Devonte is crying for his life, America be damned.

Why Did 2 White Women Murder 6 Children of Color?

Ezinne Ukoha
8 min readMay 1, 2019


We can no longer allow the system to continue to devour Black and Brown children under the misleading assumption that White adoptive parents possess the financial means to provide the lifestyle that these kids wouldn’t ordinarily enjoy, based on how their Blackness is grossly devalued compared to White counterparts who cost a lot more to adopt due to the upgrade status of their Whiteness.

The creepy factor that oozes out of White people who are obsessed with Blackness in ways that aren’t healthy or even acceptable can manifest in ways that are downright criminal, and we saw the low level of that play out with Rachel Dolezal.

Dolezal became the nationalized freak of nature a few years ago when she was disgracefully outed as a White women living as the Black woman who happened to be the president of the Spokane, Washington State chapter of the NAACP.

The White woman who claims to be Black, has since changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo, but before that major adjustment, she initiated a nationwide debate about the issue of racial identity and whether or not we have a right to pick and choose the race that best fits our personalities or coerced beliefs.

Some years after Dolezal was rightfully shamed and discarded for claiming a heritage that she didn’t earn with the White privilege…