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Why Celebrity Culture Needs To Die


Independence Day 2020 was a lot more sober than usual for obvious reasons. So of course once Kanye West dropped the formal announcement of his proposed presidential run, the remaining hours of the so-called “holiday” was spent dissecting the inexplicable.

It didn’t take long for Kim Kardashian West to tweet a supportive message to her hubby of six years with the patriotic symbol that pays homage to an embattled country that has bequeathed more blessings than she can count.

For Kimmy, this latest stunt is on brand for what she and her relatives/business partners represent under the tutelage of their ruthless momager, Kris Jenner, who shamelessly pimped out her underaged daughter Kylie, by cosigning authorized surgeries and questionable romances — all for the worship of the almighty dollar.

When celebrity culture was unleashed a little over a decade ago, thanks to the raging machine of reality TV, and thirsty D-listers, who were finally gaining the level of fame that used to be exclusively assigned to A-list movie stars, observers were cautiously fascinated by this seductive phenomenon.

E!’s goldmine, Keeping Up With The Kardashians was an instant hit, after its debut back in 2007, which paved the way for the roster of incredulously soapy offerings, that rely heavily on the winning formula currently curating mind-blowing stats for Instagram, and other designated platforms for raving narcissists.

Suddenly, it was no longer taboo to pompously boast about direct accessibility to a lucrative lifestyle, specifically manicured to make viewers drool with envy, thanks to episodic evidence of massive mansions, VIP entrances to luxurious events, the assembly of fashionable goods and services, and other miscellaneous items that verify unattainable opulence.

Fast forward to the present, and the overbearing era of the influencer marketplace has evolved into an unsightly bastion of acute dysfunction, mixed with unsurprising elements of what happens when our very worst attributes congregate to devour blindingly criminal aspects of capitalism.

From the overtly racist antics of over-popularized, overpaid YouTube stars, to the infamous vultures, who are handsomely rewarded by the traitorousness of the beauty and fashion industry for relentlessly poaching Black cultures without assigning credit to discarded originators — it seems we’re rapidly reaching our limits when it comes to the unsightliness of rabid celebrity culture.

Days before Mrs. West gave her seal of approval for the world to see, regarding Ye’s mind-boggling declaration, the reality TV star, entrepreneur and self-professed lawyer-in-the-making, was already catching heat for the tone-deaf scrapbook on Twitter, depicting the rustic spread of the Wyoming ranch that hosted daughter North’s seventh birthday extravaganza.

A year ago, this habitual homage to the glitzy excesses that dutifully inspire hashtags that applaud the validation of living your #bestlife, would’ve thrived without a hitch, but 2020 is the merciless beast of reckoning that won’t make inconsiderate gestures an easy sell for traumatized users, who can no longer stomach bullshit.

The backlash from Kim Kardashian’s fancy deposits on social media, that included the stunning images of one of many “Freesians” which retail for a whopping $7,000 per horse, and up to $600,000 for a stallion was fast and furious, as it was amusingly pointed out that the correct spelling is actually “Freisians.”

The general consensus loudly condemned the parading of ultra-wealth by a pampered A-lister, who only takes breaks from selfies to advance her agenda as a freedom fighter for her upcoming TV special.

The major shifts in priorities was established months ago when the deadly arrival of Covid-19, and the nationwide shutdown that happened too late, swiftly birthed the sense of urgency stemming from debilitating fear and isolation.

More than 130,000 Americans have perished as a result of this global pandemic and a historic number of households are barely holding on by a thread, as the mounting pressure from the abrupt loss of employment and threatening uncertainty of what the future holds — suffocates any optimism we dare to muster.

There’s also the ongoing epidemic of police brutality and the systemic racism that continues to devour the survivability of Black lives. This was tragically illustrated through the recent casualties of war with the gruesome murder of George Floyd being the noted catalyst for this climate of activism, and the non-negotiable terms for immediate change across the board.

