Screengrab of Susan Lorincz

Why Do White Perpetrators Get All The Breaks?

We know why!

Ezinne Ukoha
5 min readJun 10, 2023


My Instagram feed is filled with pleas from online activists on behalf of Ajike Owens fondly called “AJ” by friends and family. We need to urge State Attorney Bill Gladson to charge Owens’ killer with second-degree murder instead of the more lenient charge of manslaughter.

The 35-year-old mother of four was gunned down by a white woman, Susan Lorincz, 58, who felt compelled to fire those deadly shots through her front door in an act of unprovoked violence that resulted in the death of an unarmed, non-threatening Black woman.

Sound familiar?

Florida’s abhorrent gun laws anchored by the “stand your ground” mandate undoubtedly emboldens dangerous citizens with violent tendencies to act out their rage regardless of the dire consequences. States like Florida — make it so easy for racist white residents to target Black neighbors like Ajike Owens and her children — who dare to exercise their freedoms.

Apparently, Lorincz was annoyed with the noise of Black children playing nearby and took out her anger on them in a way that alerted their devoted mother. When Owens tried to confront the cowardly bully — she was met with a bullet to the chest and fell to the ground in the presence of her horrified offspring.

We can examine every inch of this terrifying case for more context but to the reasonable and wise; it’s pretty cut and dried. According to reports, there was no love lost between the ill-fated neighbors and all that pent-up tension offloaded in the most horrendous way. The killer didn’t consider the safety and welfare of the poor children who will be traumatized for life after witnessing the unfathomable. The killer was motivated by her allegiance to white supremacy which dictated the fateful decision to answer knocks on her door with gunfire.

Owens was presumably hit at close range and didn’t have a fair chance at surviving her wounds and her children have to live with the nightmare of reliving the day their mom died, as she valiantly defended them from a real-life monster. They will grow up with the nagging regret that their late mother died in vain.

In the eyes of the law — Susan Lorincz isn’t guilty and that was demonstrated by the amount of time it…