Where is God?

Why Do Folks Assume The Church Is Where Only Good Things Happen?

Growing up in a household where Christianity was the fundamental requirement for embodying an existence that guaranteed “a happy ending,” there was the acute awareness of the fantastical elements of a lifestyle that contained the appropriate imagery that supported a celebrated fallacy.

The best method of coercion has to be heavy reliance on fear-mongering. It can’t be the dutiful coaxing of restless spirits towards the avenue of enlightenment, that breeds the goodness that comes from goodness.

The inherent tendencies towards violence that dwells in the human fold, almost always relies on the tropes of pain and suffering as extremes, when it comes to disciplining the renegades, who are simply acting out the symptoms of being fallible.

Christianity wasn’t given the prime opportunity to woo me into submission because the horror movies that depicted the frightening consequences that emerge when you dare to question humanity under the supervision of an invisible being, who prefers to remain silent while humans mishandle communications — pretty much destroyed the love affair even before it began.

Once the early nineties emerged, the era of crusades began to saturate the booming market of evangelism in Nigeria, as those possessing sharp business acumen began to figure out profitable ways in which vulnerable souls can be righteously manipulated in the name of the Lord.

That movement has presently evolved into a full blown global enterprise, with the epic rise of massive fortresses that are fondly called “mega-churches,” that are operated by slick salesmen, who preach from the stained pulpit of falsehoods, with the halo of shamelessness that permits guilt-free daylight robbing of misled populations, who will do anything to avoid the one-way ticket to hell.

Not too long ago, it was blasphemous to even insinuate the notion that hell on earth is a tangible concept that could possibly dwell in houses of worship, that are sanctified by the unverified blood of Jesus.

But the arrival and rapid ascension of the tech industry has provided the tools of engagement that arms critics with the ammunition that gives irrefutable evidence of gross misconduct by soldiers of Christ, under the robes that fail to guard the throbbing loins of ravenous abusers.

And so we are treated to weekly updates that detail the tragic decline of a thriving business, that can no longer take cover in the multi-million dollar stadiums, that were never erected for praise worship in the first place, because if that much space is mandatory for the purpose of giving God the glory — then why do worshippers find more fulfillment in the quietness of their own company?

The headlines are both disturbing and validating, and for Christians like my parents, especially my mother, who was introduced to the Lord’s Prayer through the disingenuous efforts of Scottish missionaries, as their militant husbands were looting our resources — it’s beyond excruciating being tasked with the challenge of reconciling the sheer horrors of sexual abuse with the template of godliness that was never meant to undergo such traitorous revisions.

Watching her squirm under the duress of graphically detailed testimonies of robed men raping the youth in their midst, made me wonder about the upbringing she experienced; the very same teachings that she tried to pass on to her children, that allots supreme power to decorated scam artists, posing as men of God.

Why do folks assume the church is where only good thing happen?

It’s disheartening and even unnerving to watch older people like my parents who’ve spent all their lives digesting the manipulative messaging of seasoned actors playing “dress up” — slowly and painfully accommodate the scorching view that vividly illustrates what happens when the truth of our existence is mockingly structured by the greedy pursuits of ambitious thugs — who will do and say anything to keep agendas activated.

From the beginning of time, God’s name has been nefariously utilized as the weaponry of choice for those who engage in crimes against humanity.

British invaders cunningly positioned themselves as God’s own people, with the blessing of the empire that they were assigned to protect. That was the mission of the missionaries who used bible verses and hymnals to discipline the Black population they were terrorizing.

The Church of England, otherwise known as the Anglican Church was instituted by King Henry VIII, a bullish oaf, who undoubtedly shares the filthy attributes of another privileged White male, who currently rules supreme in The White House, and also revels in seedy exploits in the name of all that’s holy, at the expense of innocents.

The murderous monarch made the notable decision to break away from the Catholic Church, after giving the middle finger to the inflexible code of conduct that prevented his divorce and remarriage. And since Whiteness can’t be thwarted, particularly the patriarchal leverage, the vengeful final separation was granted for the benefit of keeping the reckless ruler from resorting to deadly tactics to soothe his mood swings.

And fast forward to centuries later, and the climate hasn’t altered much, when you consider how White supremacy under the guise of evangelism, and the poisoned fruits of bigotry that blossom with the audacity of a religion that nobody truly comprehends — continues to serve as the oppressive valves that threaten to suffocate the humane existence of those who are deemed societally expendable.

But even outside the gloating of White supremacists in the name of the Lord, there’s other forms of oppression within the church that permit the acts of violence against the voiceless, who are shamed for their damning confessions.

The preacher man at the helm of chaos and mayhem is able to tower over his congregation in bad faith, and deliver a sermon that jumble up words in a fashion that cleanses the unforgivable, while tormented victims are discarded with casual prayers for the blessings of God to take the wheel of a car that has spun out of control.

The church was never the place to dwell unscathed, amidst the bloody scene of gun violence or the bribery and corruption that produces castles for high-energy televangelists with shiny teeth, or the violation of body and soul, that has become the unsightly legacy that will burden titled leaders with the inescapable mandate of scrubbing the house of God to an unattainable luster, that will make tinted windows squint with stark exposure.

Maybe the reason why God stays quiet is because of all the noise from the static that carries untruths without His consent.

Churches are man-made pillars of scenic evils that have caused more harm than good.

And judging from the imminent collapse of those fractions, it’s safe to say that the man upstairs will be making His descent — sooner rather than later.

Are you ready?

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