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Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne looks rather devilish in his mugshot

Why Houses of Worship Aren’t “Essential Businesses”

First off, why are American so damn stubborn when it comes to obediently following the rules that are in place to save lives, including the pathetic heathens who would rather die or kill others in the quest to preserve freedom.

Based on the feedback from friends based in New York City, it appears that privileged Manhattanites are still betting on their immunity to the real and present dangers of COVID-19, which is demonstrated by the daily gathering at neighborhood parks with energetic kiddies in tow.

This is no shocking revelation when you consider the historical context of how the “superior race” naturally assumes that role, even when that level of recklessness and criminality could very well cost the lives of those who can’t afford to throw caution to the wind.

Not to mainly shame the accused because we can imagine they aren’t the only ones who are guilty of righteously balking at mandated instructions that detail the dos and don’ts of how to weather the direness of this new reality.

But when you have panicked friends in your former home city, sending back-to-back text messages and video clips, showcasing why they should be infuriated and fearful each time they venture out and notice the damning nonchalance on display, you have no choice but to point the finger at identified culprits.

Guess that explains the sobering statistics of the dead and dying in the city that may fall asleep indefinitely if this season of frightening uncertainty retains its status, due to the gross negligence of the population that refuses to conform to the basic requirements of how to defeat this global epidemic.

There’s also the troubling news bulletin to accompany the uninterrupted shit show staged by Trump and his circus of deadly dysfunction.

Due to mounting pressure stemming from the rising numbers of coronavirus cases, embattled Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was forced to issue a warning to residents about the acute risks of leaving home for frivolous reasons outside of the access to “essential services.”

Sounds reasonable enough with hints of “about time!” until we get to the part where it’s confirmed that houses of worship are exempt from the regulations that discourage clusters of bodies in spaces that are prime carriers of what we are furiously trying to eradicate in a timely manner.

Apparently, DeSantis believes in the superhumanness of those who subscribe to a higher power, and stoically doesn’t want to disrupt the worshipfulness of the blessed flock who are easily led astray.

Other states that have joined this vigil of madness include Michigan, New Mexico, Delaware, Ohio, Texas and West Virginia.

Ohio Governor Gregg Abbott made sure to advise against gatherings of 10 or more at church services, but that isn’t being taken seriously when you consider that mega-churches in his state are performing duties as usual.

Another mega-church in Florida under the tutelage of Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was recently cited for willfully violating a national mandate by hosting what was described as an “unlawful assembly” with the man of God in question swiftly hit with misdemeanor charges.

But if you think Howard-Browne is remorseful, think again.

He has since closed up his sinful operation after posting his $500 bail, and has resorted to the more appropriate streaming option that guarantees the non-negotiable currency of social distancing. But the reasons for his change of heart aren’t rooted in the duty of protecting God’s people.

“I‘m not making any decisions based on the threats from the Sheriff’s office or not — I make decisions based on what the Lord tells me to do.” “The Lord told me on Monday, if I don’t do this, there’s going to be a showdown at the O.K. Corral.”

Howard-Browne goes on to share his fear that his open door policy at his mega-church could’ve enticed infected heathens to purposely spread the coronavirus to his congregation. He also claims that the global pandemic is China’s weaponized retaliation that’s meant to unhinge the U.S. economy.

It’s no secret that white evangelicals who thank the Lord above for anointing Donald Trump as the “chosen one” typically harbor traits of extremism that dictates their so-called patriotism and sworn allegiance to the soiled statutes of #MAGA.

Religion has always been the preferred tool of oppression when it comes to validating brutality against those who are expendable for the goal of advancing nefarious agendas, that are supposedly signed off by the blurred words of the Almighty.

The British army and costumed missionaries attacked ports of interests, wielding bibles and highlighted maps, that contained routes to goldmines, that were claimed under the guise of converting brutish souls from primal scribes to civilized languages, that would be utilized to secure a lifetime of systemic enslavement.

The evil doers overseeing states that are adamant about praising the Lord in groups that will most definitely exceed the cap of 10 worshippers are driven by the lust for power. It fuels greedy pastors who replicate the transparent disingenuousness of their supreme leader, who is polluting the White House and the nation with his demonic obstinance.

Trump isn’t in the business of saving lives because of how it interferes with his long-standing narrative. He relentlessly dismissed the severity of this national crisis, in favor of desperately maintaining the durability of the “historic economic boom,” that he proudly touted before the arrival of what he knew was coming.

DeSantis & Co., are purposely putting lives in danger by supporting the shameless profiteering of shady salesmen who have inexplicably convinced a shit load of people to fill up massive stadiums that falsely project the image of a godly assembly.

Houses of worship are not and should never be classified as “essential services” because God won’t stop conducting his heavenly symphony to administer lifesaving techniques to miraculously remove coronavirus from certified idiots who broke the commandment of:

“love your neighbor as yourself.”

The truth that needs to be exposed to those blinded by “faith” is that you can kick it with the Lord anywhere, and even better, it won’t cost a thing!

Unless you have a death wish or harbor ill-will towards those who could die from your gross negligence, especially Americans who are part of vulnerable age groups, the essential code of conduct would be to perform your civic duty during this period of biblical upheaval.

Erected “messengers of God” are usually touched by the spirit that directs the old-fashioned hustle of robbing from the poor to retain the enriched status of robed thieves, masquerading as disciples of Christ.

Interesting how the ones who loudly profess their commitment to the Most High based on the mega-bucks accrued from the illegality of managing town-sized structures offensively labeled “mega-churches,” always seem to possess the inhumanness that would make Satan himself blush with pride.

Houston’s very own Joel Olsteen infamously kept his unsightly fortress, also known as Lakewood church, under lock and key during the epic 2017 Hurricane Harvey, that wickedly drenched the city and displaced thousands of residents.

The millionaire preacher graciously tweeted his thoughts and prayers, and showcased his interpretation of a “man of God,” who gets paid the big bucks to willfully shun the responsibility of transforming his sprawling property into a rescue center for the helpless souls, who empty their bank accounts into his bolted trust funds.

Maybe the Lord does move in mysterious ways.

This could be the beginning of the end for mega-worship trends that are only “essential businesses” for gluttonous founders who guiltlessly deceive their hapless congregation into becoming sacrificial lambs for the scheduled tithing.

Just imagine the blessings that could be attained if the lost and downtrodden made the wise choice to love the Lord their God, and discard the pricey fellowship of the the gnashing wolf in sheep’s clothing.

That would essentially put the vultures out of business — maybe for good?

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