-minded foes, who prefer to model their victimhood with laughable allegiance to CDC guidelines.

It’s no surprise that about a week after the Supreme Court nominee had her day in the sun, ill-prepared and over-exposed attendees began to get sicker as the days went by.

We know that White House senior aide Hope Hicks has tested positive for COVID-19 because her boss told us and alluded to the fact that he and Melania may have caught it from her.

Other notables who were present at the Rose Garden that Saturday afternoon have also contracted the virus: former Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway who was outed by her teenaged daughter on TikTok, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina and University of Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who spent considerable time prepping Trump for the disastrous debate is currently hospitalized with “mild symptoms” after receiving his positive results.

The star of the ill-fated show, Amy Coney Barrett had previously tested positive for COVID sometime ago, and made a full recovery, so it’s probably likely that she’s not reinfected, but anything is possible.

Other prominent members of the GOP who have tested positive for COVID-19, include Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien and Republican Chair Ronna McDaniel, the mouthy niece of Mitt Romney, who regularly appears on Fox News to praise her president for being thoughtful enough to not enforce life-saving measures, when it comes to the ongoing fight against a global pandemic.

The timely spectacle of Donald Trump’s evacuation from the White House grounds on Marine One, when it was deemed necessary to deposit him in the renowned Walter Reed Hospital where he will have access to the best in modern medicine is difficult to internalize without bitterness and utter contempt.

I like to consider myself immune from the tendencies to aggressively circulate content on social media that could be categorized as “fake news” or conspiracy theories.

But I won’t deny that my later deleted tweets and Instagram posts about Trump’s updated status, boldly referred to the likelihood that all the fuss is a dangerous ploy to overtake the bad press coverage about his terrifically bad performance at the first of three debates.

Not to mention the newly-minted exposé on the decades-long tax fraud that implicates a failed businessman, who pathetically needs the office of the presidency to avoid drowning in an ocean of debt.

But, listen you can’t discount the unprecedented era we are accommodating that has empowered Trump and his henchmen with the audacity to issue lies about anything that threatens to unveil the invalidity of a rogue presidency.

It’s so bad that the dishonesty spreads to the shit that’s easily provable via video clips that clearly illustrate the opposite of what WH press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who has also tested positive for COVID, combatively delivers, without any ounce of guilt at how she’s following the blueprint of her equally dishonorable predecessors, who have defaced the dignity and viability of WH communications.

How the hell are we supposed to take what we are told at face value when we’ve been trained for almost four years to question what we are fed from the mouthpiece of a villainous administration, that has perfected the art of repurposing fake news as the banner of our national narrative.

Fuck no, I didn’t readily believe Trump had tested positive for COVID in the midst of a PR crisis of his own doing.

The convenience of breaking through the avalanche of his evil deeds which, even his own worshippers were distancing themselves from — in order to garner the humanness that he has never been able to graciously disperse was too potent to ignore.

And even with the ongoing saga of a sidelined U.S. president, who is allegedly still alert enough to perform job duties that he rarely accomplishes when he’s well enough to do so, due to his disorienting addiction to Twitter — White House communications continues to avoid the basic responsibilities of keeping us duly informed, minus the troubling secrecy that only enhances the desire to theorize.

I will admit that there’s a smudge of guilt over the fact that I have grown considerably more paranoid, and distrustful of the breaking news that affects the operational valves of our once-durable government.

I’ve always been an energetic debater, and with that comes the level of curiosity that demands digging through a wealth of knowledge, that leads to the ability to demand accountability for red flags that should be addressed.

However, the office of the presidency has evolved into a shit hole, where gangsters conspire to massacre our democracy, and attack our national security at the expense of tax-paying citizens, who should be compensated for being cursed with the manuscript of white supremacy through the ills of the white nationalist polluting the Oval Office.

My initial refusal to believe that Trump contracted COVID-19 based on the roster of instances where he schemed his way out of hovering controversies, that he recklessly creates is a direct response to the horror show that commenced after he took the Oath of Office.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but I will venture to say that Donald Trump will make a full recovery and boast about his enviable feat at packed rallies, where he will reassure his idiotic supporters that the “China Virus” isn’t as bad as the “radical left” makes it out to be.

You can disregard the CDC guidelines, get infected and live to tell the heroic tale of how despite not having the stately protocol of what presidents are assigned when their lives hang in the balance, you were able to beat the unbeatable.

In the meantime — we need homelessness, joblessness, lack of healthcare, and voter suppression to be reignited as trending items.

Donald Trump will come back stronger and even more despicable than before, so reserve your thoughts and prayers for the ones who REALLY need it because they didn’t ask for the brutal consequences of COVID-19.

The Terrorizer-in-Chief is secured in the hell of his own making and couldn’t be any less deserving of your empathy and personal investment.

Especially when he decides to leave the hospital and take an impromptu drive with Secret Service to wave to supporters gathered in solidarity to the supreme leader, who never fails to risk the lives of others for his own personal gain.

No masks or social distancing required.

I’m saving my empathy for the swath of the population that are jobless, almost homeless and missing the health insurance that the Terrorizer-in-Chief is working hard to eradicate from the location that offers the best care imaginable.

Let’s refocus the trending cycle towards that direction because Donald Trump is going to be just fine.


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