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Why Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Must Tackle The Epidemic of Killer Cops

An article from this past summer highlights a societal infamy that presidential candidates must address in their catalog of hits when it comes to wooing voters, many of whom belong to polarized communities that have been subjected to the gangster mentality of rogue cops, who exact a lifetime of bereavement to innocent families, forced to perform the blasphemous act of burying children of color.

The Los Angles Times spends more time discussing how Black men and boys are “2.5 times more likely than white men and boys to die during an encounter with cops.”

There’s also a brief reminder of how this nonstop violence by killer cops also affects women and girls of color with rates of occurrences climbing the charts, each passing year:

“The analysis also showed that Latino men and boys, black women and girls and Native American men, women and children are also killed by police at higher rates than their white peers.”

Again, we don’t need furnished stats to grasp the direness of relations between badged officers of the law, and targeted populations that are vulnerable to those thuggish tendencies, that always end in unnecessary tragedies, that badged murderers are able to seamlessly walk way from unscathed without the threat of a jail sentence.

We are still reeling from the ongoing disaster stemming from the Botham Jean case, featuring the inexplicable antics of a former Dallas Police officer, Amber Guyger, who walked into the apartment belonging to someone else, and proceeded to shoot the unarmed renter.

Additional events have transpired with notable timing, days after Guyger, a White woman with the usual flair for theatrics as evidenced in her tearful testimony, was gifted with the light sentence of 10 years, with the booster of a courtroom “Kumbaya” that showcased bear hugs from the younger brother of the slain Black man, and the Black woman judge who would never show that level of compassion to her own.

The present disposition of this nation is devastatingly coerced when it comes to fulfilled justice on behalf of Black lives that still don’t matter.

It’s a travesty that the narrative of coverage was righteously devoted to the welfare of the White woman, who was swiftly under the care of Dallas Police, minutes after she shot an unarmed Black man in his own unit, at the expense of the Black victim, who most certainly wouldn’t be supportive of the nationalized empathy awarded to his killer.

The secrets and lies that have shielded the unanswered questions pertaining to Amber Guyger’s state of mind, when she walked into an apartment that she wasn’t renting, and didn’t even peep the mistake until after she conveniently shot the occupant in the chest, will always remain a mystery that can’t be solved until law enforcement takes ownership of it’s crimes against humanity.

But the truth is that Sandra Bland’s murder will haunt me for eternity.

A beautiful and highly intelligent Black woman isn’t here because of the fateful encounter with a White traffic cop, who was determined to fuck her up. The published video clip went viral, and the comments section proved to be a nauseating experience, and really, at that moment, I hated Tyler Perry for his box office success with the material that validated the misleading label of the “angry Black woman.”

Sandra Bland had every right to be incensed with Officer Brian Encina, when you consider his unprovoked harshness that set the tone for the rest of the episode, that was meant to end with the unfathomable death of a vibrant, young Black woman, who outsmarted her captor and paid dearly for her “wokeness.”

Bland was blamed for her temperament, as if her unwillingness to be bamboozled by a White man who was expectedly weaponizing his position against her was actually her fault.

The same generalized anthem of how Black women get what they push for, thanks to their “attitude” deficiency was also delegated to another heartbreaking case, that quite frankly forces my blood to boil over with the steam of disillusionment and acute desperation over how countless Black lives have been horrifically silenced without the national outcry that would ordinarily ensue if a White woman underwent what Korryn Gaines endured.

Gaines was at her Randallstown, Maryland home with her five-year-old son, when they were besieged by a SWAT of cowardly lions, who were hellbent on terrorizing a 23-year-old Black woman, who had outstanding warrants that included the typical traffic violation.

She was being hunted to death as punishment for her failure to honor court appointments.

There was hardly anything in the file that contained the kind of shit that would warrant a home invasion that’s usually secured for notorious drug lords on the run from both domestic and international forces.

The absolutely terrifying gun battle between an armed young Black woman who documented the harrowing minutes leading to the war of her life on Facebook, ended the way we assume it would because of the normalization of viral videos that robotically depict what happens when you live in a country that off of the brutality that caters to the whims of toxic police officers.

Korryn Gaines was shot to death in her own home on a summer day in August 2016, and her precious little boy was wounded from the flying bullets, and of course the Baltimore County Officers who were determined to deliver the penalties against her over her dead body, initially alleged that Gaines must’ve mistakenly harmed her own child with her bullets.

Justice for Korryn Gaines and her injured son who made a full physical recovery, but is forever scarred by the bloody massacre of his mother, who refused to go down without a fight, especially when she understood her rights as a citizen, and how her wrongdoings didn’t require deadly force by law enforcement, is still pending.

Her family tried but failed to retain the $37 million in damages from the wrongful death law suit after it was established that the gang of cops fired into the home of the 23-year-old Black woman first, as she tightly embraced her child, after a long standoff.

It was determined that those actions were “not reasonable, and thus violated their civil rights.”

Of course Baltimore County challenged the court’s more than fair ruling literally a month later, and tragically a year later on Valentine’s Day of 2019, Judge Mickey J. Norman, an apparent racist, callously “dismissed the original complaint and consequently remitted the award of over $37 million,” causing the family of Korryn Gaines to consider filing an appeal.

First off, it’s beyond crazy that a young Black woman, who was grappling with mental illness, while accommodating the hostility from a biased system, was denied the professional care she deserved. It’s also unfathomable that we are tolerating the brutish behavior of uniformed renegades, operating on the premise that makes it lawful to break down the door of an occupant, with the mission to forcibly carry her out — dead or alive.

