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The winning stance of Whiteness

Why Chaos From Mueller Report Is America’s Verified Bromance With White Privileged Males

Special counsel Robert Mueller is most likely toasting the ceremonious end to his two-year assignment, that captivated attention both at home and abroad, as inquiring minds were ready to engage with the damning proof, that would once and for all end the mystery behind the nefarious rise of a thuggish oaf, who most definitely colluded with a foreign power to seal the fate of his worthier opponent.

This past few days have revealed what most of us secretly harbored during this torturous exercise in disciplined temperament, that basically no yoga class can adequately equip you with, when you consider the high-stakes involved in this life and death scenario.

For those at the back of the class, who aren’t fully aware of the activated matters of urgency, we are deeply engaged in a deadly race war, that has been endorsed by the White supremacist leader, who rules the GOP with an iron fist, and has successfully brought all the main players to the dark side.

This explains the initial summation of The Report, that basically absolves the war-monger of the serious accusations that would’ve solidified his true station as the traitorous coward, who disgustingly rejected the investigative summaries from his own intelligence agency, in favor of the “strong and powerful” denial of Russia’s dreaded dictator when it comes to dangerously threatening America’s democracy during the 2016 elections.

And of course even before the utterly disastrous European tour in the summer of 2018, there have been notable instances of gross negligence by the president, who has followed the blueprint of systemized global destruction with his tactful ploy to disengage from formal and personal relations with trusted allies, that took decades to finesse into a durable establishment.

From the nonsensically ill-advised attacks on NATO to the stunningly aggressive reception offered to perplexed world leaders, who have stealthily realigned forces without the dependability of a former “world police” that has tragically become a hollowed shell of its former self.

The agent of doom has been thriving under the banner of America’s most valued currency of untouchable Whiteness, and how the historically-lethal weaponry permits Donald Trump to run his cabinet as the extended home office of criminal activity, that recalls the gangster era when he terrorized New Yorkers with eviction and set up foundations for the sole purpose of funding his backed up debts.

The incompetent bullish oaf, who bankrolled his access to the highest office in the land has committed major atrocities that should automatically have him permanently removed from the station that he stole for the glory of fulfilling the wiles of an over-blown ego. But the institutions that uphold the Anglo-Saxon law of immunity have ordained White males in America virtually untouchable when it comes to accountability.

This means that even when the lives of innocents hang in the balance from the consequences of Trump’s reckless abandon, that directs him to foolishly and dangerously dispute the thoroughness of the CIA when it comes crimes against humanity; like the brutal slaying of Saudi-born Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, under the orders of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman — the faithful soldiers of White nationalism will defiantly stand by their corrupt leader.

And when Trump feels gutted by the embarrassment of being blindsided by national security advisers, who have a more realistic assessment of Iran as it pertains to the terms of the nuclear agreement, and the reasonable timeline of withdrawal from Syria, he can freely utilize Twitter as his vengeful tool of engagement, by alerting cautious observers and joyful detractors to the severity of his unhinged and unsupervised status.

Imagine, Obama depositing a series of daily Tweets that have the potential to fuck up the stock market while creating utter chaos in the intelligence community and every facet of the crumbling governmental structure.

It’s hard to conceive of such a thing, because a president of color wouldn’t be given the allowance to operate in such a fashion.

That’s why the aftermath of the Mueller Report and the backlash that is currently unfolding isn’t a shocker, in fact it would’ve been a miraculous occurrence if the results had exposed Trump’s partnership with Putin, and how the public ass-kissing in Helsinki was the ultimate display of loyal affection between two authoritarians.

Donald Trump is gloating in his long-awaited victory, and his evil helpers are heaving a sigh of relief that the worst is over.

Whatever transpires in the weeks ahead won’t sweep away the facts of this infuriating case, that clearly presents the residue of the 2016 elections, via the headiness of the media, and how the elements are forming to give Trump the re-election that is all but guaranteed.

This latest nationalized snafu is also a great opportunity to highlight the reminders of how Whiteness in America can’t be defeated, regardless of the blinding evidence against the wrongdoer, and how in ordinary circumstances, the guilty would be systematically punished — accordingly.

The bromance between a country that still accommodates the increasing deadliness of hate crimes with disturbing nonchalance, and the White males in positions of power, who continue to do what’s necessary to exacerbate the epidemic of volatile divisiveness based on their supremacy, is an unbreakable bond that is far from done with the mission of royally fucking us over — for good.

If we want to win this war of blood, guts, and glory, we have to first and foremost recognize the principles that keep Whiteness purely cleansed from the judicial obligations that keep Black teens locked up and rotting from low-level offenses that their White male counterparts can skip away from without looking back.

White men will rarely pay the price for habitually breaking the law, and even when they’re trapped in the inescapable glare of the nation, the judgment will be based on the privilege that continuously sustains illustrious members of society who will always avoid the heavy blows, with no apologies.

The conversation of the next several weeks will be the unbearable chamber of empty shatter that will combust into nothingness, and leave wearied viewers with the bitterness of the realization of how their embattled ruler has been re-energized with the dose of his staggering pompousness.

Before he became president, Trump defiantly stated that he “could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and wouldn’t lose voters.”

Despite his track record as “Liar-in-Chief,” we can’t deny that in this case, he was telling the absolute truth.

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