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Why CNN Shouldn’t Hire Conservative Bigots For Ratings

The Trump years began before they began, and by that I mean the fact that Candidate Trump was able to really sound the alarm for die-hard racists, who had to stay silent during the Obama years, but thankfully the freedom of speech that actually gets people killed was making a roaring comeback.

We can emphatically express how much we detest Trump’s direct approach when it comes to upholding the statutes of White nationalism with unapologetic brutishness, but the truth is that it takes a village to build a monster.

My anger lies squarely with liberal media, and how these organizations are itching dangerously closer to the normalized outlandishness of conservative mediums, that have been empowered by the lawlessness of their supreme leader, who can easily wipe them off the face of the earth if there’s a snag in the 24/7 worship fest.

Fox News shouldn’t even be allowed to exist, given the atrocious behavior of undisciplined anchors, who are blessed with brief vacations as payback for quoting ugly monologues, infused with inflammatory content that’s meant to reassure ignorant viewers about the retained superiority of Whiteness.

There’s nothing more tragic than the functioning mechanisms of a criminalized establishment that dictates messaging, shaping the national narrative.

The polarizing presence of an unqualified presidential contender, who was a former reality TV star, with a jaggedly boisterous character that turned everything into the priceless skits that currently keep Saturday Night Live, alive, evolved into the infectious source of material that couldn’t be refused.

It was evidently refreshing to be feted by the level of mayhem and chaos that couldn’t be contained due to the requirements of a democracy that was pretty much filleted for the purpose of providing citizens priceless entertainment for free.

CNN barely attempted to ignore the circus, and eventually the barriers broke when unfiltered cameras captured the Trump jumbo jet, parked at the tarmac for almost an hour. The elaborate homage paid to the “man of the hour” who was being groomed for his official role as “terrorizer-in-chief,” proved to be the early footage of what we could expect in the months to come.

Trump TV has conquered every major cable news network, and while the scripts propel vastly different objectives, the ultimate goal of producers is to continuously capitalize on the intoxicating volatility, stemming from a nefarious administration that’s committed to the task of keeping the supremacy of Whiteness as the non-negotiable.

After the horrifying season of observing the barking bulldog turn televised debates into boxing matches with no regard for the safety of his more accomplished opponent, coupled with the inconceivable victory that stunned the globe — the only option was to bear the unbearable while praying for the elusive miracle.

In the meantime, we rely on the communication skills of star anchors and reporters, who were supposed to learn the hard lessons of 2016 with the pledge to stop fucking around, and settle on the more dignified mode of delivery, that can’t waste any time on the aimlessness of staged banter, that rarely ever reaches fruitful resolve.

But as 2019 draws to a close, and the election season of 2020 looms ahead with dangerous proximity, viewers at home have to contend with the dysfunctional attributes of preferred networks, that are geared up for another round of trashy fare, courtesy of the ruthlessness that drives pointless conversations that do nothing more than spread the contagion.

We no longer have access to daily press briefings, which was always in the works even before Sarah Sanders ended her reign as Trump’s dysfunctional mouthpiece. The baton was passed on to Stephanie Grisham, who has relaxed into the exercise of retweeting insults and fabrications littering the Twitter page of her unhinged boss, while appearing on Fox News to hide from the responsibilities of her “job.”

For those of us who screamed “Lock Him Up!” not too long ago, there’s mostly CNN and MSNBC for daily recaps and roundtables that are surely spinning out of control.

There’s also the invites to conservative pundits, who support the crimes against humanity that their supreme leader casually directs with the scummy nonchalance that should have him behind bars, but of course, the impeachment process must play out accordingly.

CNN has been notoriously courting a slew of talking heads, who make their unsightly appearances with the pompous recklessness that resembles the bullish oaf in the White House.

And through the relentless outcries that condemn the irresponsible decisions by network producers, who cowardly hide behind the veil of hypocrisy when offering pathetic excuses for why racist White males, who are proud members of the racist GOP, would be asked to defend the racism of a racist president — there’s the utter betrayal that must be reversed.

But how can that happen when we are still tormented with the shameless bigotry of new hires like former Republican congressman Sean Duffy, who shocked both parties when he publicly demeaned a decorated Army veteran and National Security official, by casting doubt on the trusted credentials and patriotism of an immigrant soldier from Ukraine — Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman.

