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Why Did Mike Pence Disrespect Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Can we all agree that we detest Mike Pence more than Donald Trump? The president is a celebrated scoundrel who always had the reputation of being an asshole long before he turned The White House into a basin of nefariousness.

But Vice President Mike Pence is an absolute waste of space. He follows his yellow-haired master like a panting bus boy — carrying a mop for the purpose of cleaning up the droppings at record speed.

His pathetic display of affection is unsightly, and the best example of how utterly useless he is, has to be the memed-inspired episode involving the battle of wills in the Oval Office, with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, when the president adamantly agreed to fully own the impending shutdown.

Of course, the Liar-in-Chief denies such a thing was said by him, in public, but what else is knew?

The energy in the room was electric, as words and tempers flared and reporters thanked the heavens above for the pure luck of being a part of what will undoubtedly be one of many memorable items from the administration of hell.

Mike Pence was visibly drenched in confusion and timidity, as the chair he was sitting on failed to completely swallow him whole. At one point his eyes were closed, and when they opened, it was obvious that he didn’t quite know who to focus on because of the weight of cowardice on his eyelids.

When it comes to human decency and fulfilling the duty to stand up for what’s honorable and true, the vice president is a supreme dud. He prefers to enable the man who goes against every single thing on the list, that is supposedly devised for those who intend on entering the pearly gates to collect their prize.

Trump’s wearied accomplice is such a loser, that he most likely won’t be given another chance to be a forgettable nuisance, after he’s loudly dropped from the 2020 ticket.

Mike Pence and his wife, second lady, Karen Pence are the typical examples of how evangelical Christians tragically mistake godliness for ugliness.

And while we can talk all day about how and why Christianity prosecutes good to dolly up evil — we have to recognize the potency of White supremacy for the sake of the Civil Rights era and how every day in America is an assault on Blackness.

Martin Luther King Day is a national holiday. It’s the day that we celebrate the hopes and dreams of a man who sacrificed his life for the love his people, and with the heartfelt mission to make equality a language without barriers.

He won the fight, but we lost our victory.

America is now as ugly as it ever was, and the grossness of our existence is heightened by a president, who was born with a golden fork in his ass, which propels his illicitness in all things pertaining to the state of the union. He’s a gangster, who has Whiteness as his global currency. He will never be brought to justice and he will never suffer the consequences for his actions. He will always be given the freedom to destroy and distort with authoritative privilege.

We also have his co-conspirators, who are willing and able to exchange sensible requests with shutdowns that lead to the crisis of our lives.

Mike Pence is the worst of the lot, and while he presents a more sedate shell compared to his volatile partner-in-crime, we can easily summate that his roars are even more deafening.

This is evident in his recent outings to various networks, where he messily conjugates phrases that add up to the incoherent jargon that the Trump administration has mastered to the detriment of their own party.

Pence dared to apply the dysfunctional oracles of White privilege that seems to be embedded in the outright ignorance, that systematically relies on the assumption that White people are permitted to re-arrange the statutes that aren’t for their consumption — in order to participate in events they weren’t initiated for based on their deficiencies.

During a vomit-inducing interview with CBS News, Pence dared to evoke the spirit of Dr. King with a tribute to the fucking wall/barrier/obstruction by contaminating the messaging that applies to Black pride with the poison of White pride:

“One of my favorite quotes from Dr. King was, ‘Now is the time to make real the promises of Democracy.’” “You think of how he changed America, he inspired us to change through the legislative process, to become a more perfect union. That’s exactly what President Trump is calling on the Congress to do, come to the table in a spirit of good faith.”

Now, why do you think Mike Pence decided it was acceptable to disrespect the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

He did it because he can. He did it because he’s a liar and deceiver, who only found out about that “quote” when he was practicing his empty monologue. He did it because Whiteness always relies on Blackness when the stakes are high and selfish pursuits draped in falsehoods inspire condemned executions.

Pence is just following the laws of his ancestors.

From the colonial bastards who raided territories bursting in the splendor of natural wealth; with bibles in one hand and violence in the other, to the slave masters who built a whole world for themselves with the scars of generations — the deadliness of White supremacy has never wavered in the formation of evil in the name of the Lord.

And so we are reminded of Dr. King’s precious words, and how they resonate with silent despair, in an era where White men are proudly declaring their positions as White nationalists, and the vice president of the country that killed him, is disgustingly shitting on the persona of a Black hero, for the pitiful scraps that fail to add value to his racist rant of walls and Democracy.

Mike Pence is the demonstration of how White movies for Black people are produced to assault the Black people who were woefully betrayed beyond measure to provide pleasure and profits, at their own expense, and without consent.

White people use our god-given gifts and richness to disrespect us, and it happens in broad daylight, with swift adherence to their supremacy and the deluded endorsement of the God they serve.

What Mike Pence did with Dr. King’s gorgeously prophetic epilogue was unforgivable and criminal.

It’s really that black and white.

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