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Evangelical leaders performing the impossible (AP Photo)

Why God Isn’t Listening

Not too long ago, a close friend of mine made her confession. She was no longer steadfast about her unwavering faith in the religion that British invaders weaponized, to force Black brutes to comply with the demands to destabilize our region for eternity.

Northern Nigeria was free to practice allegiance to Islam because of the strategic placement of that territory and the profitability that secured long-term goals for British colonizers.

As Igbo children raised in households that replicated the core beliefs of our traditions, we had to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior with the promise never to question the validity of what could never be challenged.

But the beauty of adulthood and the gift of maturity has to be the accumulated wisdom channeled from self-awareness, and how that ammunition permits the ability to make reasonable assessments without the veil of secret and lies.

My dear friend has finally realized the bitter truth of her lifetime. The acute seediness of places of worship that are manned by glorified salespeople, who are bequeathed the level of authority that almost always sets the stage for bribery and corruption.

The greatest scam of our existence has enjoyed a righteously prolific run, and because so many are willing to be misled by shiny heathens who don’t see God, there’s no way to vanquish this evil.

And it only gets deadlier when you factor in the endorsed brutality of white evangelism. The various factions of it that basically lead to the exact same prototype.

The teachings that propel the viability of whiteness with the added measure of how the Son of God was a white male, who was relentlessly persecuted for his blinding purity, but miraculously overcame those threats due to God’s mercy and the anointment as the Chosen One.

We see these misleading tendencies being upheld in modern times with the assistance of well-positioned false prophets, who are decked out in pricey garments, and the oozing message of greedy prosperity in the name of all that’s unholy.

As this wearied nation and a cautious world continues to weather yet another monumental catastrophe stemming from the dangerous recklessness of an impeached president, who’s determined to get us all killed to preserve his egomaniacal appetite, so-called Christian leaders are prayerfully placing orders to heaven.

God isn’t listening.

The Evangelicals for Trump coalition was willfully formulated by an over-powered weakling in response to the jarringly critical article published in Christianity Today, the highly-respected periodical that was founded by revered man of God, Billy Graham in the late fifties.

The public denouncement by a White evangelical outlet of a rogue presidency under the tutelage of a white nationalist, and seasoned thug, who coerced a foreign country to dig dirt on his political rival at the risk of our national security was the abomination that couldn’t be tolerated.

The formal prayer meeting in Miami, Florida that featured the gathering of men and women of God, who took to the stage to defy those who speak out and against the blasphemous tyranny of a global disrupter and national terrorizer, was the laughable episode of frightening proportions.

God isn’t listening.

To truly love God is to hate Him when you step outside of yourself and observe the unspeakable atrocities historically plaguing vulnerable groups both at home abroad.

We have the right to be spiritually responsible and accountable for how far we are willing to go in our trained pretense of manically embracing the vileness of Christianity, as the instigator of doom against the oppressed.

God won’t listen.

Trump and his equally guilty cohorts are putting up a performance that the heavens rightfully condemn.

We are warned about the unforgivable sin of using the Lord’s name in vain, but apparently those rules don’t appear in the holy book used by white evangelicals.

If speaking in tongues doesn’t evoke the mercy and favor of a supreme being, who leverages mysteriousness for the sake of an invisible throne, you can be rest assured that the collective of overpaid and over-exposed entertainers, who possess riches from selling heavenly real estate to poor souls, will not be able to provide lifesaving statutes to the unsalvageable.

Donald Trump won’t end up in hell. But his earthly pension has run out.

If he dares to ask why, God will have that answer.

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