Why Humanizing Trump Is America’s Addiction To Whiteness

Mainstream media tries hard to finesse the never-ending obsession with President Trump; but in the end, the failure lies in the distorted landscape of click, traffic and ratings, and how those elements have reduced once-worthy journalists into delivery men and women, who are helplessly committed to finishing a race that nobody wins.

Victorious White House correspondent for CNN, Jim Acosta, just recently had his press pass temporarily restored after being unceremoniously shamed by a rabid administration, that decided to use the reporter as a scapegoat during a particularly contentious and volatile news conference, that was staged at the East Wing of The White House, a day after the midterm elections.

The relationship between CNN and The White House has consistently been a bone of contention for main players; the president, White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, and the president’s most trusted Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, whose situation is complicated by the nagging interference of a very outspoken critic of her boss — who also happens to be her husband.

Conway perfects the ever-loyal stance that’s able to dutifully explain the unexplainable without flinching. Sanders manages the press conferences with the absolute challenge of having to field an avalanche of inquiries without missing a beat. And the president does what he does best when confronted with the threat of being righteously exposed for his fraudulent disposition.

Trump lashes back by throwing his weight around and assuming the position that permits his frequently inappropriate attacks against professionals, who deserve the freedom and respect that allows seamless execution of job duties.

Acosta’s line of questioning was fair and relevant to the current climate, and there’s no hiding the fact that the president’s refusal to empathize with the precarious situation that almost ended in a massive explosion in the belly of the CNN offices in New York City — merely weeks ago — has added fuel to the flames.

Trump is relentless in his quest to demonize news organizations that are committed to taking advantage of his jagged appeal long enough to sell him out with public betrayal when payback time arrives.

It would be ghastly trifling if we were to thoroughly examine the total amount of hours that CNN, MSNBC and others in that realm, have racked up in just this year alone when it comes to the excessive coverage of a man who is quite aware of how his overpowering presence is responsible for the rejuvenated careers and yearly bonuses of his famed detractors.

You’re either capable of disciplining the narrative to fulfill the obligatory deliveries of sensibly covering the nefarious activities of the Oval Office or shamefully admit the seductiveness of the relentless trolling of the Commander who pays the bills.

That being said, Trump’s overtly offensive treatment of Acosta and the three other reporters who happen to be Black women — under the umbrella of journalistic pursuits— was appallingly inappropriate, and definitely warranted the input of the judicial system.

As the lawsuit filed by CNN against The White House plays out in court, Acosta has been granted access back to the scene of the crime, but in the meantime, the rules of conduct still need to be drafted accordingly.

And per usual, Trump’s cavalier attitude after the failure to keep his nemesis off his well-manicured, but harassed property turned into the mission to reiterate his immense power by boasting about how his administration will always hold the cards.

When asked about the pending case, during a brief news conference, the president offered his enlightening solution to the very problem that he created by comically suggesting that “decorum” was the key ingredient that he requires from the press.

“Decorum. You can’t take three questions and four questions. And just stand up and not sit down.”

And then he ended with this ironically damning phrase:

“You have to act with respect.”

It’s inconceivable that someone as uncouth and potty-mouthed as Trump, can summon the nerve to demand “respect” while engaging with the press, when his disposition reveals his haughty tendencies, and how his inability to exact self-control ultimately leads to chaos and mayhem.

Furthermore, the press corp has collectively illustrated the frayed fibers of an united front that establishes what’s condemnable under the laws of humanity, that dictates the mandate to be reasonably considerate and recognizably mindful of not crossing that line.

It’s utterly abominable that the three Black women that were verbally abused by the president in a manner that was literally unforgivable — suffered the potency of Trump’s ire without the full support and protection of esteemed colleagues.

That cringe-worthy moment when Yamiche Alcindor from PBS Newshour was accused of being a racist by a White nationalist who cowardly avoided answering the question that would explain his controversial outing — should have been the defined by a brisk and abrupt walkout.

How the hell could passionately-inclined journalists reject the opportunity to feed a pompous oaf the bitter taste of his own medicine by demonstrating how and why he’s expendable?

There’s also the matter of being racially-offensive and defiantly sexist towards women journalists in ways that can’t and shouldn’t be tolerated under any circumstances.

But nothing has been done to force President Trump to admit his own lack of “decorum” when it comes to the way he deals with the press, and that won’t change because his bad behavior is too valuable to hamper.

