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Why God Must Accept The Resignation of Pope Francis

In the name of all that’s holy, Pope Francis needs to step down from his “holier than thou” post and admit that the messiness of his station can’t be adequately cleansed with the blood of Jesus, or the holy water that he’s made murky with his abhorrently complicit behavior.

His recent papal visit to the Irish Catholic landscape has been rife with controversy, as it highlights the ongoing scandal of sexual abuse in an institution, that has been ceremoniously immersed in the practice of hiding behind the shadows of dead saints, who can longer provide the protection that is normally reserved for those who spew out verses from leathered prayer books.

Francis became Pope back in 2013, and five years later, his ascension into the noblest calling of the Catholic Church is proving to be problematic, as glaring inefficiencies that demonstrate an innate inability to rise to the occasion, with each opportunity that’s bloated with epic levels of dysfunctionality — gives the impression that even soldiers for Christ aren’t exempt from the strains of fallibility.

It’s also the rotting away of fatally outdated mechanisms, that have acquired its riches from the bowels of hell.

The fieriness of acute treachery that permits grown men with crosses as accomplices, to wreck mental and physical anguish on the innocents, who deserve more than just the assurances of “special prayers and thanksgiving” for their massive betrayal — has to be heroically vanquished.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who previously served as the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States, a position he earned as penance for ruffling the robes of the papacy with daggers of evidence, that followed the gross exposure of the fractured structure of the church — and how those accused were being coddled with velvety swaddles of exoneration at the expense of shattered spirits that were violated in the blood-soaked house of the Lord — is now ready for the spotlight.

Vigano is back in the news because of his enviable defiance as the soldier who has chosen to lead the charge in the imminent downfall of a Pope who isn’t and never was fit for duty.

In a damning open letter recently published in the National Catholic Register, the “former apostolic nuncio” supplies an eye-popping and gratifyingly revealing documentation of the goriness behind the greatest cover up in history.

The information proves what most have known all along, which is how robed dignitaries including Pope Francis, were well aware of the sexual abuse accusations of the recently retired Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, who had sanctions imposed on him as a cautionary measure, by Pope Benedict XVI, as a way to counteract the growing public hostility.

But things get even more sticky when we learn that Pope Francis was given a detailed report from Vigano about McCarrick’s nefarious activities right after the Argentinean-born robed officer of the Catholic church began his tenure.

And even after being armed with the truth behind the sanctions, the Pope was adamant about exerting supreme power to repeal them. He even took a step further by covering up the evil deeds of a sexual predator, “until the bitter end,” when McCarrick had no choice but to step down.

So not only was the new pope willing to ignore the severity of McCarrick’s tainted track record, but he also sought to make the Archbishop who has been accused of using his position in the church as a weapon of sexual deviancy against vulnerable helpers — “his trusted counselor.”

But this is much bigger than the Pope’s resistance to uphold the statutes of his calling as we take a careful look at the vastness of this virus, that has been eroding the church since the notion of utilizing infinite power as a tool for supremacy became a prime currency for well-positioned cowards — who thrive off of distorting the law.

Vigano is submitting to the weight of his consciousness by stepping out of the guarded character of his counterparts in an effort to fight for the glory of justice in ways that will uncover the only truth that matters in the eyes of a blinded God — who also needs to be tortured by “the corruption that has reached the very top of the Church’s hierarchy.”

And when shit hits fan with explosive fury that surpasses the heights and durability of functionality, it’s only right for those who are seated at the top of the hierarchy, to take the fall for the past and present transgressions that even the good Lord Himself won’t be able to resurrect from with body and soul intact.

Pope Francis has to resign his post, and God has no choice but to accept on behalf of the choir of angels, who haven’t stopped weeping from the moment the assaulted were tormented into silence with biblical threats that remained active for far too long.

The deception of religion is the oldest and most esteemed ritual that has survived an extended regime, that has avoided the necessity of a coup, due to the nonsensical value placed on the criminalized system of robed men — shielding themselves with the word of God.

As if their shameful acts automatically washing them clean from guilt.

My relationship with the most high has provided more lows, as I spent my early childhood being harassed by horror flicks that were meant to convince me and my boarding school mates of the consequences that will ensue if we didn’t accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

The messaging was always laced with the firm order that we weren’t permitted to question God’s authority because He knows best.

