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Why Celebs Should Be Knocked Off Those Pedestals


The world is on fire! 2020 has turned out to be the masterpiece of the devil’s wrath and as we approach the half-way mark, we shudder to think of what lies ahead for the remaining months.

Covid-19 erupted into the ongoing nightmare that has so far killed over 100,000 Americans, and the worst of it has to be the frightening data that confirms the inevitable rise of new cases in the same states that rushed to reopen.

Our whole lives took an abrupt detour into the secret destination that’s still unfolding with formidable authority.

For those who lost their jobs as a result of the national shutdown, the paltry handout from the government has done very little if anything to relive the heavy burden of mounting bills, and the pressure of keeping up with monthly rent.

Mainstream media traitorously shamed over-worked and now jobless Americans for daring to opt for the privilege of unemployment benefits rather than the swift return to the thankless employment status that features long hours with stagnant wages.

The undignified segments on CNN and like-minded networks insinuate that these everyday Americans who are barely hanging on, are to blame for the bleeding economy that’s being ravaged by record number of filings for the government assistance, that that pales in comparison to the million-dollar bail outs that were sent to billion- dollar organizations like the Los Angeles Lakers.

There’s also the lack of coverage that should’ve targeted how the rich and famous residents of New York City, the ground zero of the coronavirus, fast and furiously packed their belongings, and headed to the isolated retreat of suburbia to escape the growing crisis they could afford to abandon with guiltless audacity.

Perhaps it would’ve been hypocritical for overpaid anchors in glitzy studios to callout their fellow comrades in entitlement, since they also ran to the same enclave of opulence and set up shop in “basements” to heroically work through this unprecedented period in our history.

Currently, the flames of discontent are widespread and hotter than hell, as we are assaulted with yet another graphic episode of police brutality that recalls the stunning murder of Eric Garner not too long ago.

George Floyd, 46, was murdered on the streets of Minnesota by a killer cop, who was assisted by three thugs-in-uniform, who made no attempts to wrestle the killer off his dying victim, who screamed the bone-chilling words we’ve heard before:

“I Can’t Breathe!”

The viral death video that has been viewed millions of times around the world has expectedly revived the anguish of the countless Black lives that have been violently cut short by criminalized institutions, that breeds killer cops who are trained to escalate non-threatening encounters with unarmed Black citizens.

Protesters have taken to the streets across the country and in some parts of the globe to denounce the horrific killing of George Floyd, and those before him, at the hands of killer cops, and with the full support of a biased judicial system that’s constructed to ensure that these murderers will eventually be acquitted of their crimes.

The maddening aspect of the media’s coverage of these heated demonstrations that contain the ingredients of suspected white supremacist groups and agenda-based infiltrators, is the glaring lack of diversity at big name news organizations, that perpetuate the mandate of inclusion without actually following those requirements.

We are also confronted with the unbearable silence and non-visibility of A-listers, who have no issue begging their fans to ride or die when it comes to turning their action movies to blockbusters and their TV series into contenders for additional seasons, but when our lives our hanging in the balance, somehow their loyalty is sorely missing.

CNN’s Don Lemon, the only Black talent who has the power to protect our narrative since all his colleagues are white, has been trending after he used his segment to expose the blatant nonchalance of Hollywood, particularly Black superstars, who are so disconnected from our grim reality, they literally have no clue how to offer tangible comfort and activism.

“Yes, I’m calling you out, and you can be mad at me all you want. And what they’re doing, you’re sitting there and watching TV and you’re b***tching abut it… Get on television or do something and help these young people instead of sitting in your mansions and doing nothing. And have some moral courage and stop worrying about your reputation and your brand.

Lemon also went on to chastise cowardly celebs who care more about their precious brands and the prominent white industries they’re attached to, and would rather avoid the dangers of speaking out about the lethality of white supremacy, and how it endangers Black lives that tragically never matter when killer cops are on the prowl.

“I don’t want people to see me mad, it might hurt my business, I’m so upset I have to go to my country house.”

It’s absolutely the right time to remove privileged, out-of-touch, self-centered, shamelessly ineffective, and overly-pampered celebrities off those shady pedestals that you’ve helped to create with the misleading themes that were never applicable.

This season of heightened emotions and unfathomable grief from a deadly virus with no cure has revealed the blinding insufferableness of chatty A-listers, who willingly showcase their remarkable hideaways and make unfunny jokes about the cruelty of self-isolating in massive fortresses with no end in sight.

The bitter truth eventually makes its ugly appearance and it usually takes monumental events to finally get the unfiltered view that damningly implicates the lackluster efforts of superstars, who expect the world but can’t seem to return the favor when Black lives are burning.

The formation of the civil rights movement orchestrated by the icons of that era who sacrificed their Black lives for the enduring love of their people, was enhanced by the profound presence and contributions of notable Black men and women, who attached themselves to the front lines of the battle that’s still ongoing.

It’s devastating to note the inactions of Black celebs who boast skyrocketing numbers of followers as badges of honor, coupled with “hives” that readily defend outside forces of doom, and yet when it comes to providing ample support to protestors and inconsolable fanbases, there’s not enough to show they’ve adequately risen to the occasion.

Kim Kardashian West is quite talkative while making well-documented trips to The White House for photo ops to validate her newfound passion for criminal justice reform. And her upcoming documentary that details her switch from reality TV star to reality TV justice fighter will undoubtedly be another hit for the family empire that’s been enriched by mercilessly poaching from Black culture and Black women aesthetics.

But where’s that voice of reason when it’s needed the most?

It took a long while for Kim to express her assessment of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police brutality and her too-late response is proof of what happens when social media forces the disengaged to do what they would rather ignore.

It’s no shocker when white celebs prefer to look away from the scene of the crime that involves Black victims, who die from the scorn of white power in America. But when their Black counterparts are content with doing the bare minimum without even bothering to stop by to give a boost to those who’ve taken to the streets to uplift the names of the dead — that betrayal cuts deep.

Making calls to bereaved Black families or posting and reposting calls for action with links to sites for monetary donations is one way to go.

But it certainly doesn’t maximize the full potential of massive platforms that seem to be committed to clips of exercise sessions with expensive trainers, cooking lessons in decked out kitchens, and legions of pictorials depicting joy while many suffer.

It is unforgivable to witness splashy pages belonging to “influencers” who only know the meaning of the word when it befits sponsorships and moneymaking alliances, completely devoid of any evidence of this national emergency.

Where’s the viral Instagram Live chats that should be converted to the interactive epicenter that A-listers utilize for harmonious episodes, that both enlighten and inspire. And most importantly reassure heartbroken fans that their faves really do give a fuck.

It’s time to reconsider how we roll when it comes to the unhealthy allegiance to Black celebrities who don’t live up to basic expectations, and how they are effortlessly placed on too high of a pedestal.

So high, they can’t look down — even for a minute.

Black worshippers of non-Black celebs like the Kardashian/Jenner dynasty should be aware that they’ve barely recorded emotions about the travesty that puts you in immediate danger. Stop giving your dollars to wealthy poachers who don’t care a thing about you or your survivability.

Black lives matter. And while we fight for what that means, let’s also knock down the pampered obstacles that are getting in the way.

Nina Simone said it best:

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