He’s the man!

Why Colin Kaepernick Is The Person of the Future

We can all agree that the current climate dictated the outcome of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. The end of year ritual is performed through the lenses of those who’ve managed to garner attention for their heroism or ability to stir the pot in ways that muster global interest.

Tarana Burke

Instead — I choose the incomparable Colin Kaepernick as my Person of the Future.

Kaepernick was on the short list of qualifiers and in my opinion he personifies all the qualities of an unrelenting warrior who is willing to take a stand against the normalized injustice that has claimed victims like Bland, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and countless others — who have left their mark on the streets of America while their souls hover-in-waiting for the delivery of well-deserved justice.

Kaepernick is currently a free agent and recently “filed a grievance against the NFL” which alleges that “he remains unsigned as a result of collusion by owners following his protest.”

In the midst of this fated disruption is the realization that this burgeoning activist is fast becoming the voice of his generation and the fiery beacon of the future. All it took was a commitment to a cause that couldn’t be ignored regardless of the cost to his reputation or career.

He’s The Man!

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