Dignity and Gracelessness, sitting in a pew…

Why Donald Trump Was Invited To The State Funeral Of President George H.W. Bush

When John McCain made it clear that he didn’t want the current president attending his funeral, it was quite understandable why the elder statesman and war hero was refusing admittance to the man who publicly and unfathomably mocked his selfless sacrifice to serve his country during the Vietnam War.

When president George H.W. Bush passed away, and funeral arrangements were underway, the details confirmed that Donald and Melania were extended an invite.

It was hard to believe that the Bush family were willing to let bygones be bygones, considering the deplorable behavior in the form of scorching insults, that hit way below the belt in ways that can only be delivered by a thuggish coward with yellow matter on his head.

But the late patriarch, and war hero was insistent that the man he was once quoted as calling “a blowhard,” had to be present at an occasion that would force the unification of D.C.’s embattled power players and foreign dignitaries — in a setting that would inspire a climate of reverence and adherence to old-fashioned patriotism and solidarity.

Despite the reasonable explanation, it was still challenging to accept that a shitass like Trump and his equally vile trophy wife, would be permitted to share in the national celebration that evoked the respectability of an office that this present administration has distorted beyond recognition.

After watching some of the highlights of the state funeral service, it was quite clear why Trump’s invitation was vital and validating.

Aside from the awkward greetings that greatly dampened the mood of the pew where the former presidents and first wives were stationed; following the buzzkill arrival of the most disgusting first couple that ever was — there was also the obvious discomfort of the sitting president — who appeared starkly out of place.

Trump was visibly tormented as he fidgeted and fussed with the temperament of a little school boy, who lacks the ability to conduct himself like the adult male that he will eventually grow up to be.

Unfortunately, the man-baby never matured, and we could blame his parents or the nannies or the trust fund that funded a burgeoning nightmare — either way — Donald Trump suffered through an esteemed ceremony that gave him a pretty good view of what he can definitely NOT expect when his time comes.

It was a truly satisfying experience to watch Trump reacting to the shock of being out of character and out of his element, as he mumbled the words to what others eloquently recited, and opted to keep that mouth all the way shut, while everyone else submitted to the duty of hymn verses.

The Trumps didn’t belong there, and that was exactly what the Bush family hoped to showcase on behalf of the one who purposely and perfectly staged the final performance of a lifetime.

The eulogies were beautifully biting as each word removed the layers one by one, until all that was left was the revolting nakedness of an ornery doofus, whose facial expressions reduced him to the toddler stage by the time the festivities were winding down.

In the end, Donald Trump was the tragic figure in the spotlight, who wasn’t at all moved or rejuvenated by the opulence of a tradition, that won’t initiate the nationalized sorrow and appreciation or even celebratory tidings that he reluctantly witnessed— when he lies in state — bathed in the flag that he shit on countless times.

In a few hours, as the country sleeps, the worst president that will ever be, who is also the worst form of human that ever was, will unleash a series of mind-boggling tweets to remind those who dared to wish the impossible — that he will always be the reliable asshole who believes that White supremacists are “very fine people.”

It will back to business as usual, except this time the president will be haunted by what he will be rightly deprived of — in death — and that actually makes life worth living.

For now.

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