The avalanche of criticism levied at Kim Kardashian’s blissful ignorance as a privileged princess, shoving her gold-studded kingdom in the faces of her deprived fans, is sadly a waste of time. She acquired her swoon-worthy status doing exactly what she’s paid the big bucks to perform on cue.

Celebrity culture has amassed what we call “the monsters of high society.”

They think nothing of comparing their mandatory self-isolation at resort-like fortresses to the shambles of a jail cell as the unfunny joke that hits a thunderous thud, during breaking news of how Covid-19 is doing its worst at state prisons across the country.

We also have the anointed influencers who manage to sneak in a handful of selfies per day, that are masked with themes that are supposed to evoke the seriousness of a growing movement that they have chosen to hijack to feed their self-centeredness.

And just when things couldn’t get any worse with the overload of toxicity emanating from the ferociousness of dominating personalities, each vying for attention at all costs, the one and only Kanye West, once again proves why Ye will aways Ye no matter what.

His past behavior and misguided statements about sensitive issues affecting his community, including his questionable endorsement of the Racist-in-Chief can be categorized as downright deplorable. And yet I’ve managed to find ways to amplify his artistry as the culprit when it comes to his selfish pursuits and blinding allegiance to his personalized narrative.

Stupid I know! Sue me!

However, this time, Mr. West has gone too far, and I’m not in the mood to minimize the damaging consequences of this newly-minted campaign, that reeks of self-serving motives and the irreparable disconnect from reality, as it pertains to the dire plight of this ailing nation at the hands of a woefully incompetent and bigoted administration.

When Mrs. West was officially touted as the world’s next certified billionaire by Forbes, a year after younger sister Kylie famously solidified that feat, despite recent claims that she forged her status, her loyal husband’s cheering response drew the ire of disapprovers.

It would appear that Ye is congratulating his wife’s lofty achievements as an impossibly rich woman, who went through the unfathomable and came out on the other side with God’s infinite anointing as the badge of honor for unlimited resources.

It’s also clear that the rules of engagement haven’t quite adjusted to the “new normal” that has placed regular folks on notice with frightening prospects of uncontrollable scenarios, that could potentially endanger lives, as we prepare to wade into uncharted territory for the sake of staying afloat in a tumultous vessel of societal enslavement.

There’s too damn much at stake for us to casually accommodate the gross stupidity and unforgivable outrageousness of celebrity culture.

This cultish wave has been fueled by the unwavering fanbase, containing misled members who have been trained to worship the epitome of effortless success, as the lucky bunch court aggressively court the envy of those who can only wonder what it must feel like to literally have it all — and then some.

Celebrity culture must die a violent death because it gave us the national catastrophe named Donald Trump, and now it’s aiming to destroy the only chance we have to remove our terrorizer by instituting an unworthy replacement as an option.

Kanye West has evidently adopted the self-obsessed mindset of his wife’s crew when it comes to selfishly overtaking active issues, without consideration for the high cost involved for those who can’t simply bribe their way out of unfortunate circumstances that the rich and famous are spared.

Kanye doesn’t have a chance in hell at a dignified presidential run, and the fact that he’s aware of the glaring snafu in his silly scheme to distract from what will surely be the most prolific election of our lifetime, is exactly the reason why it’s time to stop propelling the normalized nefariousness of overexposed celebs.

We’ve had enough of mouthy A-listers with their witty comebacks, and the ability to make it all about their inflated tits and the privilege to surgically reduce them for viral selfies, while Covid-19 patients without health insurance aren’t sure if they want to live or die.

Really Vanity Fair? This shit has to STOP

As cases of coronavirus rapidly rise at an alarming rate at hot spots around the country, we are forced to endure horrific treatment, courtesy of a white supremacist with absolute power, and the freedom to abuse it at will.

We are forced to reevaluate the list of spokesmen and spokeswomen for an ever-evolving cultural landscape.

Cancel culture is instant gratification, but the unfolding revolution has to target the epicenter of social gluttony that has to be toppled down with valiant fury — now and forever.

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