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Why CBD Can Be The Gateway To Creativity

My almost year-long journey into the world of all-things CBD has been documented based on the testing phase, that still introduces me to a range of products that have been vetted for the approval of loyal consumers who are eager to share their discoveries.

As expected, the explosive arrival and trendiness of the CBD marketplace has drawn a level of skepticism as wary observers watch from the sidelines until safety measures are in place.

But the most effective way to assuage fears and doubts is to dive right in!

For the most part, I have been quite lucky and satisfied with my adventure into unknown territory, and that may have a lot to do with the primal desire to develop a daily regimen that provides a balanced and calm disposition to counter the stress from the chaos that never goes away.

This past spring was the instigator for themes that would guarantee a fresh start, and as the emails promising the life-changing effects of CBD oil tinctures and gummie poured in, there was a growing curiosity that couldn’t be denied.

Also, I had spent the last three years in a somewhat precarious state of mind, as I greeted my forties with the blast of frigidity that messed with the functionality of body and soul.

My intense reliance on mind-altering substances like alcohol and weed, produced the destructive numbness, that only exaggerated my debilitating status once the “high” wore off and I was once again faced with reality.

I had to start over when it came to re-introducing myself to the unexpected updates in the form of erratic hormones and the crippling insomnia that would not let up.

Once I began experimenting with the certified products from popular manufacturers, that are well-established and boast track records that prove how they’ve earned the high ratings that endorse authenticity, that’s when I began to capture the benefits of consistent usage.

While almost all the companies I have engaged with have checked out with glowing reports, there are a slew of operations that are operating under false premises, that purport the inclusion of key ingredients that were never added, as well as the regulatory violations that are unfailingly called out by the FDA.

But thankfully Prismatic Plants, a leading manufacturer of CBD-infused products, is primarily focused on the symbiotic blend of cannabis and “traditional herbalism.”

The mission statement is immersed in the self-discovery that comes with the empowerment of promoting overall wellbeing. It’s the gift for those of us who can be susceptible to the physical and mental symptoms that can be alleviated through the access to “mainstream medicinal plants.”

It’s no secret that one of the major drawbacks of the CBD market craze is how darn expensive these items can be, especially for newbies who don’t have the general knowledge of how these products work, or a grasp on how it should be implemented to get ideal results.

The masterminds at Prismatic Plants have been in the game long enough to apply the expertise that systematically investigates innovative paths to perfect their “one-of-a-kind formula,” that’s eco-friendly, and thoroughly tested to ensure premium potency.

And these items are also cost-effective, based on how a little goes a long way.

The three principles that guides the incentives of Prismatic Plants encourages the organic connection between consumers and the environments they thrive in, with the bonus of an activated journey to deepened wellness that isn’t manipulative or invasive.

1. Harness the power of preventative and plant-based medicine in conjunction with (not as a replacement for) modern medicine.

2. Know that wellness is a journey and is about realizing your fullest self (it’s not just about looking good).

3. Celebrate our bizarre and beautiful ecosystem; slow down and spend some time with the trees and bees.

Sounds good to me!

As the year winds down and we prepare to greet a new decade with the hope for new beginnings, it’s always necessary to indulge in new practices that have the potential to uplift and renew your spiritual and physical prowess.

As a writer, it helps when my ability to broaden my horizons and think outside the box isn’t deterred by lethargic tendencies that restrict the flow of thoughts and ideas.

Prismatic Plants — Good Day — Full Spectrum Hemp Oil — $70

Image courtesy of brand

This feel-good serum is a CBD oil tincture that’s easy to take, with a full dropper that you eject under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. You eventually settle on the schedule that works for you, depending on the time of day that you need a de-stresser.

I usually take a dropper after mediating in the morning before my daily workout. And then indulge again right before noon. But the potency affects everyone differently, and so it’s recommended to listen to your body and determine the dosage that suits your needs.

The early and mid-morning routine works for me because of how it aligns my sensory centers, and clears the clutter before I begin my writing assignments. I’m not distracted or unmotivated, which used to be the major hurdle.

MINERAL’S Focus Formula — $90

Image courtesy of brand

Mineral’s Focus formula is a godsend! This “plant-based alternative to stimulants,” has the unique blend of “cannabinoid-rich hemp oil and therapeutic terpenes,” that kick in best during the day, when the hour of clogged memory and overwhelming workload is upon you.

You can take a full dropper before or right after lunch, for the much-needed boost to your mood and the energizer that increases productivity with a sharply focused vision.

For those of us who depend heavily on our creative valves, the accessibility of CBD products that are tested and true, can be the appropriate option to balanced work and personal life, with the ammunition of a sound mind and body.

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