Jourdan Rodrigue

Why Cam Newton’s Sexism Pales in Comparison to His Victim’s Racism.

Carolina Panther’s esteemed quarterback, Cam Newton made a female reporter covering his beat — feel the weight of forced notoriety while disgracefully displaying his macho tendencies — while answering questions of a technical nature.

This is what happens when Hollywood and Politics climatically intersect.

In Newton’s case — it’s unfortunate how a loose tongue can unleash costly consequences under the umbrella of how White feminism can’t fathom the permanent skid marks of careless banter.

Newton’s sexist remark is appalling without question, but his victim’s soiled past is even more revolting.

Turns out that after minimal digging — it has been determined that Rodrigue isn’t without fault in this game of Black man versus White woman.

Now, we know the truth.

She’s a fraud — who can no longer benefit from the purity of her victimhood due to impeccably bad timing and the belief that White women will always initiate the slaughter of those that dare to attempt the unreasonable.

But Jourdan Rodrigue is a racist American who praised her father for cracking her up with his special brand of stereotypical offerings that sum up why White privilege is definitely America’s most irresistible indulgence.

She apologized and we kind of get it, but what does that mean in the grand Whitenesss of things?

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