Why George Zimmerman is the Perfect American

George Zimmerman is a criminal. He’s not the first of his kind but he is definitely the worst of the lot.

Disgustingly smug and physically atrocious — he’s like a wild animal in heat. Waiting to pounce on any opportunity to exploit his elevated status.

He is a celebrity.

A face amongst the crowd of other faces who are known nationally and even globally for the shitty work it took to get them that desired level of recognition.

Many do whatever it takes for fame and the privilege to have media outlets summon the required manpower to effectively stalk till the grave comes calling.

You can fuck your lover and sell the evidence in the hopes that a million dollar dynasty will remarkably manifest.

You can go on a TV show and shamelessly surrender your goods and services for the glory of having flashing lights depict your steps outside the walls of reason.

Or…you can kill an innocent teenager and claim that you were defending yourself from an oversized monster.

In America — there are no set regulations when it comes to wooing the hungry and the desperate — who need scum bags like this fucker to thrive.

George Zimmerman — a murderer, wife abuser and rabid liar has scored the gig of a lifetime — and all it took was blood on his hands.

He is the media’s blow job on stand by.

They swallow his every word like the juices of release.

After blasting enough bullets into Trayvon Martin’s mighty frame and securing his death — he was acquitted the following year — 2013.

And it has been an epic romance between the killer and the reporters who claim to hate his guts.

They hate him so damn much that they can’t stop tracking his every move and quoting his nonsensical garbage as if their careers depend on it.

From his domestic blunders to his hateful agenda vocalized with searing malice — Zimmerman is a man that loves his country to the max.

And America loves him right back.

He is the perfect American.

He fits the bill in a way that is worth adulation — even when it causes your stomach to clench with fury.

The fact that this horrific version of a human being is still breathing after all is said and done is a miracle in itself.

I don’t personally condone the idea of taking someone else’s life but I also can’t hide the fact that I secretly fantasize that this loud-mouthed coward ends up dead — at the hands of a trained vigilante who just happened to be doing his or her job.

But that ending only happens at the movies.

In real life Zimmerman lives to torture another day.

And thanks to over-zealous outlets like The Daily Beast (what the hell is their deal?) we get an unfiltered play-by-play of exactly how this callously rendered individual is enjoying his undeserved freedom.

The latest — comes in the form of an incoherently disrespectful rant — where we hear Zimmerman boisterously accuse the parents of the young man he murdered of betraying their late son by not equipping him with the tools he needed to evade his tragic fate.

Basically telling the world that he was bequeathed with the daunting task of teaching Trayvon Martin the lesson none of us will ever forget.

The sad realization is that this grotesque and scandalous bastard has an audience.

He is able to spew out all the poison he can muster with the assurance that it will be plastered and internalized without fail.

Because he has that power.

He is a citizen of a country that is about to elect a blatantly racist, sexist and deplorable candidate as president.

Donald Trump wants to make America Great Again and I have no doubt that he will succeed.

America is a launching pad for the bad, the ugly and the uglier.

We’ve been programmed to disregard our most basic instincts and channel our anger against each other.

Numbers and poised greed rule our existence.

Clicks give us the oxygen we need to survive another day. And anybody who is somebody regardless of how bloody the background — gets the attention they demand.

Even when there is a foul stench following the verbal embrace and multiple postings.

To be American is to be George Zimmerman.

Proudly wielding his smudged legacy as he comfortably digests his dominance over the media landscape that will forever crown him for every syllable he utters either willingly or coerced.

America is a shitty place to be and we don’t need the threat of an overbearing white business man who outrightly hates Mexicans and Muslims to remind us of that.

We just need you and your adherence to the mandated bullshit that has very little to do with what it means to be…

An American.

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