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Why Donald Trump’s Sweet Defeat Feels So Damn Good!

The election season from hell finally ended with popped bottles of champagne and blinding confetti for those of us who were holding our breaths, and almost losing our eyesights because of the relentless attachment to revised screens.

President-elect Joe Biden and the future Madam Vice President Kamala Harris have set the world alight with a hard fought victory that redefines the payback of all hands on deck in ways that will reverberate for generations to come.

The remarkable thing about the harrowing race to save The White House from complete destruction was the astounding number of mostly white Americans, who cast their vote for a self-professed white nationalist, who among other things, was all but guaranteeing their potential deaths from COVID-19.

Nevertheless it was truly a inspiring effort on all fronts with networks stretching across key areas of the country; galvanizing to produce the cohesive and robust operation, boosted by the vital contributions of the first-ever Black Commander-in-Chief, who commanded the necessary attention to help his former sidekick reclaim keys to the kingdom.

Not even the curse of a global pandemic that has killed more than 230,000 Americans, thanks to the botched response of a toxic presidency could derail the valiant quest to topple the regime of the bullish oaf barricaded in The House of Horrors, surrounded by echoing chants of victors, declaring loud and clear:


Getting rid of a failed New York businessman and reality TV star, who is still committed to the unreality of reactivating his reign of terror, was nothing short of a miracle in this suffocating and hampered climate of an unprecedented health crisis. The coronavirus arrived with warning, that was callously downplayed by an egomaniacal turd, who deviously opted to risk lives to save his “booming economy” and reelection bid from imminent collapse.

The past four years have been nothing short of horrific, and it all began with the really bad joke of Donald Trump’s rumored presidential run that took a fateful turn the moment he and Melania rode down that escalator in Trump Tower NYC. The joker proceeded to display the trademark pompousness and bravado that infused his shocking announcement and subsequent campaign.

Let’s not pretend to forget the damning role the media-at-large played in normalizing and even celebrating the vile showmanship of Candidate Trump, once he was ordained by the racist GOP, as the supreme leader who was chosen to deliver white America from the clutches of an unrecognizable landscape that threatened their extinction.

I can’t forget the day it was glaringly clear to the population of a transitioning country, who voted twice for Barack Obama, that shit was about to hit the fan and splatter. The demonic savior of the Republican Party, who roared his way into reality as a frontrunner for the highest office in the land was instantly given the VIP treatment by sellouts with megaphones.

From the infamous hair tossing episode, courtesy of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, who defended his prank with the admission of his non-political stance, to CNN’s inexplicable fixation on Trump’s jumbo jet, lavishly parked on the tarmac for hours. The unwarranted endless stream of Candidate Trump’s obscene tour was the foreboding message that still resonates.

There seemed to be an euphoric glitch in the system that hit with the full force of an avalanche, and promptly swept away the pillars of the status quo that were meant to prevent the growing level of chaotic dysfunction, that Donald Trump was able to exploitatively weaponize under the poisonous banner of #MAGA.

The highly contentious battle between Hillary Clinton’s glowing roster of achievements from decades-long service in the upper echelons of government and the combativeness of a brutish boar who never worked a day in his life was the reality show for the ages.

Some may argue that Clinton’s over-confidence was her undoing and restricted her from campaigning on a platform large enough to encompass large sections of “deplorables” who eagerly ran into the clutches of Trump’s promise to Make America White Again.

Whatever the case, we can at least agree that the stunning ascension of Donald Trump was an orchestrated revolt, that was meant to unequivocally solidify why white power will never cower to threats of a takeover that could devalue that currency.

The Trump presidency was just as deadly as the engine of white supremacy has proven to be since the beginning of civilization.

There was no time wasted implementing the strategies that would diminish the quality of life of targeted groups that were deemed unfit for the mandate reserved for #MAGA “patriots.”

Aside from the blasting of the Muslim ban that came almost immediately after Trump took the oath of office, there was also revised immigration laws with orders barring entry to Black and Brown migrants from “shithole” countries.

This particular offense has hit too close to home for Nigerian-Americans like myself, who have beloved family members who are suddenly unable to seamlessly travel back and forth with visas that have been revoked.

The list of atrocities are endless and extend to the Trump administration’s harassment of DACA in an effort to deprive the American Dream from dreamers of color. We will never forget the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. border, that has exacted lifelong consequences for families torn apart by the devilish motives of a rogue presidency.

There’s also the extensive damage to the national narrative by the compromised channels of White House communications that willfully sold packaged lies, and reduced the once-functioning epicenter of domestic and foreign dialogue into a disgraceful farce.

2020 has turned out to be hellish reminder of how making ambitious plans is a laughable endeavor at our own expense.

COVID-19 has done its worst on a global scale, and the devastation is still accumulating more casualties — dead and barely surviving.

