Why Harry and Meghan’s Tabloid Battle Will Only Get Worse

During a work and pleasure trip to South Africa, Prince Harry decided to announce that he and wife, Meghan Markle, have launched an ambitious lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday for the abhorrent racist attacks on the Duchess, that includes the published letter she sent to the father, who was notably absent on her wedding day a little over a year ago.

The legal action is also extended to Britain’s popular tabloid fare, the Mirror, the Sun, and the long gone — News of the World.

It has been expected that the royal couple would strike back after months of nonstop terrorization from well-positioned White British women, who are committed to the venomous task of utilizing editorial outfits as the unmasked battlestation, targeting the vilified infiltrator.

The circulating viral interview that was clipped from the ITV documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, poignantly captures the graphic misery from the couple, as they are taunted with triggering questions that force the pained reaction that pretty much confirms what we already knew.

The engagement announcement, in late 2017, verified what had been depicted in the years prior, through the prying lenses of the media, on both sides of the pond. It was a bit shocking that the royal wedding was to take place merely months later, but the frenzy over the blushing bride-to-be hovered around pure fascination for obvious reasons.

Clearly the rules and policies differ for “the heir and the spare” when it comes to decisions with permanency, that directly affect the noble status of the House of Windsor.

For Prince William, “the heir,” who is married to the woman who evidently replaced the vacant role left by the beloved late Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, his non-negotiable path to the throne requires a level of adherence that his younger brother is spared.

Choosing his future queen is a specific duty that can’t waver on the desired list of credentials. This means that he wouldn’t have been given the flexibility to choose a divorcee, regardless of her winning attributes and outward loveliness that instantly charm.

And most importantly, there’s no way in hell that the son to the heir apparent, who will eventually succeed his father, would be given the Queen’s blessing to propose to a woman who is partly Black.

Prince Harry won the lottery ticket that dictates how he can eat his cake and have it too, when it comes to retaining the goldmine of his assigned legacy, without sacrificing the right to settle down with the love of his life, despite the “controversies” of her past.

And that glaring fact really set the world on fire as the building excitement escalated into the full-blown narrative of the updated blueprint of the royal family, and Britain, when it comes to finally embracing the “woke” themes of race, and why it won’t be the deterrent.

An abundance of think pieces were unleashed as the homage to the “luckiest girl in the world,” who was poised to make history as the celebrated “Black Princess,” who will symbolize the validation of dreams that were elaborately realized with the dazzling tiara and the dashing Prince by her side.

But that was then, and this is now.

The fogginess settled within hours after the televised extravaganza, and that most likely came from the disbelief that despite all the inconceivable obstacles, that were borne from the relatives of the Duchess-to-be, who were desperately being courted by the ravenous British press, the festivities went on without a hitch.

The mission that resulted in the public rejection from Thomas Markle, who felt unworthy to walk his daughter down the aisle, in the setting that was responsible for the newfound celebrity, that he was shamelessly maximizing, only heightened the tear-jerking moments, that showcased Prince Charles graciously escorting his future-daughter-in-law as Prince Harry lovingly observed.

But the nastiness had already started, and the Daily Mail has been the hotspot for the mercilessness of avid haters, who are disgusted with Harry’s choice of a mate, who clearly used her acting chops to charm her way into England’s most prized establishment.

The protocol was to exact unrelenting psychological harm on the woman of color, who was primed to steal the spotlight from the more lovable and distinguished future queen consort, who was born for the role that she’s embodying to the applause of legions of fans, who reserve their contentiousness for the invader who once made Duchess Kate cry.

The comments section of the Mail is no place for a human, but every once in awhile curiosity takes me there, and even through the veil of caution, the infectiousness of undiluted hatred for Meghan Markle seeps in with blinding ferociousness.

They hate her because she’s not White. They can’t stand how she fails to match the spotlessness of Duchess Kate, who entered the royal household after patiently submitting to the years of training that began when she met her Prince charming at University of St. Andrews.

Aside from passing the purity test of her Whiteness, Kate Middleton’s background follows the landscape of privilege and wealth that makes her the ideal contender for the crown. She also spent the critical years of young adulthood in the company of the future king, who was smitten enough to oblige.

And this is the unforgivable sin performed by Markle, whose mysterious appearance gets even more complicated when you factor in the questionable items that stain her past endeavors with enough ink to blot out the remote possibility of a royal title.

But let’s no get it twisted, the haters in Britain aren’t that pressed about a former marriage, and starring role on a long-running TV show.

It’s really about the fact that Prince Harry could’ve chosen the loveliest English flower, with blue-blood running through her veins. But he inexplicably creates the nightmare of choosing an American woman of mixed heritage, who will surely soil the sanctity of a revered institution that seems to be changing for the worse.

