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Why ‘Get Out’ Reignites My ‘Single White Female' Syndrome

No, this is not going to be a fuck you piece about how White women get to have all the fun while Black women are regulated to the glory of ancestral baggage and the spotlight that strenuously evades.

I don’t say this lightly and this is not a fabricated admission.

When I was ready to pursue my college degree, my Nigerian-born parents decided that an all-girls two-year college in an all White town was the way to go for their Nigerian-American daughter. They had also gone to University in the States and I was born, while my mother was finishing up her studies.

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Me. Under siege. I look…

I was so lost and confused back then and it annoyed the Black friends I had and stimulated the White friends who weren’t really friends.

My college buddy ended up choosing a darker path, but we kept in touch despite her plight. I finally decided to let go last year when her infectious insanity threatened my ability to stay on course.

I told myself through the guilt of release that White women are just crazy bitches.

I don’t quite accept that, but this mental rant was built over time.

In present day times — I don’t have any White female friends at all.

No crowds tampering with my personal space — or the googly-eyed audience— resistant to the forces that I hoped would keep them at bay. I forgive myself for falling for the luster of having the center of the universe abide by the blink of my eyes — and the wonder of how I could represent something that seemed so fundamentally incoherent.

Rose is the character that makes it hard for me to have White women as close confidantes.

They say all the right things at the right time but pick the wrong time to be White. They march for equality and justice only when the cameras are active and the cops are drunk with the assignment of making sure that there will be zero casualties. They are White women who ignore the Black women who died for the sake of being women with the voice and altitude that White women claim with pride and shamelessness.

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