Evidence of Youth

Why Getting Older Is Hard to do When You Are Older

And under the spell of cultural royalty

I lost my youth when Michael Jackson died and his passing became a heartwrending circus of events that piled up to equal the realization that almost everything I had bet on while frolicking through those fragile years — couldn’t withstand the heat — borne from the changing times.

She saves the day! And her man…
Beautiful creatures.

Forever young.

What a cruel lie. I grew up and as I age — my body does an immaculate job of reminding me that my days are numbered. The mirror that once embraced — spits truths as I configure the lines under my eyes, the bleached out hair that used to be a shiny black, and the scars of an existence that is almost halfway over.

Princess Leia Organa
My favorite scene ever!

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