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Trump grinning like a Cheshire cat during a WH meeting with evangelical leaders, headed by Paula White. Image: Alex Brandon — AP Photo

Why Donald Trump Is A Prayer’s Nightmare

What good is prayer?

Why submit yourself to the masochistic treatment of getting screwed more times than you’re allowed to count, when your requests not only get denied, but are wickedly used to repeatedly torment the requester?

WhatsApp, a growing instigator when it comes to viral content that contains seeds of discord and volatility has found a captivating audience with users who are strategically placed in areas of their world where polarizing dysfunction reigns supreme.

As a Nigerian-American, I have the utmost displeasure of battling the erratic frequencies of two troubled territories, which has been an emotionally draining task, thanks to the ascension of an American president, a White nationalist, who was ordained by God, based on the evangelical rulebook that emphatically dehumanizes communities that pose a risk to their seasoned incoherency.

It really boils down to how Donald Trump follows the bible passages that support the beliefs of White supremacy and why anything that deviates from the “straight and narrow” (no pun intended), deserves to be cast out in the same manner that recalls the historic cancelling of Lucifer.

Christianity was violently forced down the throats of invaded Black and Brown cultures situated in Africa and beyond, and the aftermath was the defacement of primal inscriptions that were embedded with the soulful rendering that heartbeats visualized into songs.

When it comes to faith and the hope for tomorrow, huddled tribes sunning their bodily imprints with chants of unison already had that locked down.

But the evils of Whiteness bore poisonous fruits that led a people astray with the false quotes of why the Lord their God had ordered the immediate transfer of power, that would forever paralyze the systemic operation of survivability.

And so the lasting legacy remains in the accumulated rubble of hopelessness, that’s anchored by the continued and passionate worship of a supreme being, who knows all things, and regardless of the fucked up track record that has left us enslaved for an eternity, we have to prostrate before the Lord with thanksgiving in our hearts.

We also have to carry the weight of superiority as taught by the White invaders by denouncing and abusing our brothers and sisters in Christ, who willfully insist on embracing their true selves without filters, and with the full knowledge of how Jesus rose from the dead to provide that privilege.

That aptly explains the constant bombardment of manipulated messages via WhatsApp, that slyly encourages born again Nigerians to ignore the warning signs that expose the world’s most influential sinner, seated atop the cursed White House.

The persuasive argument relies on the seamless route of vilifying the exploits of spiritual lawlessness, that conveniently settles on the “controversial” existence of those who blessedly don’t possess the inhumanness of “soldiers for Christ,” who are intimidated by the audacity of authenticity in all its potent forms.

President Trump is a racist brute who has directly caused pain and suffering to vulnerable populations, that that have to contend with the normalized inflammatory delivery, repurposed to serve as the acceptable form of nationalized assault, in an ailing society that was fashioned by those deadly attributes.

In the three years of this toxic administration, the rollbacks of legislative laws that were drafted while Obama was in office for the duty of protecting and assigning equality to specified groups, have been cruelly reversed, as the defiant stance that supports the frightening increase of hate crimes, that target innocents with the bullseye on their backs.

Yet, evangelicals and their followers who weren’t born that way maintain the blinders that barely hide the unsightly hypocrisy that sedates the bloodiness of graphic crime scenes, that require a global movement of enablers to retain active status.

Religion can be an industry of chaos and mayhem, under the guise of glittering pulpits where salesmen and saleswomen orchestrate the cultish bonds that tragically lead willing participants astray.

Christianity has undergone quite a revision since the days of old, when the massacre of the holy words was necessary to provide guaranteed results for nefarious characters.

King Henry VIII divorced himself from the Catholic Church with a shower of blessings from above. Apparently God approved the rushed assembly of the Church of England, despite the conniving steps of a murderous monarch.

And centuries later that same sentiment applies to another monstrous ruler, who is spearheaded by thuggish pursuits, that coincidentally bear the stamp of approval from notable, ultra-wealthy evangelical leaders, who have used their platform as testimony of how the God does indeed move in mysterious ways.

From Pat Robertson, the revered statesman of the White establishment, that recognizes humble beginnings furnished on the heavenly accomplishments of a White Jesus, to Florida televangelist and longtime Trumpster, Paula White, who was recently confirmed as a White House staffer, overseeing Trump’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative (whatever that means!), there’s no shortage of transparent heathens, who hate in the name of the Lord.

White was already a known fixture in the “House of Horrors” and her signature brand of preaching echoes the blueprint of fellow exploiters-of- Christ, like Joel Osteen, the incredibly popular Houston-based televangelist, who theatrically spreads the word across a scarily massive fortress that contains what resembles a sizable town.

The fun part about being tasked with the huge responsibility of translating God’s thought process has to be the freedom of assuming a profitably flexible role that’s remarkably unregulated.

Thank God!

As a former Christian, who is now enjoying a healthy relationship with the God who speaks as opposed to the devious mouthpieces, who silence Him for their benefit, I can attest to why so many are gratuitously entrapped by biblical teachings that aren’t written anywhere in the bible.

It boils down to the robotic reflexes that are instilled as the formidable fear of the unknown, that can be converted to a peaceful mode of worship with the caveat of being completely powerless and keenly aware of your victimhood.

The questionable logic of “faith-based” religions, specifically Christianity to a larger degree is rooted in complete adherence to the rule of never challenging God’s inexplicable motives.

God knows best!

Attempting to express doubt and frustration can be the dealbreaker.

This is why Trump is essentially a prayer’s nightmare.

And unsurprisingly, there’s a restored triumph that had to be vocalized, as Trump readily confessed to the press during the dependably noisy briefing on the White House South Lawn, that he’s enjoying scheduled prayer sessions courtesy of “evangelical leaders,” who recently gathered to earnestly plead with God to perform the impossible.

In other words, Donald Trump is the walking miracle nobody asked for, and since the the usual method of deflecting rests in the bosom of “faith-based” institutions, that enforce the ritual of never questioning why God’s sense of humor is dangerously inappropriate — we have no choice but to staunchly defend the indefensible.

The GOP has mastered that art to perfection, and those who are able to lose themselves in reworked fables that end with the dangling palace in the sky, are also studiously absorbed in the narrative of how a blabbering beast has to be received with the graciousness of an obedient pupil, who faithfully falls off the cliff and dares the threatening ground below.

Common sense says that praying for a future felon who defies the statutes of human decency with no apologies is akin to mocking the super-heroic moves of Jesus Christ, who was nailed to the cross with the expectation that his crown of thorns and blood flow from wounds would give sinners access to redemption — 24/7.

Evangelicals who view Trump as the “chosen one” are only “unified” by the worldly riches from services rendered.

The only prayers that matter come from sources that don’t charge a dime for the skillfulness that gives relief to those who faithfully believe in the simple instruction of how evil, even in human flesh, will inevitably be vanquished.

And so we pray for Donald Trump. And for the evangelicals who will surely join him in “paradise.”

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