The awful segment for CNN morning show, New Day, was anchored by CNN staple, John Berman, who was tasked with picking the puny brain of his newly-installed colleague. Duffy was brashly following the rulebook of Trump soldiers, who are mandated to voice suspicion on anyone who dares to speak against this thuggish administration.

It was also quite helpful that Vindman’s strong ties to his homeland could be used against him since “American-born” doesn’t apply in his case. And so Duffy, went for it!

“It seems very clear that he is incredibly concerned about Ukrainian defense. I don’t know that he’s concerned about American policy.”

That was the answer given, when the discussion about Vindman’s birthplace and how it could factor into his motives to simply tell the truth and stay honorable as opposed to lying to protect the interests of a practiced criminal — took a blinding turn for the worse.

The superstars of CNN came back swinging, as if they couldn’t comprehend how such a thing could happen on their watch.

Chief legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, didn’t hold back his disgust — “with all due respect to our new contributor, former Congressman Duffy,” his remarks were “insanity, and frankly, anti-immigrant bigotry.”

Later that afternoon, Brianna Keilar, showcased her revulsion as she theatrically delivered her rebuke to Duffy’s derogatory remarks about a war hero who served in the U.S. Army:

“It’s an odd questioning of patriotism coming from Sean Duffy, the guy who spent part of his 20s on MTV’s ‘The Real World’ and ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge’ while Alexander Vindman spent his on foreign deployments, including one to Iraq where he earned a Purple Heart after he was injured by a roadside bomb.”

But the clap backs from incensed prominent employees of CNN are falling on the deaf ears of the conniving network’s bigwigs, who are convinced that the actively urgent conservations that have to be accommodated, can’t be fully vetted without the addition of the likes of Sean Duffy & Co., who generously spice shit up with that signature brand of overt bigotry.

CNN Chief, Jeff Zucker fielded inquiries at a recent conference hosted by Brian Stelter, the chief media correspondent for the network, and when asked about the hovering disapproval over the roster of pro-Trump fixtures, who are paid to essentially lie their asses off, Zucker defiantly defended those choices.

But the worst defense came from Rebecca Kutler, CNN vice president, who didn’t mince words when talking to POLITICO, right after the controversial morning segment with Duffy. Kutler highlighted the valued contribution of the congressman from Wisconsin, who based on his track record, is more than qualified to “share with our audience what’s important to the voters he’s represented and how that will impact the 2020 election.”

And herein lies the problem!

The 2020 election is being primed to exceed the destructiveness of 2016, and with the shit show of impeachment proceedings elevating the maniacal tendencies of the main attraction, we definitely can’t afford a repeat of the damaging mechanisms that cable news anchors displayed with a lot of help from unreliable sources.

Sean Duffy may have been “elected to Congress a [whopping] five times,” but that enviable trajectory can’t excuse his nasty habit of un-Americanizing war vets who were born abroad, and managed to heroically demonstrate their Americanness in ways that their racist shamers failed do with excellence.

CNN can’t say shit about Fox News when both organizations share the same addiction for scorching ratings at the expense of the mental stability of loyal viewers, and the harassed members of targeted communities, who shouldn’t be subjected to additional beatings from traitorous news organizations that are sadly selling out.

Why are media outfits allowed to retain the services of troublesome employees, who freely make offensive remarks that should get them fired with the haste that would follow any other employee at companies that operate in private?

It’s offensive to hear Jeff Zucker make excuses for the kind of programming that he aggressively champions, when you consider how it depicts the normalization of the kind of language that was never hosted on the air, until Donald Trump made it “a thing,” at televised rallies.

Conservative bigots shouldn’t be on CNN, and if they are brought on for the much-needed different point of view, they have to be abruptly dismissed if those bold lines are crossed.

It’s time to decide what we love more.

Is it the debilitating adherence to the ferocious climate of combativeness or the more astute doses of hopefulness, courtesy of the professionalism of truth-tellers, who can’t be bothered with blasphemous dialogues that overwhelm brightly-lit studios with floating debris.

Weren’t we supposed to be out of the rubble by 2020?

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