Why Can’t Anyone Explain How Ilhan Omar Minimized 9/11 With Her Words?

Anyone who follows my work, must know by now that I’ve been quite preoccupied with the messiness of America’s habitual need to pick and choose, and then slaughter “black sheep.” based on the robustness of acute hatred, that can be ceremoniously levied on an American citizen who did absolutely nothing to warrant her trial and tribulations.

I’m completely tormented by the mere fact that a bullish oaf, and disorderly nincompoop like Donald Trump, can not only shatter well-placed norms by becoming president of the United States, but also be granted the freedom to do whatever the hell he likes, even when his actions are bad enough to warrant immediate removal from office.

I’m out of my goddamn mind at the realization that despite Trump’s terrifically bad European tour, where he traitorously engaged in full make out sessions with Vladimir Putin, while rebuffing the advances of his own intelligence community on foreign soil, this future felon was still able to return home as the hero of the Republican Party, while Democrats uttered whispers of disapproval, that didn’t echo past the chambers of chaos.

I’m quite livid at the way the Trump administration minimized the brutal slaying of Saudi-born and U.S. based Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who was butchered to death by a gang of wretched thugs, who as the CIA confirmed, were cunningly assembled by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.

Trump and his henchmen despicably activated the status of America as the country that went from being champion of human rights to co-conspirators in the realm of crimes against humanity.

Where was the thunderous uproar when President Trump publicly rebuked the notion that Khashoggi was the victim of a well-rehearsed death plan, that was orchestrated by the Crown Prince as a way to silence the rights of an industrious journalist, who was speaking out against the injustice being exacted on his fellow countrymen?

Where was the deafening condemnation directed at the U.S. president, who rejected the opportunity to reiterate the honorable dispositions of his predecessors by strongly denouncing the criminality of Khashoggi’s killing? Why wasn’t Trump relentlessly pummeled for refusing to remind the world how the country he serves has never and will never endorse barbaric methods of discipline by current allies — regardless of ongoing and future financial rewards?

Why was it acceptable for President Trump to shamelessly boast about the “millions and millions” of potential job opportunities, and the “millions and millions” of dollars, that could be accrued from Saudi Arabia, and how those hefty numbers made it impossible to sever ties with oil-slicked gangsters, who had committed unspeakable acts that can’t be adequately dealt with by imposing “modest sanctions?”

We can’t even begin to imagine the heartbreak of Khashoggi’s family and devastated fiancée, through the entire process of enduring the callous remarks of a president and his harem of filthy evangelicals like Pat Robertson, the evil head of the Christian Broadcasting Network; as they repeatedly devalued the worth of a human life, by elevating the currency of monetary bliss with the solidified handshake from the Crown Prince of Darkness.

Trump always knew that he could get away with murder, and he was right.

And this truth is what makes the dire status of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar hard to take, when you consider how conservatives and the alt-right have been given free reign when it comes to dangerously identifying the Muslim-American Black woman as the official ambassador of terrorist cells.

The righteous attacks began immediately after Omar’s historic entry into Congress. And the quest to get her dismissed from her illustrious station picked up steam after the comments about Israel, that were widely viewed as anti-Semitic.

It has now been revised to a pledge to get her murdered after comments she made about 9/11 at a fundraiser event in Los Angeles were grossly taken out of context and successfully used to weaponize her.

The speech that Omar gave on behalf of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was actually a passionately delivered love letter to Muslim-Americans, who have been forced to navigate a combative landscape that became even more treacherous after the horrors of 9/11.

As a young child, the newly-minted Congresswoman from Minnesota was forced to flee her war-torn country of Somali in search of a survivable existence, which she mercifully found when her family arrived in the States, back when our nation took a more a humane stance towards immigration.

The words that came out of her mouth were carefully and clearly constructed to convey the sentiment of how and why the lives of Muslim-Americans matter, despite the abhorrent rhetoric that assaults and threatens to erase the rights of a growing population, that shouldn’t have to tolerate normalized Islamophobic messaging based on the fear of demanding basic human rights.

