Devonte is crying for his life, America be damned.

Why Did 2 White Women Murder 6 Children of Color?

We can no longer allow the system to continue to devour Black and Brown children under the misleading assumption that White adoptive parents possess the financial means to provide the lifestyle that these kids wouldn’t ordinarily enjoy, based on how their Blackness is grossly devalued compared to White counterparts who cost a lot more to adopt due to the upgrade status of their Whiteness.

The creepy factor that oozes out of White people who are obsessed with Blackness in ways that aren’t healthy or even acceptable can manifest in ways that are downright criminal, and we saw the low level of that play out with Rachel Dolezal.

Dolezal became the nationalized freak of nature a few years ago when she was disgracefully outed as a White women living as the Black woman who happened to be the president of the Spokane, Washington State chapter of the NAACP.

The White woman who claims to be Black, has since changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo, but before that major adjustment, she initiated a nationwide debate about the issue of racial identity and whether or not we have a right to pick and choose the race that best fits our personalities or coerced beliefs.

Some years after Dolezal was rightfully shamed and discarded for claiming a heritage that she didn’t earn with the White privilege that permitted her stolen identity, Netflix debuted The Rachel Divide, a scathingly revealing documentary, that was meant to expose the complex origin of a demonstratively tortured and woefully confused soul.

The film was hard to watch for many reasons, but mainly because of how we got to learn about the parents who were emotionally abusive to their White daughter, overly-protective of their White son, and full blown terrorists to the 4 Black children they adopted.

It was also triggering to watch Dolezal carry over those abusive tendencies to her own children — two biracial sons — who she has subjected to unfathomable circumstances due to the selfishness of putting her own needs above their overall wellbeing, by continuing to pursue the phantom existence of a Black woman regardless of the dire consequences.

But more than anything The Rachel Divide gratifyingly failed at drumming up empathy for a White woman who can’t seem to get out of her own way long enough to survey the ruins of her familial transgressions, and how witnessing her parents and older brother brutalize the Black hostages in her childhood home, may have led her to develop the characteristics of victimhood that translated to the messiness of her current disposition.

The higher end of Whiteness weaponizing Blackness for emotional gain, as the method of disappearing under the falsehood of selflessness motivated by society’s adherence to elevating the beauty of blended communities, was astutely illustrated by Jennifer and Sarah Hart, and 6 children of color that they kidnapped from the system, and held hostage under the casual gaze of mildly concerned neighbors before the scheduled day of execution.

There’s a heartbreaking photo of one of the abused kids, Devonte, emphatically hugging a White police officer during the 2014 Ferguson protests, that polarized the country and served as one of the notable initiators that validated the increasing racial tensions that have only gotten more volatile.

The 11-year-old beautiful Black boy with tears streaming down his streaks, as he’s being consoled by a symbol of brutality against members of his community, possessed the aura of a passionate young soul, who was willing to break up the violence with the imagery of what racial harmony looks like after a temporary truce.

That photo became a viral sensation, and if you look closely you can catch bystanders eagerly snapping away. But what’s even more surreal, is how the media turned the young Black hero into proof of how White and Black can humanly co-exist, and why not all White cops are killer thugs with badges in search of blood from the bodies they systemically brutalize.

There was no opportunity to research the background of “America’s Favorite Black Child” because if that attempt had been made, it’s possible that we would’ve been armed with the disturbing facts of how one of Devonte’s torturers, Sarah Hart, had pled guilty to domestic abuse charges in 2011, and how her plea inexplicably erased the accusations of “malicious punishment of a child.”

White privilege really knows no bounds, and often times the nonchalance of the judicial system as it pertains to the welfare of Black and Brown children can amass precarious situations for helpless children, who are placed under the care of unfit adults, sheathed in sheep’s clothing.

These White women who collected Black and Brown children to fulfill the quota of their social relevance, weren’t at all interested in hosting a safe and nurturing environment for their color-coded brood.

Jennifer and Sarah Hart assembled their young victims for the purpose of showing off a “woke” lifestyle that was somehow meant to attract the attention that would compensate for their dangerously hampered emotional challenges, that were being levied on innocent lives that are lawfully deemed expendable.

It was Sarah Hart who pushed Devonte into that prized photo op, that blew up to become one of the memorable moments of that year. She knew what it would mean based on his Blackness and the vibrant family background that could easily be turned into a reality TV show on TLC.

