Dark-skinned women have been publicly rejected. #Shame

Why Having Darker Skin Always Demands Erasure From Every Narrative, Including Our Own

Thanks for nothing #FamilyFeud

Ezinne Ukoha
5 min readDec 30, 2017


So, prolific filmmaker Ava DuVernay was recruited by the two most influential hitmakers in the world to exercise her brand of genius for an ambitious project that required only the most robust minds to collide.

The result has just been unleashed and as expected the epic video titled #FamilyFeud has everyone talking. We’ve now reached the stage of analysis — where just like Queen Bey’s historic Lemonade — writers and thinkers are tripping over themselves to settle the query of symbolic references.

Refinery29 did a pretty good job of seamless dissection — and I have to say that I do feel left out in many ways — because I was absolutely present in the literal sense when Lemonade hit me with cascading authority and forced me to recognize the spiritual beauty of sisterhood.

Now, we are here again to welcome another birth of gorgeous reckoning that seems to be sprouting from Jay-Z’s need to publicly worship his already adulated partner-in-crime. He did her wrong and now it’s his turn to confess and pay the price for his well-choreographed sins.

The final showdown is a masterpiece and there’s no way to disguise the epic levels of a short film that showcases…