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Staffers celebrated this “perfect shot” of the Congresswoman

Why Fox News Really Needed to #FireJeaninePirro

Now we have to #BoycottJeaninePirro

It was a sad day when Fox News henchman and Trump fanatic, Sean Hannity triumphantly confirmed that “Head-Witch-In-Charge” Jeanine Pirro was officially back on the air after weathering a two-week mini-vacation as punishment for her Islamophobic rant on her weekly offering, Justice with Judge Jeanine.

Pirro is celebrated for her foul-mouthed monologues, that enhance her “bitch don’t care” persona, and while it has garnered her plenty of worshippers and catapulted her to heights of success — her controversial stance when it came to the public shaming of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar where she aligned the veil that Muslim women wear as the symbol of their faith with the extremism of Sharia Law — basically validates the preferred weaponry of the alt-right.

“Omar wears a hijab, which, according to the Quran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested.” “Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”

All hell broke lose after the horrendous clip went viral, and social media platforms were lit with fury at the disgustingly hostile monologue, that attempted to not only demean the station of a law-abiding citizen, who just made history with her admission into Congress, to the chagrin of racists Republicans, but also dangerously placed her on the global hit lists of hate groups.

After Fox failed at ignoring the “elephant in the room,” the generic statement was issued, containing standard verses that were meant to re-affirm the falsehood of common decency:

“We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro’s comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar.” “They do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly.”

It’s hard to imagine a network that employs the likes of Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Pirro and the deplorable eyesore known as Tucker Carlson, “strongly condemning” anything that resembles outright prejudice against targeted populations that don’t represent Trump’s warped version of #MAGA.

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Does that mouth remind you of anyone?

Of course the “Liar-in-Chief” was quick to voice his disapproval and unwavering support for Pirro, once it became public knowledge that Fox had quietly put his weekly pleasure on hold — indefinitely.

I swear it almost seems like he truly believes saying “Radical Left” all day, everyday will somehow diminish the clear and present danger of the alt-right.

Aside from the daily reminders of how the office of the presidency has evolved into the smelly sewer of systemized dysfunction due to the valued currency of Whiteness, that dictates how privileged White males can get away with murder on Fifth Avenue without ending up in handcuffs — there’s also the creepiness of the forced injection of the Commander-in-Chief, who ought to be commanding solutions to climate change, domestic terrorism, gun control etc not the staffing deficiencies of cable networks.

The urgency behind the very delicate removal of Jeanine Pirro, in an effort to minimize temper tantrums from the over-grown toddler in the White House is exactly the reason why her temporary suspension should’ve been elevated to permanent dismissal.

When the second week of her absence was celebrated by mainstream media, and those of us who don’t enjoy watching over-paid and boringly combative TV hosts roasting non-threatening humans with live shots of fiery imagery, that venomously cross the blunt line of appropriateness— it became clear that Fox News was privately battling a very public war that demanded being re-acquainted with the code of ethics.

Great expectations were reliant on the presumed dawn of a new day in this wearily volatile climate that has gotten hazier with the biblical arrival of the “King of Darkness” and his army of Doomsday soldiers, who are occupying influential positions that exact pain and suffering to targeted citizens.

Trump continues to label media outlets that don’t prostrate to the sound of his voice as “enemy of the people,” despite the dire consequences that have been exacted both in his presence at the White nationalist rallies he stages, and behind his back through the murderous actions of ill-advised individuals, who believe they’re paying homage to their master when sending bomb packages to offices and residences of the president’s “enemies.”

But even more troubling is how Twitter is being freely weaponized by a pompous renegade who is tragically the most powerful man in the entire universe.

Trump has been given permission to run wildly rampant in a dense landscape of documented infidelities, that was conceived to trap users in the web of shameless chaos without disciplinary measures to evoke the spirit of a conscience.

From the muddy scuffles with notables who refuse to coddle a raging man-baby who shares propaganda videos from the lairs of alt-right groups to the disgraceful praises of murderous dictators who fart in his face for the whole world to see — the unsightly catalogue of the worst president in recent memory will give historians that haven’t even been conceived — plenty to pick apart and put back together for centuries to come.

But for now, we are immersed in the daily cycle of filthiness that emanates from the maniacal headspace of a cowardly buffoon, who releases frequent threats to women of moral character, like San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and lately Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who the yellow-haired oaf is accusing of being “unpatriotic” and an “anti-semite,” while fighting for her removal from Congress.

The Somali-American, who arrived in this country as a refugee, and studiously adapted the definition of the ‘American Dream” that led to the inspiring political career, is the prime target of this prejudiced regime under the tutelage of a White supremacist leader, who has led the attack on the Muslim-American Black woman, who has to be defeated based on her questionable background that translates to “terrorist-in-training.”

Trump’s equally aggressive partners-in-crime, are dedicated to utilizing their massive exposure on Fox as the faithful extension of their leader’s bigoted views, and Jeanine Pirro goes HARD when it comes to championing the quest to abhorrently silence those who dare to speak up against the individuals and institutions that are engaged in various forms of systemized oppression.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is currently enduring vicious battery from the GOP and the monster they created, and Pirro’s unforgivable act of verbal violence was supposed to be the additional reinforcement to finalize the imminent downfall of a well-positioned Muslim, who isn’t “American enough” to be the face of American politics.

The shit fest assaulting this poor woman’s disposition is shamefully horrifying, and it’s even more terrifying that there hasn’t been any push back or warm embrace from members of her own party, outside of a handful of empathizers who have publicly condemned the president and his gang of misfits.

And just when we were ready to give Fox News the “thumbs up” for making their master’s nightmare come true with the logical and overdue firing of Jeanine Pirro, the headlines blared with damning confirmation of the bitchy anchor’s victorious return after the short-lived ouster.

It features the nonchalance and criminality of so-called reputable news organizations, that have no reservations retaining the services of employees who spew out the garbage that graphically illustrate sentiments of demonic evangelicals, and shitty White folks — who condone re-activation of “Blackface,” the abusive behavior towards migrant kids and their mothers, and the demonization of Muslim-Americans and applicable “Americans” with suggestive ethnicities.

Fox News should be thoroughly investigated for being the enforcer of racist narratives as it pertains to active participation in spreading diseased rhetoric of Islamophobia, xenophobia, homophobia, and all the life-threatening “phobias,” that go unchallenged due to the overbearingness of the White devil, who has successfully kept this ailing nation under siege — until kingdom come.

Reinstating Jeanine Pirro is a huge “fuck you!” to the victims that have been relentlessly victimized for ratings glory, and the earned gratitude of a bloated and gloating gangster, who is poised to do even greater harm when he is frighteningly re-elected in 2020.

And perhaps that explains the “fuck it!” attitude of Fox as opposed to the “hell nah!” reception that should’ve been tossed at a grown ass woman, who is almost 70, and therefore old enough to decipher the difference in quality between diligently stoic reporting, and the racist rant of a devil-worshipper who gets paid to bully law-abiding citizens with upstanding track records.

The free-willing biasedness of Trump’s most favorite playground is the solidified proof of why he was able to effortlessly purchase his one-way ticket to the White House at the expense of our mental and physical wellness.

Fox News made an assholish move by bringing back an out-of-control blabber mouth, who will continue to work those signature moves, in order to elevate the desirability of Trump’s America and the lethality of #MAGA country to the max.

And those of us with everything to lose in this war of White People versus Humans will just have to depend on the Mercy of Allah for protection.


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