He knows why bad things happen to good people while shitty people somehow escape the consequences of bad behavior. He knows why children continue to suffer all around the globe for the sin of being born in places that serve a greater purpose than they will ever fulfill. He knows why the oppressed continue to be weighed down by the supremacy of oppressors who were chosen for their endless suffering.

He knows why thousands of bodies that obediently knelt at the pews that joined God and man — were relentlessly used as tools of comfort for poised erections, that needed to be assuaged at whatever cost.

I’ve witnessed how Christianity is used to cover atrocities, as if the host of angels are assembled to blot out the evils of mankind, each time you lift up your soiled hands in recognition of the One, who forgives without asking for anything in return.

The falsehood of how we can kill someone without burying their bodies, because the spirit survived the assault, and then promptly gather the motherhood of Mary and the army of saints, to release us from the assignment of being humanly responsible for the crimes against the bereaved — is a crock of shit that needs to be slayed.

The Church is a hellish zone for sexual predators to converge under the code of “Hail Mary” and the endorsed lawlessness that has provided the blueprint for traditional cruelty, that has thrived for centuries.

The hero of this disastrous storm, Vigano, uses his public confessional to attest to how the practice of sexual abuse within the church by the ordained, has been a verified practice for decades, and yet those in positions of power have chosen to override the epidemic with causal recognition.

And in most cases, championing the monsters who’ve been routinely galvanizing souls without reproach is mandated.

And now the 11-page letter that details how Pope Francis covered the tracks of a sexual deviant for as long as he could, and only surrendered when it was beyond the powers he has righteously weaponized for his own good — has become the weapon that must be used against an unapologetic sinner — who has failed to activate the doctrines that were supposed to validate his anointed ascent.

Despite Vigano’s passionate plea to the pope, the pontiff refused to do what’s holy in the eyes of the very God that he professes to selflessly serve. Interesting how those duties don’t include speaking up and out for the ones that have remained voiceless — until now.

These latest allegations agains Pope Francis has rattled the Catholic Church almost beyond repair, and even the communion of saints don’t have the capacity to keep this fire from spreading with vengeful fury through the pillars of deceit — that have hosted ordained mayhem, for the pleasure of horny men of God — and with the acute dismissal of the blessed bodies that supplied the pleasure they pledged to ignore — until kingdom come.

As a victim of abuse, I’m determined to lend my support to Vigano’s quest to “discharge my conscience in front of God of my responsibilities as bishop for the universal Church.”

And additionally, “present himself to God with a clean conscience.”

Especially since Pope Francis is content with his position as enabler in the eyes of the almighty, who is determined to encourage the systemic cover up of a blasphemous climate that has produced more harm than the devil could ever muster.

Perhaps the greatest lie ever told could be held in captivity by the former brethren of Satan, the fallen angel who tried to warn us ahead of time, but his efforts were thwarted by the alighted cross.

The devil’s lair can’t ever compete with the entrapment of a pope who is content to offer his devotion to those who’ve committed the ultimate sin, without offering his resignation as a symbol of why he was chosen for the position that he never deserved.

As Vigano states:

Pope Francis “is abdicating the mandate which Christ gave to Peter to confirm the brethren. “ And despite all attempts by Vigano to urge the pontiff to “acknowledge his mistakes” and, to “set a good example to cardinals and bishops who covered up McCarrick’s abuses and resign along with all of them,” — Pope Francis remains undeterred in his mission to claim his nonchalance — in the eyes of his God.

During his ill-fated trip to Ireland, the pope was asked to respond to the letter that outs him as a willing accomplice of sexual predatory in the church that he oversees, and his response to inquiring reporters encapsulates why this unqualified leader must be overthrown with immediacy.

“I will not say a word about this.” “I believe the document speaks for itself.”

Cowards seem to dwell in a house that harbors the grotesque nature of our existence under the cloak of mislabeled instructions — that seem to give the bad guys the audacity to revel in their sordid affairs — while their earthly gods scrub away the accumulated grime.

Pope Francis is a harborer of sexual abusers, and he must be abdicated. The Catholic Church must begin the harrowing task of atonement. And the victims must be compensated accordingly.

The Lord, your God seems to be a proponent of disorder, or maybe He’s majestic enough to play dual roles of angel and devil.

Either way, earthly laws will rewrite ancient scribes to create the mandatory sentence that must give back power to the powerless.

It’s the law of nature, and that’s the greatest love of all.

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