A face only a freak could love.

Why #Clown Lives Matter is a Reminder that Black America Can’t Ever Escape Social Thievery

Clowns. Fucking clowns are being threatened by a nationwide epidemic that has even reached the desk of President Obama. Apparently a group of demented pranksters are terrorizing citizens with knives while donning freakish costumes that are meant to evoke the real-life version of Stephen King’s most menacing character in his gem — It.

Apparently Pennywise is making a glorious and timely comeback. Maybe he can run for president!

Again, this isn’t an experience that I can’t share with astute knowledge.

What I do have the authority to convey is my disgust with the way Black Lives Matter has been vandalized and reconstructed to fit the initiatives of the very people who frown upon its message.

#BlackLivesMatter was conceived in 2012 in response to the tragic murder of a young black teenager — Trayvon Martin. His killer George Zimmerman is currently a free man because the system has been designed to protect White people from suffering the consequences of their dire actions.

The message? White Lives Always Matter and Black Lives Are Expendable.

As ludicrous as that sounds — evidence has consistently shown that most Americans truly accept this logic. This is why one horrific moment in time became a movement.

Since its inception, #BlackLivesMatter has effectively waged a battle against injustice but condemning the ongoing racially-motivated attacks against a community that has weathered its fair share of unnecessary bullshit that is essentially costing lives. Even Black kids aren’t exempt from the horrors that unfold in broad daylight.

This activated initiative isn’t transferable. It isn’t an idea that can be translated in ways that don’t co-exist with the main objectives or overall mission — which is to preserve the dignity and legacy of Black America.

Once the movement became the movement and evolved into the beacon of hope that alights whenever the alarm is delivered — skeptics couldn’t contain their disgust. How dare we declare that Our Lives Matter when clearly #AllLivesMatter. And even worse was the #WhiteLivesMatter offering which was, undoubtedly meant to serve as a reminder of what we already know — lest we stupidly forget.

It would be redundant to continue the courtesy of explaining the relevant role the founders of #BlackLivesMatter assume with unrelenting passion and devotion.

In this instance, my goal is to call out non-black folks who have once again stolen an idea that is obviously not meant for their consumption.

Let’s talk about — #ClownLivesMatter.

Jordan Jones, a twenty-year-old White guy — who is privileged enough to not worry about dodging bullets or being slammed to the ground with a gun plastered in his back — is quite dismayed at the fact that clowns all over the country are being discriminated against because of some bad seeds infecting the otherwise jovial pool.

Geez! Where is a superhero when you need one?

Well, it looks like this dashing young lad and part-time clown is ready to fight for Freedom, Justice and the American Way. The American Way is rooted in our ability to forcibly take what doesn’t belong to us. It is the ability to steal with the confidence that comes with overt sanctimoniousness.

White people have perfected this art to a fault. There is no need to get into the intricacies of how, why and when because that would mean a never-ending story. The crux of this matter lies in the basic facts that illustrate how very unrelated clowns are with a group of people that are essentially endangered species at this point.

#BlackLivesMatter is not an interchangeable hashtag that can be toyed with to appease the appetite of hungry gamers, acrobats or unemployed clowns — who need to start a revolution — but, can’t seem to come up with a signature description to save their lives.

Your lives have been saved. Black Lives on the other hand can’t compete with that level of comfort and peace. We have no choice but to demand that White people respect our need to say those words out loud — with fury and authority.

That is how we intend to save Our Lives.


If you can’t grasp that concept — then let me help you.

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