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Why Donald Trump Turning The White House Into A Gangster’s Paradise Is Not a Black Thing

It’s fucked up America!

No, being gangster is no longer regulated to the streets of Compton or the cobblestones of Brownsville, NY. Something remarkable has happened and you would have to be alive and breathing to believe it.

As it turns out, America’s very first Black president was a solidified stud.

He had the amount of class that you can’t earn by accumulating needless nights at the Trump Tower of your choice. He wasn’t perfect, but he was flawless in the eyes of those who dreamt of his ascension with quiet perseverance — only to be met with the more gorgeous implementation that took centuries to concoct on our behalf.

President Barack Obama was no saint.

In fact his errors mandated the demise of innocent lives, and there is also the issue of a community that buckled under his regime — due to the impediment of Whites hating Blacks, and wanting to feel the power of that hatred through the bullets that sprayed the streets — and disinfected the pollution of diversity.

By the way, America is now Great Again.

This happened not too ago. It was a devastating occurrence that happened expectedly due to the fever pitch of the White working class population — that didn’t give two fucks about Hillary Clinton, and wanted very much to be under the regime of a White wealthy businessman — with all the bravado you can’t internalize.

The smelly trio

We are fucked up!

You, me, and we. We can’t escape the consequences of electing a self-made tyrant who seamlessly hijacks the bible of duties that were supposed to remain sacred under the guise of colorful imprints — that assign White men with power to the alter of justice.

Trump has trumped any doubt that we truly hate ourselves.

I hate you and you loathe me and we love this space we’re in — because it cuddles the fury that arises when we want to step outside of ourselves and become heroes or heroines — straddled by the defeat of what it means to lose or win big.