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Victims of the Waffle House massacre: Taurean C. Sanderlin, Joe R. Perez, Akilah Dasilva, Deebony Groves.

Why Gun Violence in America Will Never End

Heck! Forget about the shooting at Forest High School in Ocala, Florida — lets make a quick stop at the most recent incident at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee — where a White young male in his late twenties — wearing a jacket and nothing else — opened fire at the restaurant — killing four people of color and injuring two.

He was finally tackled by one of the patrons who is now being hailed as a hero for daring to fight for his life — as a Black man in the line of fire.

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James Shaw, the hero, attends a police press conference, seated and without handcuffs

Okay. Let’s go back to the high school shooting that left one student injured by a young male and former student — who managed to gain entrance with a guitar case that contained a gun. The shooter stood in the hallway — and started pumping bullets at the closed door of a classroom.

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Another day, another high school, another shooting

The shooter — Sky Bouche is a nineteen-year-old American who is a victim of a country that eats its young.

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The Ocala terrorist

Even in the midst of great tragedy — we still celebrate the wounds that haven’t closed — and use the bloody scene to woo the spirits of burgeoning activists who are too damn naive to comprehend how they’re being manipulated — for the glare of gawkers who support the perfect ending.

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It will never ever be enough

Bouche must’ve heard about Nikolas Cruz and all that fan mail he’s been receiving ever since he set the country ablaze with his mission to go down in history as the mass shooter of the year. Bouche reportedly planned an even bigger event to occur on April 13th — “Friday the 13th” — but settled for the venue of a high school in order to ensure adequate coverage.

So far in 2018 — there has been at least one shooting per week.

When you allow that fact to completely overwhelm — you have to wonder how in the hell we are able to leave our residences with the full assurance that we will be coming back in one piece. How do we welcome babies into the world and forget what their future will entail as American citizens who are automatically targeted for extinction.

How does the media help to shape narratives about terrorists who’ve performed unthinkable acts and the survivors who are groomed to pick up the mantle of justice — in ways that will surely destroy them beyond measure.

Gun violence will never cease in America because it’s a religion that’s gathering the faithful with rapid intensity — and their allegiance belongs to a president who is a White supremacist — and the belief that their privilege will garner them the level of fame that can’t be inspired without the grip of deadly weapons.

Sure — not all shooters are White young males — with restless spirits that lead them round the merry-go-round of vile delusion and the community of successful mentors who set the tone of what it takes to be direly reckless — at the expense of disposable souls. Especially when the soft images of these ruthless individuals become dangerously familiar — to the point that we almost forgive law enforcement agencies for dropping the ball by allowing multiple attempts until they get it right.

We can’t deny that these homegrown cells are bursting with recruits that can’t wait to stage their upcoming extravaganza to the horrific displeasure of innocent lives — who are now being taught how to seamlessly dodge bullets — while their teachers battle it out with impressively armed foes.

We can’t ignore the fact that hate crimes are spiraling out of control with the assistance of law enforcement — who are paid to downplay this reality with every ounce of their pledge to a badge that serves as their murderous meal ticket.

The media also plays a shady game when they report about how popular and even loved these bastards who kill actually become after they’ve shot up the place. But — forget the amount of love letters flooding in — and focus on the fear and how it breeds power that is assigned to the shooter who was “a nobody” — until he became “somebody.”

You wonder why outlets are hesitant to make the victims of color as visible as they would be if they were White. After the names have been released — we are left to wonder what they look like as our suspicions lead us on a hunt that reveals what we suspected all along.

Yet — the photos of murdering “youngsters” are splattered all over timelines and breaking news blurbs — but those who died because of their existence are mentioned without ceremony.

Then there is the issue of a divergence of wills when you have plenty of us who want to live without bullet holes and the ones who are hellbent on making our wishes die a violent death. The reason for this is simply due to the fact that the ones who’ve given up — are armed and ready — while the dreamers are stuck in a non-existent realm.

If America truly cared about life over death — the statistics would reflect that sentiment beyond a doubt.

The Parkland survivors who became spokespeople for an empty cause are being used and abused by adults who know better — but still do it anyway. The Hollywood treatment of marches and trendy performers was supposed to be the proof of how well we fool ourselves into believing in fairytales.

The fact of the matter is that most of us will be gunned down just as we begin to tackle our drooling platter of eggs and biscuits. Our kids will continue to bear the burden of knowing that once the bell rings — they’re fate belongs to the appetite of the NRA — and the starving rangers who readily indulge.

It’s an intricate enterprise that comprises of all the elements that make America great.

Wonderful storytellers have to deviate from script to present a more enticing tale that will excite future mayhem and chaos. Governmental structures have to go through the process in order to guiltlessly witness the weekly shooting fest of children.

And we have to play the part of bots with feelings of optimism that springs from the tools that unite and break us into enough parts that ensure repackaging and reimagining.

To live and die in America requires the more civilized form of terrorism that is still undergoing revisions — and while we wait for the approved model— we will bleed to stay alive.

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