The haughtiness of White feminism never looked better

Why Ghislaine Maxwell Is Another Romanticized Gangster of White Feminism

The Jeffrey Epstein saga continues to hover with menacing authority, even as the nationalized villain’s death was officially ruled a suicide, which was supposed to thwart the circulating conspiracy theories, powered by President Trump who venomously retweeted the garbage that called out The Clintons as possible suspects in the plot to forever silence the a well-connected pedophile who knew too much.

The circle of friends who shifted in and out of guarded fortresses situated in exotic locales all over the globe basically run the gamut. It’s the prized catalogue, depicting the hidden exploits of the rich and famous, and how the ties that bind are often knotted by the lustfulness of primal criminality.

Once Epstein’s good luck finally ran out in July, when he was officially charged for his crimes after blissfully evading the long arm of the law, it suddenly became clear that he’s bad fortune was going to erode the foundation of trusted allies in ways that could be potentially destructive.

The illustrious names attached to the blasphemous scandal include, President Trump, Bill Clinton, and even the second son of the Queen of England, Prince Andrew, who is seedily depicted in snapshots that damningly identify his alleged participation in activities that should have his title revoked.

Kensington Palace was quick to release the statement that attempted to absolve the embattled royal from the entanglements of this globally durable scandal, but the inquiries surrounding Prince Andrew’s evidently close ties with a wealthy financier and renowned sex trafficker with an unhealthy appetite for underaged girls is still the pending item that can’t be scrubbed away.

Rooted in this decades-long itinerary of criminality is the almost ghostly presence of a woman, who is accused of playing the vital role that allowed for the seamless flow of vulnerable young bodies into the gated harems, that were erected as the pleasure center for Epstein and the revolting men who shared his penchant for utterly vile acts that irrevocably destroyed lives.

One of the survivors of Epstein’s hellish lair, is Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who was 17-years-old when she was snatched for the assignment of being Epstein’s sex slave. Her unfortunate stint was elevated to an emergency when a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell, a British-born socialite, and her tormentor’s gal pal, proceeded to traffic Giuffre to a slew of prominent clients that included Prince Andrew and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

Giuffre who is now 31, also claims in a sworn affidavit that aside from being forced to engage in inappropriate activities with several men, she was also physically and sexually abused by both Maxwell and Epstein, a charge that Maxwell vehemently denies. Her public response to those allegations, resulted in the defamation lawsuit that her alleged victim filed against her in 2015. It was eventually settled “under seal” in 2017.

Regardless of whether or not you believe the unsightly details that capture the level of nefariousness that was conducted in various venues that hosted high crimes against kidnapped minors, who were kept in bondage against their will to fulfill obligations to men of higher standing — there’s no way to discount the blatant traitorousness of our judicial system when it comes to providing expensive shelter to well-established thugs, with the privilege of Whiteness.

The unexpected and frustrating development that confirms Epstein’s implemented exit from the nightmare he orchestrated with a little help from his friends, who are laying low in fancy bonkers around the world, has switched the relentless spotlight onto the mysterious figure who embodies the key components of this activated tale of horror.

Suddenly Ghislane Maxwell is the enticing subject of interest for reputable publications, that have a tendency to romanticize the exploits of White women who behave badly enough to be humanized by the tropes of White feminism, and the systemic privilege that will never soil their endorsed purity.

The media has mastered the art of coddling those who were born for that treatment based on their Whiteness and close proximity to fame and fortune.

Just over a year ago, the troubled son of Hollywood heavyweights, Sean Penn and Robin Wright, was arrested alongside his girlfriend for possessing illegal substances. But the accompanying photo that resembled a photoshoot for a brand campaign, as well as the neutralized article by the Associated Press, that practically hailed the two as heroes, slyly exchanged a serious offense for the makeover that the offspring of White movie stars typically garner.

Maxwell is being feted in similar fashion, thanks to the plethora of wordy essays that have cropped up just in time to capitalize on the worth of a publishing heiress, who has been spotted everywhere from barricaded lakefront mansions on the East Coast to the airy outdoors of In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles.

Reading through the rundown of Maxwell’s privileged background in both The Daily Beast and The New Yorker, the reader gets the picturesque view that features the favored complications of being born with a sliver spoon, and several platters that serve up the packaged chaos with ramifications that couldn’t be internalized without spilling over.

We’ve been saddled with the burden of accommodating the misbehavior of White women who can afford to be guilty until never proven guilty, since the beginning of time.