Trump has woefully failed to rise to the occasion during a national emergency. He rejected the opportunity to transform from Terrorizer-in-Chief to the Comforter, who reassures stricken citizens that “this too shall pass” with strict adherence to CDC guidelines.

But more importantly, we must contend with the undisputed facts of how Donald Trump was never outfitted for the office of the presidency.

His dangerously erratic disposition as the human detonator held this country hostage for far too long. Having this common thug as the president who was impeached, but not removed from office for his traitorous acts, during the unlawful call with the president of Ukraine has been the demonstrative example of white privilege on steroids.

Only a white male can be permitted to deface revered institutions and incite domestic terrorism by spewing out foul language with the aggressive support of high-powered enablers.

It was a very close call, but as they say the American people have spoken!

The historic win of the first-ever Black woman of South Asian decent, Kamala Harris, who will become the next Vice President is beyond exhilarating not to mention prophetic for countless little Black and Brown girls, like my precious nieces, who will be empowered by this momentous feat.

Kamala Harris looked the part she won, while graciously reaffirming her desire to be the best compliment to the incoming Commander-in-Chief, by reigniting the fight for equality and dispensing with the bigoted itinerary of the exiting White House soldiers of doom.

President-elect Joe Biden gave a rousing victory speech where he once again showcased a stark contrast to the ousted dictator, who is yet to formally concede.

Biden made sure to publicly pay homage to the Black community that rallied around him from all corners of the country to guarantee the overthrow of the Racist-in-Chief, and the installation of a respected statesman, who must follow through with outstanding items to uplift and enrich his collectors.

But before the hard work commences, there’s much to celebrate in the coming weeks leading up to the fumigation of the diseased House, that has expectedly become ground zero for a deadly virus with the latest victim, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows testing positive for COVID.

The absolutely sweet defeat of Donald Trump, who is stamped with the lifelong torture of being a one-term president, while his Black predecessor basks in the glory that his scorched presidential legacy will be honorably restored by his former second-in-command, is the overwhelming relief that will require a good amount of time to digest.

The national scarring from the Trump era will place his withering party in limbo for the unforeseeable future. The disrespectful silence from GOP leaders, who refuse to recognize and applaud the durability of a fragile democracy, that managed to deliver the results of Biden’s dominance is evidence of the erosion that will take a long time to rectify.

And for those who put everything on the line, amidst rising cases of COVID-19, and historic unemployment numbers, to patriotically proclaim the dismissal of their Terrorizer-in-Chief, in favor of a seasoned former VP, who is ready to initiate the healing process by focusing on rebuilding fractured communities and institutions that have been bulldozed by Trump’s anarchy, there’s the hopeful embrace of the next chapter.

It feels so damn good to witness the global reaction to the winning Biden/Harris ticket as notable leaders and longtime allies express their enthusiasm to work towards restoration of the mutually beneficial bonds, that were temporarily dismantled by a bullish oaf, who reserved his goodwill for murderous dictators.

It feels so damn good to watch Donald Trump pathetically struggle to come to terms with his deserving loss, as he does what he does best on his sprawling golf course, only to shamelessly return to a House that represents the absolute power he criminally wielded, and be triumphantly greeted by a jubilant crowd giving his motorcade the middle finger as a symbol of his inevitable departure.

It feels so damn good to see peaceful patriots of all colors and ages, gathered in the same area that was desecrated by Trump and his goonies, in the name of a ceremonial photo op featuring the Thug-in-Chief, defiantly holding up a bible in front of a church, not long after protesters for the Black Lives Matter movement were illegally assaulted with chemical irritants.

It feels so damn good to finally anticipate the brutal downfall of the Trump Crime Family, and the co-conspirators, who assisted in creating a ravenous monster, who truly believes he’s immune from participating in the rituals of our constitution, and has the audacity to utilize his misplaced entitlement as a bargaining chip — come what may.

It feels so damn good to finally get our damn lives back. To be able to breath without hesitation and feel the buzz of karma’s timely manifestation. To dare to dream for better tomorrows without the hovering menace of a future felon, who would rather have us all killed in his quest to massacre this great nation for four more years.

President-elect Joe Biden isn’t the perfect solution, and some may go as far as to say that he’s just another career politician, who once again benefited from the labor of the systemically oppressed.

We will have to wait and see how things play out, but for now we must recline in this new season of gratitude and reprieve.

Donald J. Trump is a LOSER in every sense of the word, and whether or not he concedes, his ass will be tossed out on the White House Lawn when his time is up. In the meantime, we will enjoy watching him squirm under the duress of his fast approaching move out date.

The fight against white supremacy will not be won in my lifetime. But I can at least contend with the depleting days of the glazed humiliation of a banished white supremacist.

So join me in taking in the refreshed view!

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