The horrific assaults only got more personal and violent once Markle’s pregnancy was confirmed, and even her short excursion to NYC for her baby shower became the long-winded editorial bonanza, as White women writers kept the British tabloids alive with putrid essays that critiqued the reckless exuberance of an imposter, who cunningly entrapped their Prince.

But the hateful pieces that were published in the days after the diversity-driven September issue of British Vogue was released, with Markle as guest editor, under the tutelage of Editor-in-Chief, Edward Enninful, was the last straw for those of us who can’t tear ourselves away from the crime scene.

The bigoted backlash was particularly spiteful when you consider how those unsightly articles, that cursed out the half-Black royal for stepping out of bounds with her love letter to a diverse roster of accomplished and highly-respected women of color, that included former first lady Michelle Obama, and members of LGBTQ, were all curated by White women, who demeaned the historic event.

An associate editor at The Telegraph, Camilla Tominey was quite heated about the revolt of Meghan Markle, stemming from the celebration of her blackness against the backdrop of British high society, and the organizations that have been designed to advance the viability of Whiteness.

Tominey was pissed that the Duchess was permitted to turn British Vogue into the unrecognizable template of inclusivity, despite her station as the employee of the Queen, and how that mandates a decorum that doesn’t lend itself to fashion gigs that purposely centers the global appeal of non-White women.

After tweeting my response to her garbage, Tominey swiftly blocked me. But that brief encounter had lasting effects, as I contemplated how Meghan Markle, who surrendered the life she knew for the journey that was unfolding with unbearable brutality, was and is undeniably stuck in the nightmarish web she never saw coming.

It’s time for the media-at-large, especially in the States, to boldly and accurately assess the illegal harassment of the Duchess as racist, as opposed to the soft headlines that allude to how the “media scrutiny” is responsible for the legal action against named perpetrators.

Trying to get the latest scoop on the newsworthiness of a popular young woman of higher standing by any means necessary is one thing, but it’s entirely something else, when the daily headlines are bloated with damning reports that are exaggerated to uplift the victimhood of her “favored nemesis,” by demonizing every move she makes with the turned-up nose of British Whiteness.

As the wave of empathy swept through timelines after the video clip of a very vulnerable woman, who was seemingly close to tears, went viral, there were some remarks that veered towards the argument of how she willingly chose to play house with original colonizers, and so whatever pain she’s enduring has to be shouldered with the strength that got her to this current madness.

As much as I agree with the cavalier approach that led her to ignore strong warnings from friends about the lethality of the British press, and how the inhumane reception would inevitably “destroy her life,” there’s also the instinctive quest as a Black woman to speak out and denounce the overt racism that’s being normalized by the viciousness of the British tabloid machine.

The intensity of this hate-fest is also driving a wedge between Prince Harry and his older brother, with Prince William reportedly expressing acute concern for the embattled couple after watching the heartbreaking segments that left him hoping they “are all right.”

No, they’re not all right.

It’s not right or acceptable for the British press to exercise their freedom in ways that threaten and callously harm the non-threatening disposition of a woman who is apparently Black enough to take it.

We can’t just fall back into the pattern of mislabels by refusing to categorize the racist pursuits of White editorial staff members, who are fulfilling the obligations of the society that made them.

The British invaders tragically destroyed Black and Brown populations with the irrevocable damage that continues to resonate, as our resources are poached to sink villages in darkness, while keeping Western civilizations afloat with basic amenities, that weren’t meant for the privilege of rightful owners.

Both Meghan Markle and her frustrated husband, sadly underestimated the barbaric assault that she would suffer at the hands of her White abusers, and only time will tell if the heavy crown will prove to be deadly enough to motivate the exit that her wicked detractors are praying God for, as retribution.

Regardless of the results of this guessing game, one thing we can count on, is how the tabloid battle that the distressed couple is embroiled in will absolutely get much worse.

Undoubtedly, the accused centers of mayhem are geared up for the vengeful war of words, that will exacerbate an already antagonistic situation, that’s flourishing with the immense support of the vast population of dedicated enablers.

But this is a fight that can’t be postponed. Functional racism won’t be tolerated on the basis of how the British have enjoyed the falsehood of their “prim and proper” reputation with the worshipped accents that encourages the myth of their renowned politeness.

The end of this twisted saga is nowhere in sight. But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have more than earned the right to demand the dignified code of conduct that’s readily bestowed on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge without fail and with relished adulation.

And yes, the British monarchy is guilty of crimes against humanity that date far back enough to warrant the appropriate punishment for those sins, but that doesn’t distract from the fundamentals of the harrowing ordeal surrounding a biracial woman who is being shamed for her aristocratic ties.

Racism is exactly what it is in the wide open or behind closed doors, and we can expect that British law won’t recognize the crimes of those accused because of the traditions that laid the foundation for what’s now transpiring.

And no matter how you feel about Meghan Markle’s fate, and how she propelled it, we have to agree that she’s the innocent victim of Britain’s worst kept secret, and for that, payback has to be that bitch!

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