This explains why humanizing Trump is America’s addiction to Whiteness.

It’s the virus without a cure, and the reason why he’s able to establish rules that mimic the dictatorships of his madmen heroes.

Just days ago, CNN’s Van Jones released a tweet, praising the efforts of a White man who was once dedicated to the assignment of making sure the innocent lives of five men of color would be systematically extinguished for a crime that they didn’t commit — simply because the victim was a White woman.

Jones is hyped up because of his highly-visible involvement in the issue of prison reform, and how his agenda ties him to the corridors of power by aligning him with celebrities and the spouses of celebrities.

His disgusting interview with the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, pretty much foreshadowed the slippery slope of Jones’ trajectory; as he purposely dodged the responsibility of holding the so-called “senior advisor” accountable for the atrocities that this toxic administration has callously rendered.

So we are meant to declare Trump the “uniter-in-Chief” for signing the First Step Act bill that is poised as the ambitious solution to the unfair sentencing that mainly targets people of color, and will ensure that those practices will come to a halt while also guaranteeing that the streets are clean of dangerous thugs.

Van Jones is also wooing the loins off Kim Kardashian West, as he touts her enviable ability to use her fame as the launching pad for her own political aspirations, which was apparently evident in the major role she played in the recent release of an African-American woman — Alice Marie Johnson.

Johnson, who was rotting away in jail for a low-level drug charge, was pardoned by Trump after Kim made the journey to The White House, to intercede on her behalf.

The splashy photo ops that could only be garnered from the heightened excitement of a Kardashian, only added to the surreal mode of how reality TV has successfully become the language of communication that is identifiably viable.

And so we’re now entertaining the reality of a White woman who spends millions of dollars to look Black for her Black rapper dude, who also praised the hard work of the private firefighters that were employed to keep her expansive mansion immune to the dreaded California fires — possibly being taken very seriously as an advocate for justice in the Black community.

The mistake that Van Jones made with his epic homage to Trump is the fact that his judgment is impaired by his own selfish pursuits. He clearly wants to feel the thrill of accomplishment at whatever cost. And he’s pathetically selling his soul to the devil, by ignoring the characters in his view.

His attachment to CNN continues to make a lot of sense when you consider that he shares the need to indulge in the adulation of Trump’s shit fest. Jones is feeding into the frenzy of this dangerously volatile era, even though it’s clearly putting all our lives at risk.

The weeks that have followed the wave of domestic terrorism that didn’t just target former Presidents and Vice-Presidents, but also featured a slew of hate crimes by White male terrorists, who were inspired by Trump’s hateful rhetoric — still carry the residue of the deadly dysfunction that has been normalized beyond repair.

Instead of focusing on the national crisis that’s killing us in the form of extreme violence and the furious wrath of Mother Nature — media outlets and cable networks have decided to remain tone-deaf and inexplicably synched to the bat signal of an administration that’s being direly manipulated by a man-baby.

It’s all about the mood swings of Donald Trump, and how his erratic nature has been elevated after the poor performance of the midterm elections and the never-ending Mueller investigation. His army of tweets are dissected with revolting precision by a roster of visibly bored pundits, and the roundtable revolves around over-wrought topics that never conclude with anything that informs or educates.

The White man in The White House has the privilege of being an absolute asshole with the flexibility of his humanness, and how that gives him the vulnerability to not ever have to be punished for his vile acts. And those decisions maintain this exhausting tempo of lawlessness and disorder.

When the hurricanes were all the rage, CNN had their best men and women outfitted for the occasion. But somehow the fieriness of the California wasteland isn’t seductive enough for Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo. It’s far more noble to reject the burning inferno, the over 600 missing victims, and the 12 young lives lost to gun violence — in favor of endless banter that offer the infuriatingly lackluster analysis of the president’s celebrated despondency.

If Barack Obama had exhibited just a sliver of what his White successor has doled out since he took the oath of office — he would’ve been forcibly removed without issue.

The need to humanize a demon because of the currency of Whiteness and how it provides the rulebook for managing the crippling symptoms that suffocate our ability to get a grip and astutely assess situations in way that redeem our humanity — is beyond terrifying.

It’s also the wakeup call that sounds the alarm of how the imposing monster of our discontent will continue to thrive with the aggression that’s being fueled by those who are paid to conquer his every move.

White men who behave badly always win in America, and that’s the addiction that will get us all killed.

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