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Why Donald Trump Represents The Epicenter of White Power

Both sides are to blame

Impeachment day has come and gone with the House of Representatives making the fateful decision that the U.S. Senate willfully revokes. Under the leadership of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, or as we prefer to call him “Moscow Mitch” the cowardly Republicans have been fully committed to the task of retaining the effrontery of White power.

The Obama years were a harrowing period for White America.

President Barack Obama appeared with the shimmering halo that blindingly overhauled the mandate of Whiteness at the epicenter of absolute power.

It also didn’t help that this brilliant man of color was also outfitted with all the enviable gadgets that are required for a world leader, who seamlessly upholds the statutes of a revered super power.

The universe rejoiced when the first-ever Black family ceremoniously moved into the House that slaves built for Whites only.

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The end of the world was upon us when The White House was tragically converted to the headquarters of the Trump Family Business with allowances for active members of White nationalism, who are stationed to rewrite immigration laws and reverse the life-saving agenda for oppressed communities.

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Donald Trump was the preferred candidate for devilish evangelicals, who desperately needed to fumigate the illustrious White corridors from the ordained Blackness that their White Jesus had warned them about.

Words have so much meaning when White folks truly believe the purity assigned to their station.

White supremacy’s deep-rooted allegiance to a woefully misguided approach to Christianity is purposely manipulated to serve and feed the sinful pursuits of White fragility.

Persecuted White males in authoritative positions swear they’re being victimized by the very same system that recklessly condemns non-White counterparts, who are viewed as guilty without the privilege of a fair trial.

And at this point we can duly recognize how the epidemic of police brutality that goes unchecked for obvious reasons, has become the convenient practice for reducing targeted populations that can’t escape this institutionalized birthright.

But we also can’t dismiss how things would’ve played out if Obama had been the gangster Black president, with a flair for embarrassing theatrics on Twitter, and during an imperfect phone call with a newly installed leader of an embattled foreign territory.

When Black people behave badly, the shared disdain from White observers in high places tends to be the uniting force that blends opposing parties in the quest to create new avenues, that are meant to dislocate the Black heathen from power cords that were temporarily plugged into the wrong outlet.

All this to say that Trump is exactly where he’s supposed to be, when you consider how the tumultous history of this country was setup to accommodate an idiotic man-baby, who will say and do just about anything to preserve his right to be a national terror.

He comprehends how his affiliation with White evangelism helps to propel and cleanse his brutish ways because White men are direct descendants of God’s only begotten Son, who died on the cross to provide everlasting chances for unearned forgiveness.

You can’t defeat White nationalism, no matter how bad shit gets.

Just ask Rep. Steve King, who was almost kicked out of Congress for publicly whining about how his freedom of speech has been curtailed, ever since he got the memo detailing why his overtly racist statements are no longer acceptable.

King, who hails from Iowa, and proudly represents that district, has spent his entire career attacking Muslims, migrants, Black and Brown Americans, and the LGBTQ community, with alarmingly offensive quotes, with the air of blatant superiority that’s gained from his adherence to conspiracy theories on a biblical scale.

Imagine, that this shameless asshole is able to continue to serve this country and participate in the impeachment debate, despite his escalation of natural emergencies like the migrant crisis and White terrorism.

The mere fact that Steve King is granted a forum to spew out more of his venom is all we really need to know about why Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, and why he will be re-elected.

Former presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris, an accomplished woman of color, who possesses the winning qualities that weren’t enough to keep her in the race, is a clear reflection of how Black women in America never waver or drop the ball when it comes to the formidable task at hand.

The epicenter of White power is exactly where Donald Trump resides.

Throughout the months of inquiries and hearings, we haven’t heard the cohesive weaving of historical references and the meshing of current catastrophes, that are the drop list to the main source of our deadly ailment.

Denying the immeasurable wrath of White power, and how it can’t be thwarted until it’s at the very least acknowledged, even if a cure won’t be presented, is the ongoing dysfunction that White people are empowering to the detriment of longtime sufferers.

Both sides are to blame.

Because if that had been President Obama, well, you already know!

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