The “Maid” who won’t wait

Why Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Is Awesome as Fuck

Even the spoilers ahead are worth the mention

Ezinne Ukoha
5 min readSep 25, 2017


Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale is even better than you think. The reasons are simple and plain.

it’s just amazing story telling — without the dictation of static from melodious overlays or the bothersome dialog that over-compensates for the thinly-strewn characters — charmlessly performing for the empathy they don’t deserve.

Netflix has fallen victim to the directionless narrative — prettied up for kicks — and the results produced misfires like — Girlboss, Gypsy and Friends From College.

I’ve been fearing the new age of toneless dramas that rely heavily on the superficiality of existing without the depth of mental chaos or the circumstances that demand vibrant responses. It’s almost as if creators have relinquished the art of telling stories in a loving way that forces viewers to surrender without hesitation.

It took me literally five minutes to decipher that The Handmaid’s Tale is awesome as fuck.

First off, Mad Men alum — Elisabeth Moss is incredibly luminous as the tormented Offred — who is torn away from her former life, where she lived as June Osborne, with her husband and young daughter. Offred is a “handmaid” — which means that her basic rights have been stripped away — and her new identity will be managed by her captors under the stringent hold of a totalitarian regime.

Moss handles her character with fierce fragility as every frame of disbelief and bereavement saddles her achingly stunning features — as we’re carried through the revealing flashbacks — before making another descent into the frighteningly vivid present.

The Emmy-winning series (for best drama, best actress for Moss) is based on the classic tale by Canadian author Margaret Atwood — who happened to be on stage with the cast and crew of the well-heralded TV version — when the statue of the night was rightfully presented.

The lady in red

It’s no wonder that Atwood made the trip to Hollywood — especially when you consider the impeccable…