Most of the comments directly below the frightening video seemed to applaud the shooting death of Korryn Gaines because of the fact that she was armed, and irresponsibly putting her young son in the line of fire.

There was absolutely zero concern for how this young woman, who was forced to fight for her life, with the knowledge of how her demise was imminent. And when faced with the duty to shame an army of assholes, balancing weaponry that’s usually reserved for the battlefield, the only option was to valiantly reject victimhood.

It’s the same shit, over and over, and over again, and thankfully Beto O’Rourke is doing an enviable job speaking out against the flourishing status of gun violence in America, after the back-to-back shooting spree in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, with the former initiated by the radicalization of White males under the tutelage of Trump’s diseased Twitter page.

But in actuality, gun violence goes beyond the purposed activism of O’Rourke, when you consider the rampant nature of police brutality that serves as the jaws of death for Black kids, like Tamar Rice, who was gunned down in cold blood by a killer cop from Ohio, who almost beat the system with the return of his badge, until Samaria Rice intervened.

The unimaginable woes of Black mothers, forces them to contend with the never-ending strife of mourning the senseless loss of their Black babies.

This is coupled with the lifelong commitment to seeking justice for those murders, and the cold and hot cases that won’t be rectified until these Black warriors strategically insert themselves in the channels of authority that have to be updated accordingly.

We now wonder who will fight on behalf of the Fort Worth Texas Black woman, Atatiana Jefferson, who was just 28-years-old at the time of her violent death at the hands of a murderous White cop, who joined the police force in April 2018.

Atatiana Jefferson. Image courtesy of Facebook

I know the date the reckless asshole was officially accepted into the poilice academy because of how the media has paid particular attention to this detail, in an effort to make the case for the rookie cop, who shot into the window of a private home after barking orders, without the foresight of how his actions could result in the death of an innocent occupant in her own damn home!

Atatiana was shot dead in her bedroom after a concerned neighbor felt the need to call the non-emergency number in the early hours of Saturday morning to complain about the doors that were ajar, as the lights stayed open.

The arriving officer began to investigate the scene around 2.25 am, and when he noticed movement through the window, he yell out the standard:

“Put your hands up! Show me your hands!”

And then, relying on the lack of training that should equip newbies and veterans with the tools of engagement that prevents the option to kill first, before identifying the non-threatening stance of unsuspecting victims, the guilty White cop fires at will.

Atatiana didn’t survive her bullet wounds, and as always the press made sure to inform us that there was a gun nearby the body, as if it’s hard to reconcile the sheer terror that gripped this Black girl, who was busy playing video games with her nephew, when she heard noises outside, and went to see what was up.

She didn’t even have the chance to assess the situation and the cop never bothered to make contact before killing her.

Following with the protocol of other Black families who are tasked with burying slaughtered loves ones, The Jefferson clan have retained the services of a renowned civil rights lawyer, who will begin the journey that never ends with the amicable agreement of the wounded parties.

As for the stunned neighbor who made that fateful call, James Smith, there’s the accompanying regret that will never leave his side, when he concludes how wrong he was to dial the police, as the bloody aftermath of his decision haunts him.

The Fort Worth Police issued the generic statement that implicates the White cop, who pretty much knew he was going to shoot whoever was in the home at that time, regardless of innocence, because of the assumptions that factor in when a likely suspect could be Black

When you read the entire response, it’s mighty hard not to be sickened by the casual method of delivering the weightiness of these encounters, that blatantly disclose how and why gun violence is spearheaded by the unprofessionalism of police officers, who are evidently trained to consider every moving object as a threat, without the armor of common sense and due diligence.

“Details stated the front door of the residence was open. Responding officers searched the perimeter of the house and observed a person standing inside the residence near a window. Perceiving a threat the officer drew his duty weapon and fired one shot striking the person inside the residence.”

So basically the summation of events proves that Atatiana Jefferson was gunned down in her own home due to the “threat” she posed to the cop, who failed to announce himself accordingly, which created confusion on both sides.

Except for the fact that it was the Black woman who died, and the surviving officer, who has since resigned, will have to face the charges that he’s earned.

The epidemic of killer cops who are armed and dangerous can’t be overlooked by presidential hopefuls who are banking on their “wokeness” as the currency for inspiring the votes that will bequeath them the presidency.

The viral videos that illustrate the final moments of yet another Black life don’t do shit. The overshares of graphic content have given loyal revelers permission to comfortably internalize the evils of gun violence without causing reactions that exude humanness.

We can’t continue to click on the latest headline in Moments that showcases the image of a young Black woman who didn’t know that her profile pic would be assigned to the hashtag mourning her passing.

It’s time for town halls and drafted legislation that are erected for the duty of holding law enforcement readily accountable for shooting deaths that are persist under the directives of a criminalized judicial system.

It’s time to stop downplaying this national crisis that’s managed under the guidance of officials who only protect the best interests of their own.

Amber Guyger is going to exit her prison cell in about 5 years or less, thanks to the allegiance of Dallas Police, and how she was insulated from the line of questioning that would’ve revealed how and why she was able to make such a deadly mistake with her entire mind intact.

Atatiana Jefferson’s killer has been suspended pending “a thorough investigation,” but we don’t need to wait for that mess to play out to the tune of the traitorous announcement that vindicates the murderous cop, and leaves her sorrowful family with the burden of fighting against the tremendous odds for a flicker of hope that their dead relative will finally rest in peace.

It’s time to hear the ambitious itineraries from the group of candidates who profess their adherence to equal rights on all fronts.

Police brutality can’t wait, and the Black lives waiting in line certainly can’t wait either.

Let’s do this!

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