Four years later, and we can’t help but imagine what those tears represented as the young Black boy tightly gripped the White cop, who could’ve potentially save his life and the lives of his imprisoned siblings.

America thought Devonte was crying in response to social upheaval, when he most likely was expressing the fear of an uncertain future that was being spent in the House of Horrors.

On March 26, 2018, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office announced a gruesome discovery at the scenic Highway 1 in Mendocino County, Northern California. After the death scene was examined, it was determined that the two White women had drugged the kids, and gotten themselves drunk before Jennifer Hart drove off the cliff.

The only reason why the horrific incident made the breaking news cycle, has a lot to do with the famous victim, Devonte, who was 15-years-old at the time, and also because of the photo album splashed on major platforms, that reflected smiling happy faces, bursting with contentment and the pride of embodying the version of “America the beautiful” that’s forcibly sold as the authentic currency of race relations.

All the occupants of the crushed GMC Yukon were found and identified, except Hannah, 16 and Devonte 15.

But that status was updated some weeks ago when the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office found remains that have been assigned to Hannah. This was confirmed after her biological mother contacted authorities after hearing about the crash that also killed her two other children Markis 19, and Abigail 14. The woman provided DNA samples, and that was the only way that the “partial foot in a shoe found a beach” was labeled as Hannah’s.

And now a year later, Devonte is still missing, and the inquiry into the unfathomable event that stunned some of us into emotional anguish has concluded with the jury ruling that the two heartless White women died by suicide, and the untimely deaths of the 6 Black and Brown children was concluded a homicide.

So why did two White women violently murder 6 children of color?

We do know that Washington State, where the Hart women had moved with their prisoners from Oregon had just activated the early stages of an investigation, that was promptly launched when details of abusive behavior towards the children, that included starvation was formally reported.

We are also aware that just hours before the premeditated killings, child protective services had tried to call the Hart women, which explains the abrupt departure to the death site in Northern California.

It has also been divulged that it remarkably took the senseless deaths of 6 young Black and Brown lives at the hands of their criminally-inclined White captors to unearth the damning evidence of the life-threatening climate that ruled the Hart household.

5 states, including Washington were participating in the ongoing investigation into child abuse allegations against Jennifer and Sarah Hart, with the help of testimonies from acquaintances who periodically interacted with the kids, and noted their unkemptness, and how they frequently begged for food.

2 White women with questionable track records were able to legally adopt children and make their lives a living hell without any interference from the law or responsible adults, who incredibly didn’t feel the strong urge to rescue these starving kids from captivity by any means necessary.

It’s unbearably tragic to calculate all the ways in which welfare agencies failed those kids, by not taking the allegations serious enough and tackling the pending issues with the sense of urgency it required, with the understanding that time was of the essence.

The laidback approach to the perilous plight of Black and Brown children under the care of White parents showcases how the system downplays the possibility of the worst case scenario, based on the misleading assumption that close proximity to Whiteness can’t ever yield deadly results.

And while the red flags were waving in the wind, Markis, Abigail, Hannah, Jeremiah, Ciera, and Devonte were being held against their will, smothered in the cruelty of their birthright, and how it swiftly threw him in the dungeon of White thugs, who utilized the lethality of White feminism to finesse the bumps along the way — until the road blocks became too imposing to avoid.

Only time will tell if Devonte’s remains will ever be recovered, or if the rumors that he wasn’t in the doomed vehicle that plunged down the cliff will prove to be true.

But what can’t be refuted is the truth of how an intense overhaul needs to be organized for the purpose of figuring out the major steps, that need to be taken to ensure that the lives of Black and Brown children are upgraded in a manner that denies the demonic applications of nefarious White people, who are searching for Black souls to torment.

And it starts with the media, and how identifying the killers of the deceased as their “parents” and callously adding “Hart” as their last name, is a stark injustice to the real victims of this unforgivable crime, who spent their short years on earth being violated for the pleasures of White women, who were not fit to play the role they purposely distorted.

White privilege is a disease that takes lives, and while we wait for a cure, the life-saving measures has to always begin with the children at a higher risk of contamination and eventual death.

RIP: Markis, Abigail, Hannah, Jeremiah, Ciera, and Devonte

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