Why Evangelicals Are Threatened By Islam

President Trump is boastful about the avid support that his presidency receives from evangelicals. He prides himself as the anointed one from God, who arrived to Make America Christian Again, after 8 years of hell under the tutelage of an imposter with a Muslim-sounding name, who represents what America should never accommodate.

Even press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, whose father Mike Huckabee laughably attempted a presidential campaign, and who currently poses as a Christian Minister with a talk show, endorsed her strong belief that “God wanted Donald Trump to be president.”

Evangelism had its humble beginnings in the “Anglosphere,” which is no surprise when you consider that spreading the word of the Lord was the trusted armory that British invaders utilized as the authoritative form of oppression. The riches of West Africa enticed the greediness and supremacy of White Christians. It was the surefire way to discipline Black-skinned brutes into submission by preaching bible verses with the aid of cross-bearing missionaries, while soldiers stealthily secured areas of interest with high priority given to oil-soaked territories.

Kingdoms were vanquished, primal scribes torn asunder, and the method of existence that came to fruition with the blessing of gods and spirits were replaced with biscuits and tea, and the hymnals that still resonate in churches, that are helpless against the lifelong poaching of Nigeria’s natural resources at the expense of presently enslaved natives, who can’t survive the irrevocable curse of White supremacy.

Evangelicals are adamant about the validation of their hate towards those who recognize Islam as their preferred mode of worship. The long-standing belief that Muslims are inherently violent and capable of becoming overnight terrorists whenever Allah moves them in that direction is the branded messaging that’s incredibly damaging and far from the truth.

It’s interesting how Christians comfortably spew out untruths in the name of the God they poorly serve, and the pompousness of their absolute hate is the fundamental item that propels the bigoted narrative that’s considered “holy talk” based on the recklessness of raping the bible for phrases that can be manipulated to boost nefarious agendas.

Islam can be slammed as the religion of war and death, but Christianity isn’t far behind in the realm of destroying lives for the purpose of enhancing unholy endeavors.

The Church of England, is the holiest of them all, thanks to the personal affiliation with Queen Elizabeth II and how her not-so distant relation, King Henry VIII made the prophetic decision to break away from the stifling climate of the Roman Catholics. As the supreme ruler, he wanted to freely foster the extravagance of his fornication. In between his dalliances with numerous women, Henry VIII also created an atmosphere of fear and loathing in his rambunctious court of mayhem, as frequent executions became the normalized form of punishment, that the God’s chosen one indulged in with faithfulness.

But even the bible doesn’t hold back from the descriptiveness of God’s mighty wrath and how he epically wiped the universe clean by overrunning the world with a life-threatening flood because of the frustration and impatience with the fallibility of mankind.

Noah’s Ark is the tale that Christianity, Judaism and Islam thoroughly examine with variations that cater to assigned believers, but the overriding themes aren’t dissimilar in nature, and those episodes of commonality are the proof of how humans have perfected the crime of purposing anchors of worship for the benefit of amassing the level of adulation, that can only manifest with cult-like characteristics.

We see it demonstrated through the murderous antics of extremists, and how the pain, suffering and death that’s exacted on innocents has absolutely nothing to do with the verses of the Holy Bible or Holy Quran. The brutality is coerced from the diseased manifest that gathers literary inspiration from warped ideologies, that influential figures in positions of global dominion, sickeningly advance as the cowardly act that demonizes those who pose a threat to the falsehood of their omnipotence.

Donald Trump is a pathetic weakling, who resorts to venomous attacks on dead war heroes, Black and Brown migrants who are unfortunate in their stations and desperately need empathy rather than slanderous jargon, and Muslim-Americans, who are law-abiding citizens, that are embodying a precarious situation that’s only getting worse with the president’s indignant attitude towards the population that don’t fit the evangelical point of view.

The truth is that Trump and his choir boys don’t have the basic knowledge of any religion, including their own.

We can swear on the bible that church attendance in the Trump enterprise is non-existent. The applications of the rules of engagement as it pertains to spirituality and the dutiful approach of loving our neighbors without prejudice and with the generosity of tolerance, aren’t palatable attributes for the hate-driven soldiers of Christ.

Evangelicals enjoy the pleasures of White privilege and how Anglo-Saxon backgrounds provide the upward mobility that guarantees dynastic wealth and prosperity, that can be traced back to the ancestral tidings of colonialism and slavery, that unsettled cultures in the name of the Lord.

Evangelicals are threatened by Islam because of the fear that stems from the authenticity of an alien religion that’s graceful and disciplined.

Militant cells may populate with gusto, but the fundamentals can’t be vandalized, and powerful forces of disruption can continue the quest to blasphemously assault the reverence of what they will never understand, but those ploys of injustice will be thwarted by the greatest weapon of them all — love.

Love knows no bounds. Love is intimidating. Love is humble. Love challenges. Love disarms and disables. Love is demanding. Love is pure. Love is truth.

Love is Islam. Love is Christian. Love is Buddhism. Love is atheism. Love is agnosticism.

Love is acceptance.

Those principles are frightening to those who spread the word of God with the volatility of White supremacy and the biblical weaponry that’s rapidly losing steam.

We will never stop fighting the soldiers for Christ.

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