“Raise hell. Make people uncomfortable because here’s the truth. Far too long, we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen. And frankly I’m tired of it. And every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it.” “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

Unfortunately after Omar activated the simmering ire of Trump and his cabinet of fools, including loathsome conservatives, after her “controversial” remarks about Israel that perfectly hit at the core of an issue that evidently caused a swell of discomfort — there was no turning back.

Almost a month after the fundraiser, Rep. Dan Crenshaw cunningly retweeted the viral clip that showcased a Muslim woman coldly describing America’s day of infamy as “some people did something.”

And as the clip made its rounds, it became clear that the comment section was going to dictate whether or not Ilhan Omar was going to become the “Most Hated Muslim in America.”

Sure enough, the results that overwhelmingly cursed out Omar for doing what she didn’t do promptly gave The New York Post permission to devise the deplorably distasteful cover, that once and for all confirmed the worst fears of ignorant Americans who lazily assume that all Muslims harbor tendencies that could mature into the random urge to blow up shit for Allah’s sake.

And just when things couldn’t possibly get any worse for Ilhan Omar, the Commander-in-Chief who swore to protect the lives of all Americans, including Muslim-Americans, decided to systematically threaten the life of the target that he has been relentlessly pursuing with gusto, despite the knowledge of how his method of attack is inspiring murderous instincts of #MAGA supporters, who want Omar dead and buried.

When Trump was recently confronted by a reporter who asked him whether or not he regrets tweeting out the offensive content that has exacerbated an already precarious situation for Omar, by placing her in the database of White supremacists, the answer was unsurprisingly defensive and unapologetic, as he accused his victim of being unpatriotic, which apparently is punishable by death.

The slow and unremarkably sedated response to Omar’s predicament by Nancy Pelosi and her den of Democrats, including presidential hopefuls, during this unfolding saga is also noteworthy in the way that it exposes the brutal truth of what Americans really think about Muslims, and how that mistrust runs deeper than we want to admit.

While conservatives are adamant that Omar rudely displayed a level of nonchalance while discussing 9/11, most Democrats have opted to cowardly play it safe by denouncing Trump’s horrid act of violence, while also refusing to unequivocally offer Omar their complete and undivided support.

They would rather avoid the duty of highlighting how she’s being unfairly vilified for reasons that have nothing to do with what she said at the Los Angeles fundraiser.

Kirsten Gillibrand, who announced her presidential run with the slogan that pays homage to the declaration “home of the brave” embarrassingly failed to live up to her own chosen mantra when she released a half-assed statement that demonstrated her cowardice and lack of leadership.

Instead of either not mentioning Omar at all and just focusing on shaming Trump, or plainly explaining why the assault on the character of a Muslim-American Congresswoman based on the heavy reliance on Islamophobia is unethical and un-American — Gillibrand disappointingly cosigned the weak argument that desperately charges Omar of minimizing the pain and anguish of those affected by 9/11 when she simply said:

“Some people did something.”

That basically acknowledges that something was done by some people. Where is the lie?

Aside from the reality of how Muslim-Americans also perished during the 9/11 terror attacks, there’s also the non-stop climate of hate that Muslim-Americans have been quietly tolerating ever since that awful day permanently sealed their fate as the population that will never fully assimilate into a society, that will forever hold them accountable for what they themselves don’t condone.

I’ve watched everything from CNN to MSNBC to Fox News to BBC, and everything in-between, and none of the esteemed anchors, pundits or highly-visible hate-mongers have coherently illustrated how Omar’s words register as proof of why she should be viewed as a jihadist sympathizer — who downplayed 9/11 by choosing words that failed to dramatize why what happened needs to be appropriately condemned.

Nobody cares about the overall theme of Ilhan Omar’s heartfelt speech, that was meant to uplift the spirits of embattled Muslims in America, who aren’t given the same privileges of security and worthiness that other Americans are either assigned without issue, or are permitted to fight for in public with encouragement from those who use activism to advance political agendas.

As Congresswoman Omar continues to battle for her right to live, I’m charging those who are truly against her presence in Congress because of her remarks about 9/11 to diligently explain why what she said is damning enough to warrant the nationalized abuse that is threatening her ability to function as a law-abiding Muslim-American.

Any takers?

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