Why Do We Need Extra Evidence To Believe Sandra Bland’s Systemic Murder?

Four years after the systemic murder of Sandra Bland, who would’ve turned 29, this past February, we are unexpectedly greeted with the damning reminder of how Black lives never matter when thuggish White cops collide with victims, who are tragically silenced during their struggle for survival.

Sandra Bland

I believe that enough is enough.

As a Black woman in America, who has to mentally suit up for warfare before leaving the house, it has finally dawned on me that the sharing and reposting of viral content that features victims that resemble my template, being violated for reasons that never warrant that level of brutality, simply doesn’t achieve the goals that make those actions worthwhile.

What we need is change.

But that change will never come until law enforcement finally makes the decision to crack down on the criminality of police brutality, by embarking on a nationalized quest to re-train White police officers on how to professionally approach Black citizens without the threat of escalation.

Enough is enough.

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