The women in Donald Trump’s intimate circle, Melania and Ivanka, have both managed to evade the earned criticism that should rightfully expose their co-conspiratorial roles in this toxic administration, that continues to produce crimes against humanity against migrant women and their children, and the national crisis of gun violence that’s fueled by the disease of White terrorism, willfully enabled by a president who won’t denounce White supremacy.

Mainstream media is committed to the deplorable task of presenting the first lady and first daughter/senior adviser as alluringly fascinating characters, who have unknowingly found themselves in extraordinary circumstances, that force them to strategically devise ways to dodge the bullets of association in order to maintain their angelic appearances.

According to a nauseating writeup on, Melania Trump likes to escape to the luxurious retreat of Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach when the going gets tough in DC, after her husband’s daily tantrums erupt into the volcano that forces the most useless first lady in modern history to disappear from public view, until she’s summoned to champion her equally useless initiative.

The president’s favorite daughter, who along with her husband, Jared Kushner, claimed political trajectories by being illegally deposited in the White House, despite the security breach that resulted, and the lack of desired qualifications, is the master manipulator when it comes to feigning innocence about her father’s criminal enterprise.

Ivanka’s bag of tricks showcase her ability to remain silent about the national catastrophes that demand her input as the supposed “senior adviser” to the man that she promised to firmly regulate on behalf of the citizens she lied to when she made that declaration.

Instead, her interests are embedded in the habitual pursuits that replicate the murkiness of the family business, which necessitates taking credit for other people’s accomplishments to advance personal agendas.

And of course there was the most recent act of defiance, when Ivanka Trump devilishly capitalized on the currency of Black pain as the ill-advised deflection from the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, and the fact that her father’s high tolerance for White supremacy is the instigator of domestic terrorism.

Ivanka’s staged attack that mercilessly utilized the headlined turmoil of two historic Black cities at a time when she should’ve been humble enough to duly acknowledge the fearful and reverent climate, stemming from a national tragedy, was the perfect homage to the romanticized gangster of White feminism.

Ghislaine Maxwell is another worthy contender who fits the characteristics of a sophisticated jewel of high society, who weathered the turbulence of her inheritance like a pro fighter, gifted with the survivor instincts that apparently prevented her from being sucked under by raging currents of the past.

It’s absolutely natural for eager reporters to be attracted to the former paramour of Jeffrey Epstein, who was the alleged “madam,” aggressively recruiting minors for the benefit of clients who represented the opulent landscape that she was certified to navigate due to her affiliated exposure.

However, it’s unacceptable and downright offensive to curate viral essays that are finessed as the exploratory voyage into the impenetrable mysteriousness of a famed pimp, who is uncannily relaxed about the shit storm she helped create at the detriment of the victims who have to read ceremonious updates about the monster of their existence in the pages of well-respected brands.

As always, famed pedigree and the power that it yields is the premise that produces the untouchable territory that gives these corrupt individuals the audacity to casually resurface for glossy photo ops, that are meant to cause journalistic disturbance before retreating back to stoic enclaves that systemically shut out the static.

At the end of the day, Ghislaine Maxwell is just another future felon with a rap sheet, who happens to be rich and powerful enough to evade the law with the effortlessness that’s captivating the media in ways that are undoubtedly gratifying to a sinister subject, who is engaging the public’s attention with the same refined manipulation that prompted her previous line of work.

Despite the graphicness of the accusations levied against her, it’s ultimately her Whiteness that makes her palatable because White women can’t ever be vilified. Their darker counterparts have that covered, and that’s the irrefutable truth when you consider the less gracious reception she would be receiving if she were a Black woman with the exact same stain on her record.

The viral photo of Maxwell expertly posing for the thirsty lenses at a popular burger joint is currently being exhaustively dissected and analyzed by those who are paid to perform those actions.

And while it may seem like standard fare in an industry that mandates coverage of trending items, for the rest of us who are fed up with the coddling of White feminism at its worst in the form of recycled offerings, that celebrate White women who do the unforgivable like Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes, or famed swindler and faux-heiress, Anna Sorokin — all we see is the lethality of a signature movement that thrives from its contribution to pop culture.

Ghislaine Maxwell is now the heroine who is #winning by living her #bestlife in the manner of her choosing, and with the staged photos that capture why being a White woman is the ammunition that will positively foster the court of public opinion.

It’s really that simple.

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