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Why Donald Trump Won

Impeachment or resignation be damned! The truth is that Donald Trump has won this war and the irrevocable damage will take forever to overcome because the potency of white supremacy has been reactivated, to levels that haven’t been duly acknowledged by policing agencies that are assigned to protect and serve.

Imagine the lethality of a diabolical terrorizer, who is unapologetically defensive about the vital role he played in orchestrating domestic terrorism, that descended on Capitol Hill a week ago, resulting in mayhem that overwhelmed unprepared and outnumbered police officers, and left five people dead.

Trump is able to retain his presidential privileges, including access to the nuclear codes, which has been reportedly rescinded, but who knows! He’s also capable of bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom to thuggish loyalists like Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan, who are both complicit in the unfolding nightmare that put the lives of vulnerable colleagues, in both parties at high risk.

The dangerously elevated temperature of an assaulted nation that remains in emergency mode is only going to get even more frightening in the days leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Just weeks ago, it was reported that the properties of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were vandalized, an unnerving demonstration of the steaming vitriol, that has been exacerbated by the months-long campaign of a pathetically desperate alarmist.

Donald Trump willfully weaponized his absolute power and massive platform to plant the seeds of discord about the upcoming election season.

He chanted his frustrations and distrust of the electoral process and vowed bloody murder if he were to lose to “Sleepy Joe” based on what he assumed was the improbability of his worthier competitor’s victory.

“The President of the United Sates” more appropriately known as Liar-in-Chief, started early to radicalize his base of white terrorists with the grooming tactics of disinformation and conspiracy theories, courtesy of far-right channels and his fave — QAnon.

And now the die is cast.

The Murderer-in-Chief’s predictions came true, and his extensive network of white supremacists, have launched a race war in the name of their betrayed supreme leader.

The horror movie made its real-life debut at Capitol Hill, not long after the “Save America” rally hosted by Trump and his gang of baiters, who all conspired to architect the acts of insurrection that became the day of infamy.

But there will be more bloodshed — you can count on that!

Trump’s army of monsters have not run out of steam, and in fact are just in the beginning stages of a damning itinerary of utter destruction and complete defacement of our fragile democracy.

As riled up cultists with one-track minds, their sweltering anger is directed at those they deem road blocks, that need to be demolished in order to make a clear path for the re-installation of their Terrorist-in-Chief.

There’s footage of GOP leader and embattled confidante of the Thug-in-Chief, Lindsey Graham at Reagan National Airport, being relentlessly heckled by a mob of disrupters, who blame the Senator from South Carolina for the “rigged election,” that robbed Trump of a second term.

And following the tragedy that befell the nation’s capital, Democrats are desperate to evoke the 25th Amendment in addition to the other methods of forcible removable of an incapacitated tyrant, in order to restore law and order to a crippled government.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was in the middle of a news conference in New York City, where he was directing the FBI to add the terrorists at Capitol Hill to the no-fly list, to minimize the likelihood of their return to DC, when he was abruptly interrupted by the rantings of an exhibitionist, spewing out incoherent threats and insults.

Both the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) are working in unison to thoroughly investigate the horrific events that transpired a week ago, and while the joint news conference held this week, aims to reassure the rattled nerves of citizens, that justice will prevail with no more lives lost — it’s impossible to believe that the Terrorizer-in-Chief will be sedated, while he remains in The White House.

Joe Biden may have triumphantly prevailed at the polls, but Donald Trump absolutely won the most important item, as it pertains to the hijacking of the national narrative with the traitorous assistance of this rogue administration’s trusted megaphone, Fox News.

We are embodying a chaotic era that distorts the fading difference between real and fake. And this translates to versions of the truth that are applicable to those who have nefarious agendas that can’t be revised.

Trump’s armed and dangerous troops are assembled and ready for war, and the sickness of a country that’s married to the religion of white supremacy is empowering the brutish presence of an egomaniacal gangster, who should’ve been de-powered, effective immediately.

Shutting down his social media platforms isn’t nearly enough to send the strong message confirming America’s intolerance for a future felon’s outright abuse of power that must be rectified accordingly,

Donald Trump won this battle because he’s sleeping soundly at night, while bereaved families bury the dead, and the rest of a wearied nation braces for the worst to come, due to the murderous antics of a white nationalist, who was ordained as untouchable by the vileness of white evangelicals.

Trump will never be remorseful and he won’t suffer the consequences for his crimes because he’s a white male and soon-to-be former president, which guarantees his immunity from the jaws of a biased judicial system.

Sounds like a winner to me!

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